How to Keep Squirrels Out of Bird Feeders

How to Keep Squirrels Out of Bird Feeders

As a bird enthusiast, feeding birds in your garden or backyard can be amazing and a great sight to behold. But it can also be frustrating when you have to deal with squirrels hanging around your bird feeders. Squirrels like bird food a lot, and they can go the extra mile just to lay their hands on it. Squirrels are persistent, smart, and they learn from experience.

They can jump, climb, squeeze themselves through very tiny holes, and do whatever it takes to get what they want. Including the fresh bird food you just put in your bird feeder.

Have you been looking for how to keep squirrels away from your bird feeder? Are squirrels been eating a greater portion of your bird food? Then what you need is an adequate solution that will help you keep squirrels out of bird feeders.

Keeping squirrels away from bird feeder has been one common challenge most bird lovers face. In this article, you will be provided with some useful solutions. We have done our research and put together some tips to help you keep squirrels out of your bird feeders.

How to Keep Squirrels Away from Bird Feeders

The best kinds of bird foods, including suet, nuts, and black oil sunflower seeds, are also attractive and appealing to squirrels just the way they are to birds. Unlike birds that often share their feeder with other birds, squirrels are known for chasing and scaring birds away.

They can also stay at the feeder until the food is finished, consuming all the bird food without a bird getting a bite. They can also claw or chew their way through both plastic and wooden feeders, even go as far as damaging some of them. As a result of this, we have put the following tips together to help you keep away squirrels from your bird feeders. Here are some of the possible solutions.

Get a Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

Based on the size of the squirrels in your backyard and the size of birds you wish to attract, you can purchase a bird feeder that’s in a very strong wire mesh cage that a squirrel cannot pass through, but a bird can.

There are also bird feeders that close down when there is a heavier weight on the perches, shutting down access to the food. This may be a great option if your target birds are less heavy than your squirrels. When purchasing a squirrel proof bird feeder, make sure you go for a model that is made of high-quality polycarbonate or metal so the squirrels won’t be able to chew through the feeder.

Choose a Strategic Location to Position Your Bird Feeder

So far, one of the most effective ways of keeping squirrels away from bird feeders is to position the feeder away from walls, trees, or any other things squirrels can jump from in order to gain access to the feeder. Make sure all the support and means through which the squirrels can get to the feeder are inaccessible as possible.

This requires a degree of ingenuity and cleverness, as an average squirrel can jump more than four feet from the ground, and eight to ten feet sideways, they can even jump more than that from above.

Based on these statistics, you will have to position the bird feeder at least four feet away from the ground. The feeder also has to be ten feet away from walls, fences, and trees in all directions. This will make it more difficult for squirrels to get access to the feeder.

Preferably, you should hand or mount the bird feeder on a metal pole that is very smooth and at least 6 feet high. You should also cut down branches within a radius of twelve feet.

Place Baffles around the Feeder

Add smooth metal or plastic baffles around your feeder. Baffles are slippery plastic or metal shields that are shaped like bowls. If the feeder is on a post, you can install the baffle below the feeder, but if it’s hanging from a chain or wire, you can install the baffle above the feeder, make sure the baffle has a length or width of at least fifteen to eighteen inches.

The baffle, due to the way it is designed, will prevent squirrels from reaching the bird feeder. A lot of squirrel baffles are designed in such a way that if a squirrel jumps or climbs on them, they will tilt or twirl, making the squirrel to be unbalanced and unable to get to the feeder.

Use Bird Foods that Squirrels Do Not Like

While squirrels eat almost every kind of bird food, there are a couple of bird seeds that they don’t like. You should try using safflower seed or Nyjer, as squirrels are less attracted to them. These two bird foods have a bitter taste and squirrels don’t like them while almost all birds (especially desirable birds) love them.

By exclusively using these bird seeds, you are shutting down a source of food for squirrels without affecting the feeding of the birds. There are also other bird seeds that birds like and squirrels don’t. This is another option of keeping squirrels away from bird feeders.

Add Some Spice to the Bird Food

Adding some spice or pepper (powdered) into your bird feed can help scare squirrels away. This is because birds don’t have capsaicin receptors, so they cannot smell or taste it. On the other hand, squirrels can smell and taste pepper, and they hate it.

Also, hot pepper contains a lot of vitamins, and it may kill internal parasites in birds. For ten pounds of bird food, use about a quarter cup of pepper. But you have to be very careful when doing this, we recommend you put on gloves and try not to breath in the dust.

Final Thoughts

Adhering to these tips provided should help you keep squirrels away from your bird feeder. This means your pretty, lovely birds will be eating the bird food you are providing them with, without any disturbance from squirrels.

6 Best Budgie Food Reviews

6 Best Budgie Food Reviews

Budgies have diverse tastes and can eat numerous different readily-available greens, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. The most important thing every budgie owner should take into account is a balance in their birds’ food.

For this reason, many owners usually choose the right blend of sprouting and dry seeds, with fresh foods as add-ons. Whichever budgie food you go for, always opt for organic products and avoid ones that contain too many chemical residues, as these can be harmful to budgies. If you want to create your mix of budgie food, consider seeking expert advice before you do.

Are you looking for the best budgie food out there? Are you in need of culinary treats for your beloved budgies? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place. This article you are reading is a list of 6 best budgie food reviews, which will keep you well informed and save your time on finding the right budgie food.

In this list, you will find popular food products for budgies such as Living World Premium or Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Food. We also included other, less well-known products that still worth a try.

Best Budgie Food Reviews

1. Living World Premium Parakeet/Budgie Mix

When it comes to gourmet food for your feathered friend, no one could forget the Premium Parakeet Budgie Mix. This product comes from the famous bird food brand Living World.

Once opening the package and take a look at the blend, you will find specialty seeds, nuts, vegetables, grains, Tropican egg granules, and naturally grown fruit. By providing your budgies with these types of food, they will make great palate-pleasers and still get all the necessary nutrients for good health.

When feeding your budgies Living World Premium Parakeet/Budgie Mix, you might find they ignore some of the seeds or grains in the package. In some cases, these grains and seeds will make them lose their appetites, as well. To prevent this, you will need to pay some attention and throw some of the seeds they don’t like away before feeding them.

Besides the only inconvenience above, Living World Premium Parakeet/Budgie Mix is viewed as one of the best budgie food. Again, we guarantee that the vibrant mix of ingredients in this product will ensure the dietary balance your bird needs.


  • A premium food blend consists of high-quality ingredients such as vegetables, nuts, fruits that will provide high nutritional values for your bird pets.
  • Seeds are dust-free, as they are air cleaned and polished before mixing with other ingredients.
  • Vibrant mix of ingredients in this product will ensure the dietary balance your bird needs.


