Best Pellet Food For Amazon Parrot

Would you like to change to pelleted diets for your lovely Amazon parrots? If your answer is “Yes”, let’s keep on reading this article.

In the wildlife, Amazon parrots consume seeds all year round because different plants come into season. However, seeds are normally high in fat but low in nutrients, which can lead to obesity and malnutrition. Pellets are formulated to meet the different needs of birds; thus, they should represent approximately 75-80% of the bird’s diet. In the market, pellets are available in various flavors, colors, shapes, and sizes.

This article is going to the Top 5 Best Pellet Food For Amazon Parrot.

First, let’s Amazon parrots introduce themselves!

Amazon parrots are originally from Mexico, South America, and parts of the Caribbean. Amazon parrots are one of the most popular bird pets in the world. Do you know why?

Amazon parrots are the easiest ones that we can read their mood. They are excellent at expressing themselves via their body language: pinning eyes, raised feathers, etc. Thanks to it, bird’s owners can know what their needs to please them.

What is unique about Amazon parrots?

The Amazon parrot is one of the most long-lived one among parrot species

With proper care and nutrition, an Amazon parrot can live up to 50 years and even more. In reality, you can find many abandoned Amazon parrots in adoption centers. Because of their long life- expectancy, a lot of owners cannot continue to take care of their pet birds.

To be short, if you are thinking of adopting one, you should be ready for a serious long commitment.

The Amazon parrot is very intelligent and curious

Amazon parrots are smart and playful. They always want to be the center of attention. They are curious to discover their surroundings; thus, they need a lot of affection and time with their owners. In other words, Amazon parrots need interesting toys, environmental enrichment, and daily exercises to prevent any possible behavioral problems.

How intelligent the Amazon parrot is!

In reality, they can learn a large human vocabulary as an African Grey parrot named Pepper was trained to sing the National Anthem to start a game.

The Amazon parrot can be sometimes very noisy

They love singing and imitating human sounds, especially when they want to catch attention from their owners. When they want something, they will scream very loudly and keep making a honk-like sound. When they have a good mood, some Amazons make a little shrill sound to express their feelings of delight.

This kind of behavior of amazon parrots comes from their living style in the wildlife. More specifically, in the wild, mated pairs might sometimes be away from each other as they have to look for food each day. In order to update each other’s location, they will often make a shrill sound.


People who own an Amazon pet bird should be ready for the same sort of behavior in their homes because pet birds like to keep track of you too!

Is the Amazon parrot’s diet different from other parrots?

What should you remember about feeding Amazon parrots?

Here is an ideal parrot’s daily diet

  • In the wild, Amazon parrots love to eat seeds, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.
  • Seed-based diets are not a good choice for pet birds as they do not provide all kinds of essential vitamins and minerals needed.
  • Always keep your eyes and adjust the amount of food eaten every day by each bird.
  • Provide fresh and clean water every day.
  • 25% of the diet is fresh and clean fruits and vegetables.
  • 75%-80% of the diet is pellets because they provide a balanced-nutrition to
  • Clean all food and water containers in soap and let them dry thoroughly before use.
  • If a bird refuses to eat a kind of food one day, please do not give up. Stay patient and keep trying! Remember that you train your parrots and do not let them train you.

As mentioned earlier, the pelleted diet is highly recommended for Amazon parrots, which should be accounted for 75-80% in daily meals.

Now, it is time to choose the best pellet food for Amazon parrot.


LAFEBER’S Premium Daily Diet Pellets Pet Bird Food, Made with Non-GMO and Human-Grade Ingredients, for Parrots – Best overall pellet for Amazon parrot

Dr. Lafeber Sr. is the first person to invent pellet food for pet birds when he recognized canary seed and sunflower seeds made parrots suffer from malnutrition. In 1975, Dr. Lafeber Sr. created the first pellet recipe.

At that time, many people did not believe in his product but many birds became healthier after consuming pellets. Lafeber Premium Daily Diet is formulated to provide proper nutrition to maintain nutritionally Balanced Good health for Amazon parrots.

This product is a premium blend of natural ingredients with added Omega-3 and Omega-6 to increase immune function.

Furthermore, the manufacturer also uses tocopherols and citric acid to protect the nutrients of all ingredients. In terms of flavor, Lafeber put some molasses to stimulate the taste of pet birds.

There are 3 sizes: 1.25lbs; 5lbs and 25lbs.


  • Rich in antioxidants and Omega-3, Omega-6
  • Natural ingredients without preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors
  • Made in the USA


  • Pellet size is quite big
  • Quite expensive


ZuPreem Natural Large Bird Food, 3-Pound – Most affordable pellet food for Amazon parrot

Throughout the journey of 50 years, Zupreem always manufactures trusted zoological diets for birds.

The Company keeps investing in state-of-the-art nutrition research in order to create the highest quality products for pet birds. It is their commitment to all pet lovers all over the world.

This product is specially formulated for large birds to consume on recommended daily amounts of 1/2 cup daily.

This is a pellet food made with vegetables and precisely formulated with the essential vitamins and minerals.

