Parrot Foods

Parrot Foods

Are you looking for the best Parrot food? Are you in need of culinary treats for your beloved birds? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Bird Watching

Bird Watching and Accessories

Everything you need to know about Bird Watching from your own garden. How to attract them to your garden and what accessories you need.

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Parrot Species for Pets

Parrot Species for Pets

With many parrot species growing in popularity as pets, see which one will suit your family life the best based on personality, food and care.

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A Parrot’s Diet

Parrots are omnivores; thus, they can eat both vegetation and meat. Their favorite food is seeds and nuts. Besides, the parrot can use its beak to dig insects.

The most important thing that all bird-owners should keep in mind is that parrots are a bird species spending their most time in the day-to-day life to search for food.

What is an ideal Parrot diet?

If you would like to enhance the longevity of your parrot, a proper and balanced diet of fresh and clean food ingredients. But what is a balanced diet?

According to veterinarians, an ideal eating regime is as below:

  • Grain Products – 50% of the diet
  • Vegetables and Fruits – 45% of the diet
  • Dairy and Meat – 5% of the diet
  • Seed and Nuts – <1% of the diet

What is best to feed your Parrot?

Parrot Food Reviews 2021

Best Parrot Foods

Interesting Facts about Parrots

The parrot is one of the most beautiful bird species in the world. Apart from its beautiful wings and feathers, its major characteristic is its special beak, which the parrot considers as its hand. The beak is important in the daily life of parrots. The beak is used for searching for food, climbing, holding and manipulate things. The parrot’s beak is strong enough to crack the hardest nut which is macadamia nuts or to crack a coconut.

The parrot has an exceptional life span compared to other bird species. The average age of a bird is about 6 years while parrots can reach 90 years old as the kakapo. So, when you decided to adopt a parrot, you should be ready for a commitment of many years.

Parrots can use their feet to eating. An ability that other bird species cannot have. Parrots are born with zygodactyl feet. They have four toes on each foot, two facing forward and two facing backward. Their feet are like human hands. It means that parrots can pick up objects with their special feet and even pick up food and carry it to their mouths.

The parrot is also well-known for its intelligence. The African grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus) can learn, remember and communicate with a vocabulary of 150 human words. The intelligence of parrots is proved by the ability to associate words they learn with objects or situations. Some avian experts believe that parrots have the logic of a four-year-old person.

Facts about Parrots

Want to start Bird Watching?

If the answer is yes but you don't know where to start, check our our Guide for all the information you need!

Guide to Bird Watching

A Parrot's Average Life Span

So you’ve made the decision to enrich your life with a feathered friend.

Parrots are unique among pet birds in that they have the potential to be with you for your entire life.

NOTE: The larger the parrot the longer the commitment. Most of these birds require a lifetime commitment.

A parrot’s life span in captivity is considerably shorter than his potential life span. This is due to environmental factures. You can take measures though to ensure your Parrot is happy and healthy to maximise their life span.

Nothing happier than watching your birds healthy and how long they enrich your life is in your hands. Proper nutrition, veterinary care and your parrots mental health are key factures in the life span of your companion bird. Here are some approximate life spans for various species of common companion birds.

Life Span of Parrots

Macaws 50 to 100 +

Amazons 50 to 70 +

Cockatoos 40 to 60 +

African Grays 50 to 60 +

Canaries average 10 to 15

Conures 12 to 30 +

Parakeets 7 to 18 +

Lories and Lorikeets 13 to 25 +

Eclectus 65 to 85

Finches 5 to 10 +

Caique 30 +

Senegal 50 +

Cockatiel 12 to 20 +

Lovebirds 15 to 25 +

Vasa Parrots 30 to 50 +

Which Parrot Species would make the best Pet for your home?

Find out about the different species to see which Parrot is suited to your family and home.

Best Parrot Species as Pets