  • Some picky-eater birds will ignore individual grains contained in the mix.

2. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Parakeet Food

If you have bought bird food products before, or have read similar articles about bird foods, then you’ve probably heard of the infamous brand Kaytee. This brand is believed to be the one producing the best bird food, including the best budgie food. When it comes to budgie or parakeet’s food product of Kaytee, we have to mention Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Parakeet Food.

This product includes prebiotics and probiotics that will support the digestive system of your birds. By eating this Kaytee bird food, your birds will consume a sufficient amount of vitamins, Omega-3, and minerals that promote the bird’s development and overall health.

The wide range of ingredients used and the expert nutritional level makes this an excellent choice for keeping your bird healthy, happy and well-fed. There are cases where customers encountered problems with delivery and shipping, which made the packages broken and caused a bit of a mess upon opening. However, these cases are sporadic; no need to worry about it.


  • Support brain and heart health of your bird with the Omega 3 are enriched in every package of Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Parakeet Food.
  • Includes prebiotics and probiotics that will support the digestive system of your birds
  • Promote vibrant skin & feather health for healthy, beautiful plumage.
  • Maintained freshness due to the natural preserved methods.


  • It is rare, but there were some cases where buyers reported problems in shipping, which leads to a broken package. This problem can cause a bit of a mess when opening.

3. Dr Harvey’s All Natural Daily Blend for Budgies

With the total weight of 4 pounds, Dr Harvey’s Blend is a mix of various ingredients and seeds. These ingredients work together to make sure your birds get their daily nutritional needs. The blend is completely free of any food colorants, dyes, chemicals, or synthetic elements.

Dr Harvey’s All Natural Daily Blend for Budgies also includes proteins, vitamins, and minerals in optimal levels. With the precious nutritional values this product provides, there’s no wonder why it is one of the best budgie food products.

We recommend that every budgie owner should try it out at least once. In some instances, it usually depends on the bird’s preference or taste; they will not eat the dried fruits. When you encountered this problem, you might probably need to eliminate some of the untouched pieces from the birds’ diet.


  • This choice will provide your bird pets with a wide range of natural food that is optimally balanced.
  • This product contains high-quality ingredients that will give your feathered companions good optimal health, vibrant plumage and longevity.
  • No nasty stuff such as preservatives, dyes, chemicals, or synthetic ingredients of any kind.


  • It is not unusual when your birds ignore some ingredients inside the mix.

4. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Hi-Calcium Grit for Small Birds

If you want to improve the digestive health of your budgies, then consider feeding them the Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Hi-Calcium Grit for Small Birds. Being an avian nutritional expert, as well as an infamous brand for bird food products, Kaytee ensures that by consuming the food in these products.

Your bird will grow well and healthy with a robust digestive system. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Hi-Calcium Grit for Small Birds also consists of prebiotics and probiotics, which will take care of the well-being of your birds. To meet all the nutritional needs, the ingredients in each package of this product were carefully selected.

Your birds will receive the needed optimal nutrition and thus, developed overall good health from this food. All of this is thanks for the proteins, minerals, and vitamins contained in the well-selected and all-natural ingredients.

By using 100%, natural ingredients, such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables, Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Hi-Calcium Grit for Small Birds’ safety is ensured. The producers guaranteed that their customers would never find lousy stuff such as synthetic ingredients, chemicals, or dyes inside their products.

This option will result in vibrant and healthy plumage, improved health, healthy heart and brain, as well as a stronger immune system. One more benefit you can get from this product is that it does promote natural foraging behavior in birds. The ingredients are naturally preserved to maintain the freshness, as well.


  • Forti-Diet Pro Health Hi-Calcium Grit can be used for different species of birds, including budgies, parakeets, cockatiels, finch, and canaries.
  • This choice is specially designed to provide essential minerals, as well as additional calcium to your birds.
  • Enriched with DHA Omega3s, which support visual function, heart, and brain health. There is also natural prebiotics and probiotics included in this blend to promote a healthy digestive system in birds.


  • It is not unusual when your birds ignore some ingredients inside the mix.

5. Parakeet/Budgie Staple Vme Seed

If you are looking for bird food products that come in large packages and can cover your bird’s needs for a more extended period of time, then Parakeet/Budgie Staple Vme Seed from Hagen is what you need.

These seeds will meet all of your budgie’s daily nutritional requirements, yet still, please their palate. The seeds are dust-free, as they are air-cleaned and polished before mixed and packaged. The fortified seed blend is perfect for parakeets and budgies.

As this product contains a variety of seeds and designed in large-sized packages, it can serve as the primary food for extended periods. It makes sure your budgie pets will get a balanced diet because it is supplemented with minerals and vitamins needed for the excellent health of birds.


  • Each package of Parakeet/Budgie Staple Vme Seed is filled with the highest quality seeds, which provides a balanced diet for your precious budgies/parakeets.
  • The seeds are dust-free and specially selected for taste appeal and top nutrition.


  • It is not unusual when your birds ignore some ingredients inside the mix.

6. ZuPreem FruitBlend Flavor with natural flavours Essential Nutrition for Very Small Bird

ZuPreem FruitBlend with Natural Fruit Flavors Extra Small Bird Food takes care of your small bird’s so well. And you will no longer worry about whether your birds get their daily nutritional needs or not. This tasty mix can create an enjoyable eating experience for your birds’ thanks to its fruity flavours. It’s packed with different types of fruits such as grapes, apples, oranges, and bananas, plus all the required nutrients your budgies need daily for good health. ZuPreem FruitBlend is undoubtedly one of the best budgie food products out there. So, you should let your feathered friends try at least once in their life (they are going to love it, we can guarantee!)


  • This choice offers a healthy, complete diet and can be used to feed multiple species of birds like budgies, finches, canaries, and tiny parrots.
  • High-quality daily diet that gives supreme and consistent nutrition loaded packed with different types of fruits. They are grapes, apples, oranges, and bananas plus all the required nutrients your budgies need daily for good health.
  • Thanks to the well-balanced formula of ZuPreem FruitBlend with Natural Fruit Flavors Extra Small Bird Food, you will no longer need to spend extra money on additional vitamins or mineral supplements for birds.


  • There might be cases where your birds don’t like it when their food comes in pellet size.

Final Thoughts

Be it their toys or their daily food, and budgies are always picky. This character of them can cause difficulty in finding the best budgie food for your beloved budgie friends. Especially when there are too many products and brands out there in the market.

Understanding this problem, and we have prepared a list of the six best budgie food products for you to consider. By reading this article, you will be able to gain more knowledge on the right budgie food products for your pets.

