6 Best Food for Parrotlets to Protecting the Pets’ Digestive System

Even though you feed them with fatty food such as almonds, walnuts, and peanuts, they are not willing to voluntarily eat. Therefore, you will be stress to think about the best foods for parrotlets.

In recently, the parrots enjoy pecking the nuts and seeds of grains, fruits, nuts & legumes. It is a mixture of salty and sweet tastes.

Because the birds are the smart animal, so they want their unique foods. Each type of parrots such as Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lovebirds, Bourkes, Budgies, Green Cheeked Conures, Senegals, Red-Bellied parrot, Meyers Parrot has their gustation.

We have to buy and test a lot of nuts to find out the most suitable food for pets. Besides, by using the high qualified commodity, we can control the parrots’ health, especially for their stomach.

If you raise any pets, you should know unusual symptoms of pets. The diarrhea is the most critical issue that will be harmful to your parrots. To reduce the troubles with the animal’s digestive systems, you must understand the ingredients of your “babies” every day.

Best Food for Parrotlets Reviews

1. Sleek & Sassy nutty for parrots

It is one of the most popular of conures’ grain mixture. The flavor is suitable for many kinds of parrots which they addict to eat every day. You can encourage your pet’s taste with the simple nuts of Sleek & Sassy such as nutty, grains, and peanuts.

The smell of this food is excellent with the roasted seeds that will be attractive flavors. All of the ingredients from the food mixture come from a forest where parrots born. It is safe for the health of parrots.

The nutty is one of the best seeds which have high protein content and nutrition. The oils from irrational keep your parrots feeling full for hours. This food provides your pets with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

To make the convenience for users and types of parrotlets, the suppliers provide you with three sizes of food bags such as 2 pounds, 4 pounds, and 20 pounds. You should consider the number of meals for pets. The nuts can be moldy and pathogenic when you allow them in the air for a long time.


  • Safe food with no artificial color or over nutrition
  • The natural taste for any birds
  • Suitable for each parrot based on ages, or bodyweight
  • Affordable price for about 20 dollars/ 4lbs


  • Simple flavor
  • Not have the mixture with many fruits

2. Higgins Blend Food

Unlike the simple combination of Sleek & Sassy, the Higgins makes the blends of exotic fruits and vegetables, wholesome seeds, grains, nuts, legumes.

The taste is hard to enjoy for the first time of parrots. If your pets are trying to eat for the second meal, it will fall in love with the harmonious combination of the food.

Sunburst is the meaning of using the heat from the sun to process the dry drains. The food is not toxic to any artificial color. All of the ingredients are fresh and free. Especially if you have a Macaw bird, this food is reasonable for your “babies.”

The nutrition of Higgins includes plant-based DHA Omega-3 fatty acids. The drying process under the sun is not affecting the enrichment of ingredients. The nuts remain their oils and natural savors. It comes from inside the core seeds.

Because of its unique quality, the price is higher than the Sleek & Sassy. It is about 25 dollars for a 3-pound bag. By purchasing via Amazon, you will have the chance to get the discounts.


  • Plenty of smells and flavors
  • Having the mixture among nuts and fruits
  • Fast delivery
  • One size of three pounds


  • Unique features for Macaw
  • A little expensive

3. Higgins Vita Seed Food for Parrotlets

One more popular type of Higgins natural food is Vita Seed. The package of Sunburst is red, and the signals of Vita Seed are the green. The difference between the two types of Higgins foods is the combination of nuts and fruits. The Vita Seed is the mixture among the almonds, papaya, pineapple, and banana. There is no vegetable as the ingredients of Sunburst.

Besides, the flavors are more attractive with the almonds and sunflowers. It is the unique blended food for parrots. The same as other brands, Vita Seed is made with no artificial color and toxic spices. Therefore, your birds can enjoy the natural taste of food.

It is five-pounds per bag, so you should tighten the bag zips to ensure the quality of nuts. If the seeds are tangent with the air for a long time, they will be moldy. With the origin from the U.S.A, you can easily make the online order via Amazon. The delivery is fast if you do not live in America.


  • Plenty of flavors such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables
  • The unique combination of ingredients
  • No artificial color
  • Affordable price


  • 5-pound weight per bag is unusual

4. Higgins Intune Natural Food

To provide your parrots with the best vitamin and minerals, you should refer to Higgins Intune Food. With drying the orange and red color raw materials, these types of Higgins are full of vitamin E and vitamin C.

If you want to improve the color motion of your pets, you should add the vitamin E into the meals daily. This vitamin allows the body of birds to reduce the aging, so they will not meet the muscle aches. Vitamin C support your animals increase the resistance which they can prevent the issues of diarrhea and tired feeling.

The main ingredients of the Intune Natural type are the cooked grains, dried fruits, and vegetables. It is the combination of fatty and fiber, which is the balance of diets.

