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Want to understand more about your feathered friends? Welcome to!


We have been providing bird lovers with helpful and important information for many years and so we decided to create a website to share our passion for these beautiful creatures. We are extremely dedicated to pet owners and the health and care of their feathered friends. Our website offers a wide variety of information on their beloved bird pets


If you own a Bird yourself, you must have asked yourself a hundred questions that inevitably come to mind, these could include aspects of keeping a Parrot at home, it’s diet, health, training and grooming, the list goes on! We have developed an informative library covering many topics that will be sure to help you in your journey in life with these amazing animals.


At VIParrot, we provide helpful knowledge about Bird-training tricks, tips and share with you and all the bird lovers around the world the best-kept secrets of raising a well-behaved, healthy and happy Parrot that will make you a proud owner. I hope you have fun learning about our feathered friends. If you have any questions, please contact us and be sure to come back as we’re always looking to add more helpful and informative information!


Until next time, Happy Chirping!


– VIParrot Team

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