10 Best Parrot Food Reviews [Pellets & Seeds]

10 Best Parrot Food Reviews [Pellets & Seeds]

Do you agree with us that the parrot is an interesting bird pet? They are beautiful and especially smart as they can imitate human words and laughter. The African grey parrot is very well-known for the intelligence of its capability to remember of a vocabulary of 150 human words. What a great companion pet!

However, feeding parrots right is sometimes a challenge for their owners. Fortunately, with the development of scientifically-formulated food, many nutritionist products are introduced to make the feeding as simple as it can be for parrot-owners.

Below is our updated list of 10 best parrot food in 2021, which you can trust to create a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle for your “companion”.

10 Best Parrot Food Reviews

1. Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Bird Food for Parrots – Best parrot food overall

This product comes from the prestigious brand Kaytee. This 150-years old company is committed to providing the highest quality goods to mall animal pets, pet birds, and wild birds.

This product has been selected as the primary choice for parrot-owners thanks to its nutrients and its affordable price.

This food provides all the nutrients needed for the premium health of the parrot. It contains Omega-3 to support vital heart, brain and visual functions. It also has probiotics and prebiotics to support digestive health. A product that is good for health and easy to digest is worth our top pick in the list of best parrot food.


  • Fully nutritious for birds
  • Finest ingredients
  • Rich in antioxidants and Omega-3
  • Rich in probiotics and prebiotics


  • No sunflower seeds

2. Vitakraft Menu Vitamin Fortified Parrot Food – Best value for money parrot food

This is another successful company in the pet care industry. The business was been started 180 years ago and its products are now sold in 18 countries across the world. Its high-quality pet foods can help pet-owners to rest and relax to enjoy life with their “companions”.

This product is a premium blend of seeds, nuts, whole grains, vitamins, fruits, and vegetables. Different finest ingredients provide your bird-pet Omega-3, Minerals, DHA to constitute a balanced diet for the longevity of parrots.

This manufacturer offers a very affordable price for a full-nutrient product, which makes this product a good deal for pet-owners.


  • Fully nutritious for birds
  • Finest ingredients
  • Rich in antioxidants and Omega-3


  • Only one package size available

3. Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Parrot – Best parrot food for skin and feathers

Wild Harvest is a dedicated company that focuses on providing your bird-pet a complete diet of natural ingredients. This product is especially recommended for bird-owners looking for bird food for shining feathers.

Apart from bringing a balanced diet for your parrot, it is produced to support the plumage. Its main ingredients are whole grains and vegetables; though, there are no Omega- 3, probiotics or prebiotics added compared to other mentioned products.


  • Variety of whole grains and vegetables
  • Designed for shining feathers
  • Tasty for most parrots


  • No Omega-3, probiotics, prebiotics added
  • One package size available

4. Kaytee Supreme Bird Food for Parrots – Top choice of grains and seeds for parrots

Kaytee is always a brand name that most bird-lovers can trust in. Over 150 years of nutritional experience, Kaytee has been creating different food products that can meet specific parrot’s nutrition needs. The team is doing what is right for pets and pet owners worldwide.

This product is a basic food for parrots but the manufacturer has made a basic one greater. This is a mix of high-quality natural seeds and grains for parrots. Kaytee tries to maintain the natural taste of the ingredients to attract parrots. In one word, this is a simple yet healthy diet for your bird pet.

The big size of 25lb may cause difficulty to first-time customers. In another point of view, this large bag seems to be an economic choice for all current customers of the Kaytee brand.


  • Delicious taste
  • No artificial colors
  • Variety of high-quality whole grains and seeds


  • No Omega-3, probiotics, and prebiotics added
  • No fruits and vegetables

5. Tropimix Large Parrot Food Mix – Best food mix for African Grey Parrots

Tropimix is one of the most famous products of Hari Company which is based in Canada. What makes Tropimix an exceptional product is that it has to be undergone by 3-stage qualifications before introducing to the market.

Consumers can put their whole trust in Tropimix. This is a human-grade blend of whole grains, seeds, nuts, legumes, and fruits.

This food mix is specially formulated for African Grey parrots, one of the most and intelligent parrot species in the world. This Canadian manufacturer has made a special nutritious product for the African grey parrots to shine with vivid colors and luster.


  • The finest mix of grains, nuts, and vegetables
  • Free of husks and shells
  • Vitamins and minerals added


  • Quite expensive

6. Great Companions Premier Macaw & Large Parrot – Best food-mix for Macaws

Macaws are known as the biggest bird in the parrot world. They have long tails and big beaks. In general, macaws have the same eating habits as most parrots. There is only one small difference is that they need more fat in their diet.

This product is a balanced diet for Macaws. It is a premium blend of nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

There are a high proportion of almonds, pistachios, and walnuts in the mix for higher fat concentration. Besides, prebiotics and probiotics added for bird’s digestion and anti-infection.


  • Natural and finest ingredients without preservatives
  • A balanced diet of nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables
  • Vitamins and minerals added


  • Quite lots of sunflower seeds
  • Easy to get damaged

7. Sleek & Sassy Garden Large Hookbill No Sunflower Food for Large Parrots

Sleek & Sassy is an American family-owned company founded in 1983 in Oregon. This is not a big bird food manufacturer but it is highly appreciated by most bird-lovers. Its products are really tasty and affordable for a balanced diet of natural ingredients. The company’s focus is on the digestion and assimilation of most nutrients.

This product applied the advanced formula with multiple sources of protein, vitamins, minerals, and all the essential amino acids.


  • Human-grade fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetable blend
  • Oxygen filled packaging for better digestion and nutrient assimilation
  • Multiple sizes of package
  • Affordable


  • Easy to get damaged

8. Volkman Seed Featherglow Large Parrot – Best food mix for skin and feathers of large parrots

Volkman Seed has started its business since 1863 to follow one goal of delivering products that satisfy customer’s needs. The company invested in a new processing system to treat its products organically. The team would like to provide the premium quality to all customers.

This product is a special mix of different natural ingredients for skin and feathers of large parrots. It is clean and free of dust.


  • Special formula for feather-glow of large parrots
  • Natural ingredients
  • Dust-free


  • No vitamins and minerals added
  • Lots of sunflower seeds

9. Natural Medium / Large Bird Food – Best pellet for large parrots

Zupreem is a very well-known brand in the bird food industry. With the assistance of the application of scientific advancements for pet birds, its products are at the highest quality standards of manufacturing and quality control.

This product contains pellets formulated nugget shapes, which are suitable for large parrots. The product is fortified with added vitamins and minerals that are essential to your parrot’s health.


  • Pellet sized suitably for large parrots
  • Vitamins and minerals added
  • No artificial preservatives


  • One package size
  • Little dust

10. Sleek & Sassy Garden Small Hookbill Bird Food for Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Quaker Parrots & Small Conures – Best food for Small Parrot

Once again, Sleek and Sassy’s product is selected to be in the list of top 10 parrot food in 2021. This product is a special mix for small parrots. The product is Oxygen filled packaging to prevent enzymes lost.