You birds will quickly adapt to the taste of new food because of the natural blending. The seeds are accessible raw materials in the forest such as almond, walnuts, and sunflower seeds. Besides, the useful amino acids and minerals are combined with the food mixture. It will stimulate the appetite of your parrotlets.


  • Enrichment of vitamin E and vitamin C
  • Harmony mixture of nuts and fruits flavors
  • Fast delivery


  • High price than other foods

5. Hari Tropimix Food

If you want to give your parrots a balanced diet to reduce the risk of disease, you should find out your information about Hari Tropimix conure food.

Your birds will free to eat their favorable taste, which is mixed with the diet ingredients. It is enriched with grains, fruits, nuts & legumes.

The basic savor of grains and nuts maybe not attract to parrots because of dull taste. With the blending of fruits and legumes, the flavor of Tropimix is better.

Notably, the balance of fatty and fiber is the advance of this food. The proportion of seeds and nuts are measured when mixing with the fruits.

By making the effective diet habits for parrots, Tropimix is trustworthy with the specification of nutrition. Besides, the package is colorful with ingredients of food.

Therefore, users can consider the health benefits of nuts and vegetables of Tropimix. It is one of the best foods for parrotlets compared with some competitors in the market.


  • The healthiest ingredients
  • Having balance diets for birds
  • Great smell and taste that attract the pets
  • 4 pounds per pack for easily preserve


  • The high price

6. Hari Stick Shape of Food

With the improvement of Tropimix, Hari brand create the Sticks Food for Parrots, which are full of nutrition per peck. If your pets are weak, you need to improve the health of them by using the Hari Stick.

It is the mixture of premium nutrition which can support your birds of being stronger. It is also suitable for young conures which are newborn and need to add the food into the body.

Most nutrition of Hari Stick is vitamin D and calcium. It allows your birds to have stable bores and egg formation. Besides, it is simple to peck because of the stick shape.

The value of protein and caloric of this food is not a doubt. They are the core premium nutrition of each bite.

This type of Hari brand is made from Canada, which passed rigorous 3-stage testing. The mixture of many tropical flavors is also a plus of food. It makes your parrots feeling comfortable when eating. With the high standards of exporting the Hari Stick, the price is a little high.


  • Premium nutritions
  • An excellent solution for weak birds
  • Harmony taste and smell
  • Fast delivering from Canada


  • High price

How can you prepare food for parrots?

1. Directly going to the pet stores

If you want to test more features of foods, you can go to the stores to check the quality. There are varieties of food such as traditional nuts and seed, unique savors of fruits, or the mixture of vegetables and nuts for choosing. You also can listen to the advice from a salesperson. However, it is a waste of time if the workshops are far from your house.

2. Online shopping

With the innovation of information technology, you can make an online order via Amazon or another website. For parrots’ food will be shipped to your home without spending the time of choosing the nearest store. With the detailed reviews about ingredients and specifications of nutrition on websites, the quality is quite good.

Besides, using the Internet is an excellent method to know about the pros and cons of each product. To have the overall description of the food, you should refer to some online sources. The users usually share ideas about mixing nutrition. Therefore, buyers have the information to consider if you should buy parrot’s food or not.

Amazon is one of the famous sites that you can buy food. The steps are simple such as searching the types of food and choosing the payment methods. You can make the COD shipment or online payments by credit cards.

3. Daily nutritious meals

Before feeding your pets, you should clean the bows and the cook furniture. Make sure that the equipment is sterilized and safe for your parrots. The doctors said that each meal should include about 15-30% of vitamins, minerals, and carbon hydro. With the balance ratios which are printed on the package of parrots’ food, you can divide the amount of food.

It is better to keep sugar is around 5%, because it is not suitable for health. The fruits include glucose, especially when you drying them. Therefore, if your pets have trouble with blood pressure and digest, you should not pick the mixture food of fruits and nuts.

The traditional food which combines almond, walnuts, and vegetables quickly absorbs. The young birds are willing to change their eating habits. So, you should train for them about pecking healthy food such as nuts and seeds only.

Some parrots like Lorikeet do not eat hard food. They want to eat liquid and soft food. So, you have to dissolve into liquid and feed in nectar. The fruit and sweet food maybe add to the meal based on the suggestion of doctors.

Some fruits like apples, pomegranates, papayas, grapes, cantaloupe, pineapple, figs, and kiwi can be used. Other ingredients of nuts such as Pollen, corn cobs will stimulate the tastes. If your parrots enjoy the flavor of flowers, you should buy the food included pistil, nasturtium, hibiscus, marigold, and dandelion.

Final Thoughts

When you use the e-commerce website as your guide, you will reduce the difficulty of finding out the best food for parrotlets. As you know, to protect and improve your pets’ health, you should follow the specialist to reduce the risks for parrots.

Also, the most important thing is keeping healthy meals for your pets. With invest in highly qualified food; your parrots will be dynamic and robust.