5 Best Food For Lovebirds Reviews

Are you looking for the best food for lovebirds that can provide these beautiful creatures with all of the nutrition they need? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place! Below is a compilation of food for lovebirds reviews.

After numerous testing and researching, we are sure this article will keep you well-informed on which best food for lovebirds to purchase out there. If you are hooked, keep reading to see the options we’ve prepared for you.

Our Reviews

  1. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health is a choice intended to fulfill all the nutrition requirements of lovebirds, making sure they stay healthy and well-fed.

The formula richens with protein from grains and seeds that will keep the birds’ muscles, feathers and skin in great shape.

One remarkable point of this product is that it contains no artificial flavors or colors and only consists of natural ingredients.

These natural ingredients are preserved naturally as well, maintaining the optimum freshness for the contents in each package.

According to many positive reviews, this is a delicious mix of grains, seeds, and pellets that could serve as one of the best food for lovebirds.

Therefore, keep this product in mind if you want to provide your lovebirds with a healthy diet.

This excellent food for birds offers a premium quality blend.

The blend consists only of pellets, natural seeds, and grains such as Canary Grass Seed, red millet, and ground corn.

Through numerous positive customer reviews, this product is proved to be incredibly tasty.

If your lovebirds are the picky types, you should take consideration of Kaytee Forti-diet Pro Health, as it seems to bring them back on the right track.

Bird owners mentioned that when they fed this beautiful mix to their birds, the next day they were pleasantly surprised to find that their feeders for birds were empty.

As good as this product’s reviews have stated, some users think that the amount of sunflower seeds is too much. This amount could be a problem when it comes to a healthy diet for lovebirds.


  • The formula richens with protein from grains and seeds that will keep the birds’ muscles, feathers, and skin healthy and in excellent shape all-year-round.
  • Consumers will find no nasty stuff such as harmful colorants, artificial flavors, or preservatives in Kaytee Forti-diet Pro Health.
  • Each package of this bird food product is well-sealed. The box is well-sealed, and the contents inside are preserved naturally as well, maintaining the optimum freshness of the product.
  • High-quality mix filled with nutritional ingredients for birds, including pellets, canary grass seeds, ground corn, and other types of natural seeds. With all these ingredients, your beloved birds’ diet will always be well-balanced.
  • Kaytee Forti-diet Pro Health is a choice of tasty food, and your lovebirds will never get enough of it. Since there are many ingredients to choose from inside each bag, even the pickiest birds will still eat it.
  • Enriched with active ingredients like Omega 3, Kaytee Forti-diet pro Health promotes the heart and brain health of your lovebirds, as well as healthy growth.


  • Being a product with many types of seeds, Kaytee Forti-diet Pro Health also contains some tiny seeds. Some medium-sized lovebirds may not take a liking to these types of seeds.


  1. Volkman Avian Science Lovebird Seed

The Volkman Avian Science Lovebird Seed is a wholesome mix that is specially formulated for lovebirds, offering them a varied and balanced daily diet.

The product comes with a wide range of delicious ingredients. Upon opening a bag of Volkman Avian Science Lovebird Seed, you will find the following contents – papaya, safflower, canary grass seed, red and white millet, diced carrots, sunflower chips, and shredded coconut.

These various components were thoroughly selected to give even the pickiest birds the satisfaction coming from eating this product.

By formulating a complicated mix vibrant of exotic ingredients, the producers of Volkman Avian Science Lovebirds Seed aim to make this food more appealing for birds.

In another way of saying, they use the variety in this product to target birds that have a hard time eating their food. This unique mixture does not have any artificial preservatives.

The preserving method is made with orange oil, ensuring 100% original packaging.

The manufacturers have cleaned the product carefully, making it dust-free. All in all, Volkman Avian Science Lovebirds Seed is an exotic mix. This mix will help your feathered friends meet all the nutritional factors they need.

So what do your birds benefit from this food product? By eating Volkman Avian Science Lovebirds Seed daily, your lovebirds get the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

These factors play quite a necessary role in supporting and enhancing the health of your winged pets. Buyers can use this option for a wide range of lovebird-similarly-sized birds (such as cockatiels).

Therefore, you can also use this food as an alternative to quality the birds’ diet.

For the product’s freshness and to maintain its delicious taste, it is best that you keep Volkman Avian Science Lovebirds Seed in a cool, dry place.

As much as this product deserves to be one of the best food for lovebirds out there, some online reviewers mentioned that they found moths or bugs in their bag. However, these cases seem to be extremely rare.


  • No picky birds can resist this delicious mix due to its exotic ingredients in this mix.
  • The producers used orange oil to preserve Volkman Avian Science Lovebirds Seed, making it a well-sealed and all-natural packaged product. With this unique method, there is no need for artificial preservatives, as well.
  • Before being packaged, the seeds are thoroughly cleaned to ensure the product is entirely free of dust.
  • With a straightforward bag of Volkman Avian Science Lovebirds Seed, your lovebirds can get all the factors they need to thrive. These factors include amino acids, minerals, and vitamins.
  • With various types of ingredients, you will no longer have to worry about your birds skipping their diet because now they have many things to eat.


  • Some lovebirds will not like white millet, which is also a component inside this product. This problem could lead to a minimum amount of food waste.


  1. Sweet Harvest Kaylor Made

Being in the bird food product field for more than 40 years, no Kaylor product of Colorado can go wrong.

The ingredients in each bag of this product are parted carefully, offering your birds their required nutrition and ensuring that they can live a longer and healthier life.