Enzymes are the key for bird’ digestion and assimilation. In terms of ingredients, there are Grass Seeds, Oil Seeds, Whole Grain plus Papaya, Pineapple, Carrots, Sweet Potato, Sweet Garden Peas, and Spinach.


  • Special formula for small parrots
  • Enzymes rich thanks to Oxygen filled packaging
  • Vitamins and minerals added
  • No preservatives


  • Easy to get damaged

What’s Next?

Mental health is also an important part that you should never forget to make your parrot’s life happier and healthier.

  • Parrots are human companions: Raising parrots to take more time and effort than most people think. It does not just put them in a cage with a food puzzle. Parrots need your care as you normally do with your baby. An intelligent bird can join your family outing trips. You should treat them as just the way you would with a good dog. Birds can feel just as relaxing if they are raised correctly. Just be careful when taking your birds outside, they can easily fly away.
  • Raising method impacts the parrot’s personality: The living environment shapes the parrot’s personality. Ideally, parrots should be raised by other parrots together with consistent human interaction. Parrots are very sensitive; thus, it is good that you raise multiple birds in separated cages. The reason is that parrots may become distressed when they are separated.
  • Daily visit routines lead to anxiety separation. You should not give your parrot too much attention when you first bring it home. Instead, you should teach the bird from the beginning to be content with separation. Moreover, you should not break your daily routines, so the bird does not look forward to your visit. Let’s set up different arrival and departure times each day.
  • Make your parrot busy throughout the day: as other pets, parrots like toys, especially anything made of cotton and can be torn apart easily. Nylon toys can get twisted on the parrot’s toes. In order to keep your bird pet interested, you can change your parrot’s toys of different shapes and colors two to three times a day (but not bright color toys as they can make your bird feel nervous).

How to store properly the best parrot food?

The way you store your bird food can help you save time and money while raising your bird pet.

What to use for bird food storage?

Storing your bird food in the bag can increase the chances of moisture getting into it, which can create an ideal environment for mold development. It turns your nutritious food into toxic food.  What you do in the end is to throw your food away and waste your money to buy new food.

A sealed container is the perfect choice for bird food storage. It can both stop unwanted diners getting in, and keep away moisture. As a result, the shelf-life of your bird food is extended. Here are some good containers you can use: Tupperware, storage box or some specific bird food bins.

Where to put your food containers?

The best place is somewhere cool and dry without any direct sunlight (Ex: the garage).

In short, wherever you store your pet foods, you should think of a place where it is easy to get to because you need to use the foods daily.

Final Thoughts

The list of 10 best parrots is prepared based on the essential nutritional needs of large parrots and small parrots. Some products can be used for most parrot species and our choice is the Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Bird Food for Parrots.

First, this product is good for all parrot species; thus, it saves your time and money. Second, the product provides all essential nutrients for parrots with added Omega-3 and omega-6. One more plus is that the manufacturer also adds probiotics and prebiotics to help your lovely bird to assimilate and digest the food.

We hope that this parrot food review is somehow useful for your journey with your companion!

5 Best Heated Bird Baths Reviews

5 Best Heated Bird Baths Reviews

Water is crucial for birds to bathe, preen, and drink. But irrespective of the abundant ice and deep snowfall, fresh water can be very difficult to find in the winter. Bird watchers that provide the best heated bird bath for their birds at their backyard give them abundant liquid water sources so the pretty little birds don’t have to search for fresh liquid water or even spend so much energy melting the snow.

In weather like this, one of the best things you can do for birds is to provide them with the best heated bird bath. A heated bird bath will make things much easier for birds, as they will not lack fresh and warm liquid water. It might also attract other winter birds, bringing more birding interest to your backyard.

Heated bird baths use very little power to provide a service that is very important to your birds. Helping them to stay hydrated and clean while it is very cold outside. They also add a unique touch to your backyard, as some of them have very beautiful designs.

Finding the best heated bird bath for your feathered friends can sometimes be challenging. This is why we have done our research and come up with some of the outstanding heated bird baths in the market. Here are some of the best options for heated bird baths that you can choose from.

Best Heated Bird Baths Reviews

1. Allied Precision Industries 20-inches Diameter Heated Bird Bath with Metal Stand

Allied Precision Industries 20-inches Diameter Heated Bird Bath with Metal Stand is one of the best heated bird baths out there. This heated bird bath allows you enjoy seeing your little feathered friends in your backyard always. The bowl of this heated bath is controlled thermostatically, and it only needs 150 watts of power.

The 150 watts of power and the built-in thermostat of the bowl prevents the watering fountain of the birds from becoming a skating pond, irrespective of how cold the weather is. The bowl has a diameter of 20 inches and a depth of 2 inches. Giving your birds enough space to play around. The heating component keeps the temperature of the water between forty and fifty degrees Fahrenheit automatically. It is completely hidden as it cannot be seen on the surface.

The rim’s shape is designed to be easily clenched buy the talons of a bird. This makes it look like a natural perch for birds. This encourages and attracts birds to land. The gradual slope of the bowl also encourages bathing. This heated bird bath features a strong metal stand that has a height of 30 inches. The power cord with a length of 15 inches. You can as well mount this heated bath on a wooden deck railing.

2. API 600 20 Inches Diameter Heated Bird Bath Bowl

API 600 20-inches Diameter Heated Bird Bath Bowl is also a great heated bird bath, but it does not have a stand or pedestal base. This heated bath is controlled thermostatically and it needs a power voltage of 150 watts. The thermostat works automatically, and it keeps the temperature of the water within a certain range. This feature ensures the water is always warm for your birds, even on days when it is very cold.

The rim is designed to have a shape that will make it much easier for birds to clutch on. The talons of a bird can easily grip the rim due to its design. The design also encourages landings as it looks and feels like a natural perch. It also comes with an adapter clamp which you can use to mount the bowl on several surfaces, bases, or stands. But as mentioned earlier, this heated bird bath doesn’t come with a pedestal stand or base.

The bowl has a diameter of 20 inches and a depth of 2 inches, which is enough to contain multiple birds. The basin of this heated bird bath comes fully assembled. This means you don’t have much work to do when you buy it. It is also a pocket-friendly option, as it is not very expensive.

3. Smart Solar Acadia Solar Birdbath

This Smart Solar Acadia Solar Birdbath adds a touch of excellence to the garden or backyard of your home due to its design. It is very easy to setup and it doesn’t require any maintenance. All you have to do is to add water to the bath and put it under direct sunlight. As it gets its power from sunlight just like the name implies.