This product is everything the bird needs to flourish at a very reasonable price.

There are 2 sizes available: 3 lbs and 20 lbs


  • Natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals
  • Affordable price
  • Free of pests and insects


  • No Omega-3 and Omega-6 added


ZuPreem Pure Fun Bird Food for Large Birds, 2 lbs – Best pellet food mix

Zupreem brand has never made consumers disappointed with its innovative products.

The Pure Fun product line can meet two demands of pet birds.

One is a balanced nutritional diet and the other is creating an interactive activity with each feeding.

“Pure” means that the product is a mix of simple but fresh ingredients. “Fun” means that the food mix is well made to turn the feeding into an interactive activity during the day.

This is the reason why we have selected this product to be the best pellet food mix.

There are 2 sizes available: 2 lbs and 4 lbs.


  • Convenient pellet food mix to meet both “Pure” and “Fun”
  • Right pellet size to minimize food waste
  • Trial size available


  • No added vitamins and minerals
  • Feed no more than 30% of the weekly diet


Higgins Intune Natural Food Mix for Parrots – The Most delicious pellet food

Higgins is a family-owned company that started its business in the last 45 years ago.

Ignacio Perea Sr. started his business by hand mixing ingredients to feed his birds. People began to take notice of his bird’s health and then get interested in buying his food mix.

First, he sold small bags, then small bags became big ones. Today, Higgins is a multi-million-dollar production mill.

The Intune product line comprises of premium ingredients without artificial flavors or preservatives.

The product uses natural aroma to make the pellets taste more delicious. Science and nature are well mixed to create this high-quality pellet food.

More specifically, there are four shapes of pellets, which represents four committed quality factors:

Leaf = Natural

Bird = Wellness

Heart = Good Health

Pineapple = Real Fruits

One size available


  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, Omega-3, and Omega-6
  • Natural aroma added for a more delicious taste
  • No artificial colors and preservatives


  • Quite expensive


Kaytee Exact Rainbow Bird Food for Large Parrots – Best pellet food mix for skin and feather

Kaytee is a trusted brand for pet food for more than 150 years.

Kaytee team works hard to provide all pet-lovers a total solution of products that can meet each specific need of your lovely pet.

Kaytee’s products are scientifically formulated to be the first choice for pet owners when it comes to choosing nutritious food for their pets.

This product is especially good for the skin and feather of Amazon parrots.

Each colorful nugget provides “exact nutrition” for a pet bird.

Besides, vitamins and minerals are added to enhance skin and feather health. Prebiotics are another plus for better digestion.

There are 3 sizes available: 2.5lbs, 4lbs, and 20lbs.


  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Prebiotics added for better digestion
  • Various sizes available


  • Pellet size is small, which is not suitable for large birds.
  • Last but not least, here are some tips for you to choose the right Amazon parrot and bring it home.


There are 3 methods to choose an Amazon parrot

Based on Amazon parrot species

  • Pick a blue-fronted Amazon if you like a talkative bird companion: this species is very good at learning human words. They are easy to be trained to talk and sing.
  • Pick a yellow-naped Amazon if you would like to train yourself as a disciplined person: this species requires more care of the owner as they are moody and emotional.
  • Pick an orange-winged Amazon if children are at home: this species is famous for its friendliness toward children. Although these birds are nice to children, you should never leave your kids alone when you just bring the parrot home.
  • Pick a white-fronted Amazon if you like a small-sized bird at home. This is the smallest pet bird and is well-known for its friendliness.

Based on a bird’s age, health and demeanor

  • Young Amazon parrot vs Old Amazon parrot

Young parrots are easier to be trained and are more adaptive to a new living environment.

Old parrots are suitable for experienced bird-owners.

  • Energetic and friendly birds

A good parrot should move around, hop and bob. You can check by trying to talk to the bird, if it looks at you and makes some noise, let’s choose the bird because it is the way to show its friendliness.

  • Healthy and full feathers

Let’s pick the bird having clean and shiny feathers. It must be full and even, especially feathers around the eyes.

  • Clean nose and eyes

Take some time to look closely at the bird’s eyes. A healthy parrot should not have any discharge from its eyes and nose.

Choose a well-known breeder

Let’s make a research online to find a reputable breeder with positive reviews from other bird owners. You can try to ask your local avian veterinarian and other parrot owners for their recommendations.

Another tip is that you should choose a parrot that is hand-raised. According to the avian specialist, hand-raised birds are healthier and longer life expectancy.

Lastly, please remember that a pet store is not a good place to buy an Amazon parrot. Parrots at pet stores may be malnourished.  In any case, let’s ask for the parrot’s medical history.

Final Word

Amazon parrots are popular bird pets thanks to their friendliness and intelligence though they require more care from their owners. This is the reason why the best pellet food for Amazon parrot is highly recommended for bird owners. Among these 5 products listed above, we would go for the LAFEBER’S Premium Daily Diet Pellets Pet Bird Food, Made with Non-GMO and Human-Grade Ingredients, for Parrots. We hope that this Amazon food review is somehow practical for you to make your final decision.

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