The producers of Sweet Harvest Kaylor Made made sure there are no fillers that provide your pets with no nutritional value.

What is the best thing Sweet Harvest Kaylor Made can give your bird? Well, the first thing is this product keep your feathered companion active.

It is because this is an alternative for stimulating the birds’ instincts. By using this product, you will also rid yourself of the constant worry that your birds do not get all the nutritional benefits.

Every single piece contained in this blend is coated with essential vitamins. Sweet Harvest Kaylor is also a dust-free product, as its components are triple-cleaned before being packaged.

This feature is a plus if you want to keep the birdcages clean and need most of the time.

The second best thing Sweet Harvest Kaylor Made possesses lies in the method of packaging.

The contents of this product can stay fresh for more extended periods, thanks to its nitrogen flushed barrier bags.

This feature also prevents bugs from getting inside the containers. All things considered, if you are looking for the best food for lovebirds, why not choose Sweet Harvest Kaylor Made?


  • Sweet Harvest Kaylor Made is a bird food product choice that will stimulate lovebirds’ foraging habits. It will still be able to keep them active provide them with all the nutrition they need.
  • This product makes sure your birds get enough vitamins; the proof lies in each fully-vitamin-coated pieces of food.
  • Once you open the bag of Sweet Harvest Kaylor Made, you will find an exquisite mix with no unnecessary tiny particles. It is thanks to the triple dusting process each batch has to go through before it’s packaged.
  • No insects will be able to get in the package, as it had to go through a complicated process of nitrogen flushing. This feature also helps to keep the food fresh for a long time.


  • Some birds can be picky eaters and won’t take a liking to some of the components inside Sweet Harvest Kaylor Made. This problem can lead to food waste and a messy cage.


  1. Higgins Mayan Harvest Yucatan Food Mix

With the help of the Higgins Mayan Harvest blend, your feathered friend will be kept healthy and fit.

Just like the product’s name, this mix is based on an ancient Mayan approach to holistic health (in this case, it’s the birds’ health!).

The formula is specially designed for exotic birds, and it contains various types of fruits and seeds. These fruits and grains are all perfect ingredients for the well being of any bird species.

This mix is so right that your birds won’t be able to resist eating it.

The manufacturers guaranteed that this food product is entirely natural made and contains no artificial factors such as colorants, flavors, synthetic vitamins, or preservatives. Higgins Mayan Harvest Yucatan Food Mix also features medicinal botanicals, which are suitable for birds that often get sick.

Each batch of this food is packed with plant-based DHA omega-3 fatty acids, just like in humans, these acids also support and improve the heart and brain health of lovebirds.

What makes Higgins Mayan Harvest Yucatan Food Mix is that it has zero peanuts, sunflower seeds, and sulfites.

Therefore, you can be sure that your lovebird will get the kind of daily diet that they deserve. According to online reviews, many customers loved the fact that Higgins Mayan Harvest Yucatan Food Mix looks fresh and emits variant smells. With this product, feeding picky birds will no longer be a problem for their owners.


  • Exotic birds will love Higgins Mayan Harvest Yucatan Food Mix. Why? Because this choice contains the seeds and fruits found in the exotic places they are initially from.
  • This mix is a combination of high-quality ingredients and healthy medicinal botanicals, helps solve the problems quickly with birds that get illnesses too often.
  • No nasty stuff such as synthetic vitamins, preservatives, artificial colorings, and flavors. You can find no sunflower seeds, either. It is because this type of grain can be unhealthy for some birds.


  • Higgins Mayan Harvest Yucatan Food Mix is a product that cannot stay fresh for too long. However, due to the small size of the bag, the content will be consumed before they turn bad.


  1. Tropimix Super Premium Food

By being a nutrient-dense and ready meal, Tropimix Super Premium Food keeps your birds healthy, fit, and well-fed. Inside this 100% delicious and all-natural mix, you will find a wide range of varied ingredients such as peanuts, fruits, vegetables, nuts, or tropical granules.

All of these ingredients provide your birds with nutrients and protein that will help promote the health of your winged companions.

By eating this product, your birds will also be able to grow healthy bones and gorgeous feathers.

If you want to keep the living space of your birds clean, then you should opt for this option.

It is because there are zero shells or hulls, the two components which can cause quite a mess once fed to birds. With Tropimix Super Premium Food, food boredom will no longer be a problem, all thanks to the many flavors present in the product’s formula.

One more plus for this bird food is that the buyer can use it for a wide variety of birds.

The product’s manufacturers made sure each bite is enhanced with essential minerals, vitamins, and amino acids – all of these factors will help birds grow beautifully.


  • Tropimix Super Premium Food is the best food for lovebirds when it comes to assisting weak birds in growing faster or putting birds back on track.
  • Each bag of Tropimix Super Premium Food contains premium quality components, including tropical granules and peanut-flavored bits.
  • To help your feathered pals grow beautifully, the manufacturers made sure each bite is enhanced with essential minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.


  • Some birds can be picky eaters and won’t take a liking to some of the components inside Tropimix Super Premium Food. This problem can lead to food waste and a messy cage.



With the seemingly endless options available for lovebird food products, finding a suitable and delicious one can be quite tricky. Unless you do your fair share of research, you will risk making a choice that will give no satisfaction to your winged pals.

Things could be worse where your lovebirds completely ignore the food, thus, not meeting their daily nutritional requirements. We understand this problem and to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of 5 best food for lovebirds. If you are interested in finding out the right choice of food for your lovebirds, continue to read the reviews below.