This heated bath has a charming olive green painted finish. The basin is durable and may last for a very long time, irrespective of how harsh the weather may be. This heated bird bath has a compelling visual charisma, its structural design is attractive and elegant, and it is pleasing to look at.

Also, it is made from lightweight glass fiber reinforced concrete, which tends to be durable and long-lasting. This heated bird bath has an underwater central solar system. It also has a pump that requires a very low voltage. This system doesn’t require wiring, as it generates its own power from the sun.

It is also very easy to assemble, and you don’t need experience or a technician to couple the system for you. This heated bath is a great option as may create a relaxing and conducive atmosphere for your little friends. It also has an amazing feature that recycles water from the hidden reservoir. It has a height of 25 inches, a width of 17.5 inches, and the depth of the bowl is 1.3 inch.

4. Allied Precision Industries Mounted Heated Bird Baths

This Mounted Heated Bird Bath is created by Allied Precision Industry to enable comfortable bathing for your little-feathered friends all year-round. The elegant design of this heated bath may attract a lot of winter birds to your garden or backyard.

It has a built-in, automatic thermostat that regulates the temperature of the water to prevent it from freezing irrespective of how cold the weather is. This way, your birds will always have clean, fresh, and warm water to bath with. The bath requires a power of 150 watts only to operate fully and automatically.

The bath has a heating component of 120 volts, and it is located under the surface of the plastic basin. Maintenance is not an issue, as it features a tilt-to-clean deck rail mount, which is very easy to clean. The shape of the rim is designed in such a way that a bird can grasp it naturally like a perch. Its design also encourages landing.

This heated bird bath has a diameter of 20 inches, and the depth of the basin is 2 inches. The basin is well and securely attached to the mount. This means you may not have to worry about it pulling off when you are cleaning it.

5. Songbird Essentials Songbird Spa

Songbird Essentials Songbird Spa is one of the best heated bird baths out there. This heated bird bath has a simple but unique design, and it is designed to provide your birds with the comfort they need during cold days. This smart and versatile heated bird bath has three different way which you can mount it. You can use it on the ground, mount it on a desk, and the last option is clamp mount.

It has a built-in heating element of 75 watts that keeps the water warm and prevent it from freezing, even when the weather extremely cold. It also features a thermostat that is controlled automatically, and it does not require much power to function. During hot weather, you can fold the power cord away.

It is made from a pet safe, non-toxic material that may stand the test of any weather. This heated bird bath has a length of 14.8 inches, a width of 14.8 inches, and depth of 2.3 inches. This size contains enough water for your little friends to play with. This heated bath does not require assembling, as it already comes assembled. All you have to do is to decide the mounting position. There are three different mounting positions as mentioned earlier.

Heated bird bath

The Best Ways to Use Heated Bird Baths

There are lots of easy tricks and tips that can help you make the heated bath and bird feeders in your backyard  more attractive to winter birds. Purchasing the best heated bird baths is great, but chances are some people might still be confused on how to utilize this product to its full potential. Here are tips to help you when using or choosing a heated bird bath for your feathered friends.

  • Go for Dark Colored Baths: You should choose a heated bird bath with a dark color so it will be able to absorb heat and use less electric power. Also, birds are more likely to see a dark basin when the ground is covered with snow (white).
  • Read Instructions: Make sure you read and carefully adhere to every single instruction in the manual of your heated bird bath.
  • Fill the Basin Appropriately: Make sure the basin is filled as instructed. Also, check for splashing and evaporation that can reduce the quantity of water. You need to do this on a daily basis.
  • Regular Cleaning: Try to make sure you clean the basin regularly in order to keep the water fresh at all time. Cleaning it regularly will also prevent it from harboring mineral deposits and dirt that may stop the heater from functioning normally. You can soak the heater or basin in vinegar to get rid of mineral deposits. Make sure you rinse properly when you are done.
  • The Electricity Outlet: Protect the outdoor power supply with a suitable cover so moisture won’t find a way in and cause a short circuit.

Advantages of Heated Bird Baths

Having a birdbath in your garden or backyard is simply amazing, as it is a great attraction for birds. But if you live in a location that experiences cold weathers, your normal bird bath will not work during the cold periods of the year. If you want to see some wild and wintering birds in your backyard or garden all year-round, then you need a heated bird bath. There are lots of benefits of a heated bird bath, listed below are just a few of them.

  • Birds All Year-Round: During winter and very cold seasons, your backyard will be one of the most conducive, relaxing, and comfortable places for birds – with a heated bird bath. During this season, birds need to stay hydrated. They will look for a source of water that is not frozen. This means with a heated bird bath, you will be providing them with not just a source of liquid water, but a fresh and clean one as well.
  • Protect the Bird Bath: Water expands when it freezes. This means if you don’t have a heated bird bath and your bath is left outside during winter, chances are it will crack when ice forms in it. This danger is completely eliminated with a heated bird bath since it keeps the water above freezing level all through the year. This means your birdbath will last for several years, as it doesn’t stand the chance of cracking during winter.

Final Thoughts

Heated bird baths come in very handy during winter. Choosing the best heated bird bath is also very important. The review in this article will also make it easier for you to choose the best heated bird bath.. So you need to compare them and know which suits your budget as well as your needs.

The Smart Solar Acadia Solar Birdbath is our pick when it comes to the best heated bird bath. This is because it doesn’t need an external power supply, as it’s equipped with a solar panel that converts heat energy into electrical energy. It also has an amazing design that may enhance the look of your garden or backyard. It’s easy to maintain, and it comes with a built-in pump that requires low-voltage to function. This may be a great option considering its features.

5 Best Food For Cockatiels in 2021

5 Best Food For Cockatiels in 2021

You might be wondering what the best food for cockatiels is, right? When you think you feed your bird pet sufficiently, it turns out that your current diet regime is unbalanced with only one kind of seed.

It is really good that the market offers a large variety of choices though sometimes makes you confused about what is good for your pet. If you are having the same problem, you should go through this article as it is going to provide a detailed cockatiels’ food review. Remember a healthy diet for cockatiels must be a mix of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. All suggestions in this article are selected based on this requirement.


Let’s see what you should feed your cockatiel.

Cockatiels’ Favorite Foods

Seeds and Nuts

Cockatiels eat different types of seeds and nuts such as millet, sunflower seeds, etc. Most often, cockatiels tend to select what they prefer, which can lead to malnutrition. Seeds and nuts must not be removed from the diet but should not be the entire diet.


Pellets are a lot better than seeds for your cockatiel’s health. The problem is that cockatiels are used to eat seeds as their main food. You should try to increase the percentage of pellets in the daily diet of your bird between 75 and 80 percent. This is an ideal diet for cockatiels.

Fruits and Vegetables

The rest of about 20-25 percent should be for fruits and vegetables. Wash the vegetables, cut into pieces and serve them in a separate container.


You should treat your bird pet like your children. Water is indispensable for their daily diet. All food containers must be washed and changed on a daily basis.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy the best food for Cockatiels

Step 1: Know what your bird pet’s nutritional needs are

Feeding your pet right is essential for the longevity of cockatiels. Each bird pet has its own nutritional needs; thus, you should first understand your pet’s health before going shopping. This step allows you to pick the right kind of food. It can help you to save time as well as money when standing in front of a lot of pet food products.

Once again, we would like to remind you that you should raise your cockatiel as your children. Cockatiels are small, friendly, smart and sensitive. Proper nutrition is key to prevent health issues during their whole life.

Step 2: Read through the information, ingredients listed in the product

Here are some things to look for in a good cockatiel food:

  • The pet food needs to be prepared with real fruits and vegetables, which can provide cockatiels delicious flavors and textures.
  • Apart from fruits and vegetables, you should look for foods containing vitamins and minerals to create balanced nutrition for your bird pet.
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are advised to ensure the development of skin, feather, joints, immunity, and brain of cockatiels.
  • Do not choose any products that have sweeteners and artificial additives such as colors, artificial flavors, and added sweeteners.
  • The best food for cockatiels needs to be high-quality though still meets your budget so that you can ensure a stable healthy diet for your cockatiels in the long-term.

Are you ready to go shopping now? Here is the list of the Best food for cockatiels

Best Cockatiels’ Food Reviews

1. LAFEBER’S Original Flavor Avi-Cakes for Parakeets, Cockatiels & Conures – Best cockatiel food overall

This product is a balancing mix of pellets and seeds for cockatiels (50% pellets and 50% seeds).

As we mentioned above, an ideal diet for cockatiels is the one that contains pellets and seeds. Thus, this product meets well this requirement to be our first choice on this list.

Lafeber Company was founded in early 1970 by an American father-son team. It is committed to producing only the finest ingredients for your pets.

Its famous motto is “Caring and working for the health of animals”.

It is sold at an affordable price of $5.99 for 8 oz.


  • Fully nutritious for birds
  • Finest ingredients
  • Rich in antioxidants and Omega-3 and Omega-6
  • Good for foraging


  • Not offer delicious smell
  • Only one option in term of packaging

 2. LAFEBER’S Classic Nutri-Berries Pet Bird Food for Cockatiels – The most delicious cockatiel foods

This nutri-berries product is introduced by the same manufacturer Lafeber.

One thing is that this product offers better taste; thus, it is preferred by most of the cockatiels.

Three words that describe best this product are: nutritious, delicious and natural.

Finest ingredients are selected without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

This product is quite flexible when it is available under three different sizes: 4 pounds, 10 oz, and 20 pounds. The product is especially produced for foraging and health.


  • Delicious taste
  • Flexible options for sizes
  • Human-grade and Non-GMO ingredients
  • Rich in antioxidants and Omega-3 and Omega-6
  • Good for foraging


  • No preservatives so spoil quickly

 3. Kaytee Exact Natural Bird Food for Cockatiels – The best natural cockatiel foods

This American company has been working hard for more than 150 years by Nicholas Knauf.

With every product, Kaytee would like to prove their real love to animals by applying their expertise and state-of-the-art processing technology.

Its products are built to ensure the premium health and comfort of each bird pet as well as bringing peace-of-mind to all pet-lovers.

In terms of nutritional value, this product is similar to the two products above but the American manufacturer has paid its attention to the natural preservation of the ingredients.

This product is exceptionally good for feathering and the health of cockatiels.


  • Good product of a trusted brand
  • Delicious taste
  • No preservative, artificial colors added


  • Bad packaging
  • Nugget size is different

 4. Kaytee Supreme Bird Food for Cockatiels – Best natural seeds for Cockatiels

The leading manufacturer in the sector Kaytee never makes their loyal customers disappointed with their nutritious foods.

The team always works to bring exceptional products for happy pets from very classic pet food. After more than 150 years of development, the team understands really well what our pets love.

This product is a simple and classic one but this is one of the cockatiels’ favorite foods.

Cockatiels are born to eat grains and seeds. When they become human favorite pets, it is advised to help them feel like home.

The product is available in three sizes: 3 pounds, 5 pounds, and 20 pounds.


  • Finest grains and seeds
  • Rich in natural protein, fiber, and oils
  • Various options of sizes
  • No preservatives, colors, and flavors added


  • Size of grains are big for cockatiels

5. ZuPreem AvianMaintenance FruitBlend Flavor Premium Diet for Parrots & Conures – Best fruitblend for Cockatiels

The ZuPreem business started in 1928 with the idea of creating a revolutionary in the look of the role of animal nutrition.

It sounds complicated at first but the Company has made it simple by producing innovative, high-quality products for the health and longevity of animals worldwide.

This product is a premium mix of different fruits needed for the health of cockatiels. The fruits are prepared thoroughly for digestibility.

Furthermore, they are cut in exciting shapes. The product is available in only one size: 17.5 pounds and its price are quite high but really worth a try!


  • Natural fruits without preservatives, colors, and flavors added
  • Delicious taste
  • Rich in vitamins


  • Quite expensive

Toxic foods for Cockatiels

Have you ever questioned what Cockatiels should not eat? Here is an answer for you.

As a human being, there are some foods that your bird pet should definitely not consume. The list below is the result of research conducted by the leading brand Lafeber. You may feel surprised by some items listed below but please remember “Better safe than sorry”.


Fruits are required in the diet of cockatiels except for avocados. This fruit contains persin, a fungicidal toxin which can lead to heart attack to your bird pet. Death can occur after 1-2 days after ingestion.


Methylxanthines are proved to be in chocolates. This substance can cause hyperactivity, tremors, possibly seizures, and even death if cockatiels consume a toxic dose. Please note that the darker and bitter of chocolates, the greater chance your pet is poisoned.

Onion and Garlic

Green onions and fresh cloves of garlic are fatal for cockatiels. Products in concentrated forms are more toxic than fresh ones.

Apple seeds

Seeds are preferred by most cockatiels but apple seeds are not recommended. Apple seeds contain cyanide; thus, they should be removed before feeding apples to cockatiels. Moreover, cherries, plums, apricots, and peaches are also unhealthy foods for bird pets.

Dairy products

Scientists state that cockatiels are unable to digest lactose contained in dairy products such as milk, cheese, etc… An excessive amount of lactose can cause diarrhea to cockatiels.

How many times a day should you feed your cockatiels?

The answer is two times a day. The first one in the morning and the second one is in the evening before dusk. In nature, cockatiels follow the same eating habit.

This regime is applied for both weaned and adult cockatiels. More specifically, they will need about 1.5 and 2 tablespoons of seeds or pellets (30 – 40 grams) a day.

You can be more flexible to provide lunch for your bird pet but remember not to exceed the daily amount fed to prevent some health issues.

One last note is that mature bird is more adaptable to spend time out of their cage in the evening than baby cockatiels. For small birds, you should give them at least 10 to 12 hours of rest in a dark environment. This should be taken into account when it comes to a feeding schedule.

As children, your lovely bird can sometimes lose their appetite. What are the reasons?

Why do Cockatiels refuse to eat?

Stress and illnesses are possible reasons in this case.

Cockatiels are quite sensitive when changing their living conditions from the wild to the home environment to live with the human being. They need time to be familiar with their surroundings and adjust their living habits.

When you first bring a cockatiel home, try to feed them seeds and grains as they always have in the wild. But in the long run, you should convert seeds and grains into pellets as they are ideal for cockatiels.

Converting cockatiel’s diet is sometimes stressful and frustrating. According to the Exotic Bord report, cockatiels will not eat anything that is unfamiliar. It belongs to their survival mechanism. Taste, shape, color, size, and texture are also what you should take care of when feeding your bird pet.

You can consider three methods below:

Mix pellets with seeds

This is the safest way to change cockatiel’s diet. You can gradually decrease 10% of seeds and increase 10% of pellets in the daily meal of cockatiels. After several weeks, your cockatiel should be used to eating pellets.

One-hour feeding

This method is also safe for your pet. Let’s feed your pet with seeds as normal but just for one hour and then replace all with pellets. If your pellets refuse to eat pellets, you can return to seeds but only for one hour. This method will take approximately two weeks to change the cockatiel’s diet.

Pellet pudding

Cockatiels tend to like foods that are soft and warm; thus, you can try to mix pellets with warm apple juice to persuade them to try.

Final Thoughts

The five best foods for cockatiels listed above are selected based on many strict criteria and comments of consumers. Our choice goes for the LAFEBER’S Original Flavor Avi-Cakes for Parakeets, Cockatiels & Conures.

It provides your bird pet a balancing diet with premium natural ingredients. Its price is reasonable for a try if you have never bought it before. The other products in the list are recommended as they offer your cockatiels different supplements for foraging, feathering, and health.

Best Finch Food Reviews

Best Finch Food Reviews

For a healthy and balanced finch food diet, seeds should only take around 50% of the finches’ food, and the rest of that diet should be veggies, fresh fruits, and other natural ingredients.

Different finch species such as Zebra finch, Strawberry finch, Gouldian finch. They have different nutritional needs, and as a finch pet owner, you must remember this information. However, it could be challenging to choose the right type of food. Your parrot finches, especially when you are a busy pet owner.

To save you from the trouble, we have prepared a list of the best finch food products. This list can serve as a list of finch food reviews, as well.

Please note that besides an essential diet described below, your finches also need other additional food such as fruits, sprouts, insects, green, and other supplementary foods. For some species, several of these products can also be used to trigger the birds’ breeding condition.

 Let’s read through some best finch food reviews!

1. Quiko Eggfoods Finch Food

This superfood comes in four different nutritious and delicious flavours.

It is also recommended worldwide by many bird breeders. Many features make this product stand out.

The first thing is about its ingredients – real eggs and honey, ingredients that no parrot finches can resist.

Like other types of animals, birds can quickly get bored by eating the same kind of food everyday.

By choosing this product, the variety of your pets’ diet is significantly increased. This means the birds’ appetite is stimulated and no more boredom in eating.

The unique blend of vitamins, honey, eggs will serve as a reliable source of nutrients for your lovely birds. Therefore, this product can surely promote a healthy lifestyle for them.

There are three different ways you can use this type of finch pellet food.

You can try to combine it with water or juice for a moist crumble texture or combine it with your birds’ daily seed food. The third way is to mix it with other Quiko products.

If you want a balanced diet for your birds, try making a combination of Quiko Eggfoods Finch food with a series of veggies, fresh fruits such as bananas, kiwi, kale, sprouts, lettuce, papaya, grapes, etc.


  • This product provides two very nourishing ingredients – real eggs and honey. By choosing real food, this option is probably the safest and best finch food for your parrot finches.
  • This choice has a great variety of ingredients, which gives appetite stimulation and prevents food boredom.
  • Highly palatable, can be the perfect consistency by moistening the food with water.
  • This product uses the method of vacuum packaging, which keeps the product’s freshness very long-lasting.


  • Before purchasing and using this product, pet owners should ensure that their bird pals have no problem with eating eggs. It is because eggs are one of the main ingredients in the product’s formula.

2. Dr Harvey’s Fabulous Blend Finch Food

There are two package sizes for this product for you to choose from 2 pounds and 4 pounds.

It contains a unique mix of nuts seeds, vegetables, and fruits for complete and varied nutrition.

Once reading the ingredients list on the package, you will soon realize that this food has the best quality ingredients.

What makes Dr Harvey’s Fabulous Blend Finch Food better is that it is entirely free of dyes, chemicals and additives, including sugar and salt. As a result, this product represents the right choice for the daily diet of finches.

For balanced nutrition, the product has a high content of crude fats (minimum 12%), crude proteins (minimum 14%), and crude fibers (maximum 9%).

This product is the perfect option if you want your finch friends to have shiny plumage, a healthy digestive system, strong bones, and an improved immune system.

Additionally, Dr Harvey’s Fabulous Blend Finch Food is enriched with all necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, and natural antioxidants.

Therefore, by consuming this product daily, parrot finches will have the perfect energy boost to sing and fly all day long.

Some of the main ingredients you can find in the package are apples, canola seeds, folden millets, Macadamia nuts, canary grass seeds, coconuts, and red bell peppers.


  • By containing the top-quality ingredients, this choice is a simple one of the best finch foods you can find in pet stores and supermarkets.
  • The parts are completely free of additives (such as salt and sugar), chemicals, and artificial dyes.
  • The ingredients are formulated to support vibrant plumage, optimal health, and longevity, in finches and other types of small birds. Therefore, they can thrive on a diet that is 100% natural.
  • Your bird will no longer get bored with eating the ingredients inside these products. They are highly diversified and eye-catching.
  • By eating the varied list of ingredients found in this bag, your bird will stay full of energy and stay healthy. All thanks to the natural antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins from those ingredients.
  • No need to spend more money paying for additional diet supplements. This product has already come with all the nutrients your feathered companions will need.


  • Since there are too many ingredients packed in this product, your parrot finches can sometimes ignore some of the seeds. Which means it can lead to a minimal amount of food wasting.

3. Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Finch Food

With the weight of 25 pounds, this package will give bird owners quite an amount of food to keep their birds full for a long time or to refill the bird feeders around their house.

The Omega 3 fatty acids enriched in the product keeps the heart and brain of your birds healthy.

Meanwhile, the prebiotics and probiotics contained will promote the birds’ digestive systems.

By eating the unique combination of ingredients in this superfood, your finches’ skin and feathers will enhance; therefore, helping them benefit from beautiful and bright plumages.

Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Finch Food is also a product that can last for a long time due to its natural preservatives.

This product will also boost the immune system of your birds and lead them to healthy growth.

All of this is thanks to the high content of natural antioxidants inside the product.

Most of the customers who purchased this product reported that their parrot finch pet loved eating it and praised its quality.

According to customers’ reviews, this food attracts more attention from their parrot finches than those common bird foods found in supermarkets and pet stores.


  • No artificial colors or flavors and the product can last for a long time due to its natural preservatives.
  • This product has a high-quality and varied ingredient mix that consists of pellets, grains (red millet, ground corn, etc.), Canary Grass Seed, and other natural seeds.
  • The new and enhanced formula is a complete diet that can provide your feathered friends with the proper and needed nutrition to produce better feathering and brighter colors.
  • The added probiotics and prebiotics play an essential role in supporting a healthy digestive system. Therefore, using this product saves you from paying additional money for diet supplements.


  • While this product has a lot of excellent features, the price of it can be too high for many customers. Besides, the cost of this product rarely goes down.

4. Lafeber Premium Daily Diet Finch Bird Food

This pellet finch food is rich in w Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. When consumed, these acids will act as good factors to provide healthy and complete nutrition.

Lafeber Company Granules Finch Food comes in a 5-pound pack. It is convenient to feed, especially when you need to give an entire flock of finches and other small birds proper meals.

As this Lafeber product is naturally flavored with molasses, the users will no longer need to worry about the safety of the food their bird pet eat.

It also contains high-quality non-GMO ingredients, which offer the perfect mix of amino acid, minerals vitamins, and still have a delicious taste.

This combination of various components also has whole eggs as the primary source of proteins. Your birds can easily digest this sour of protein and have enough energy to fly sing all day long.


  • By having the most digestive form of protein, the ingredients inside this product ensure that even the finches with the most sensitive stomach can still enjoy their daily meals.
  • The origins of all the ingredients are USA farms. The veggies, as well as other natural ingredients used inside the package, are sulfite-free, naturally preserved and naturally flavored.
  • There are many ways to use this product. If you don’t have much time or money to buy other supplements, use it as a complete diet. On the other hand, you can combine it with veggies, fresh fruits, millet sprays or seed blends.
  • The granules don’t contain food colorants or artificial dyes – as they are independently tested to ensure that they meet the standards of quality and nutrition.
  • This choice is a 100% edible pellet finch food. Its moisture also provides a non-messy nutrition cause almost no mess in your bird cages. Thus, the living spaces of your parrot finches won’t get dirty as often as before, and if they do, you could wipe off the leftover food with a damp cloth.


  • Not all finches are interested in this formula, as this is a common problem for every finch food product. However, the vast majority of customers had nothing to complain about the Lafeber Company Granules Finch Food.

What else do you need to know about the food of your parrot finches?

It can be tricky finding the best finch food available, especially when there are so many brands and products on the market. Therefore, if you want your finches to be well-fed, read on to know about some crucial aspects that every finch care-takers should take into account.

Supplements for Parrot Finches

Finches, or just any other bird species, do have an eye for the appearance of the food they are eating. Therefore, if you keep using the same food over and over again, there is a high chance that your feathered friends will get bored and lose their appetite.

Unlike common knowledge has stated, a diet solely based on seeds will NOT benefit the finches’ health, or help them live longer, or maintain their strength.

So, what do your finches need in their diet? Many studies have shown that finches food requires a balanced mix of fibres, vitamins, and minerals. By consuming these natural substances daily, your finches will be able to live a long and healthy life.

However, you cannot find all of these substances in seeds only. Therefore, you need to make sure you can provide your lovely bird friends with a reliable source of finch-appropriate food once in a while. These foods should be vegetables, fresh fruit, and a tiny amount of animal proteins.

If it is your first time buying food for finches, and you’re not sure which type of food you should purchase, try checking out some online finch food reviews and see how other customers voice their opinions about each product. Just bear in mind that a good finch food should be both nutritious and delicious.

Other aspects of caring for Finch Birds

Keep in mind that unlike cats or dogs, most pet birds and wild birds are not used to eating their food in one place. In this case, you should set up at least one finch feeder around your living space. This action ensures the birds could get food at once.

To keep your birds out of harm from wild squirrels, it would also be a good idea to install one of the safe squirrel-proof bird feeders. This squirrel-proof will provide extra protection.

Besides consuming daily nutritious food, finches, whether domesticated or untamed, also need a new source of water. Especially during the summer, where the weather can be scorching, and your birds can dehydrate faster.

For cases like this, relaxing baths for birds should be set up around your house. These will help your birds get all the water they need and refresh their plumage.

Final Thoughts

Although we are lucky to have available a vast variety of commercial finch food products, choosing, the best finch food can be a difficult task.  After deciding on whether you should select finch seeds food or finch pellet food, you have to consider the ingredients, as well.

All of these things could be a real headache, especially when you don’t have much time in your hands.  We understand this common problem when it comes to feeding your parrot finches. Therefore, we’ve prepared a list of best finch food reviews to guide you through the process of choosing the right finch food product!

7 Best Parrot Cages For Your House

7 Best Parrot Cages For Your House

Give your bird a safe as well secure environment with the best parrot cages!

When you have a parrot or birds at home, it is essential to take care of their comfort and well-being. For this, habitat or the best parrot cages is the one of the most important accessories for house birds. To keep the parrots healthy as well as happy, you should provide them a safe and secure cage to live in.

However, with the availability of different sizes, colors, and models, it’s easy to get confused when shopping for the best parrot cages. If you are unable to decide which cage fits best for your feathered friend, then look at the list below.

We have curated a list of the best parrot cages with reviews that help you to buy the best cage for your loving bird. Have a look!

Best Parrot Cages Reviews

Yaheetech Hanging Parakeet Bird Cage

The Yaheetech Hanging parakeet birdcage is suitable for medium to small-sized parrots. It is also perfect for canaries, parakeets, cockatiels, and small birds.

Additionally, it features a perfect height which makes this cage good for your birds to climb on. Its size is perfect for small house parrots, which will be happy to have fun. Further, the actual width as well as depth, are fairly shallow and won’t take up much space in your room. The base or the feeder plate of this cage is made from plastic, which is easy to clean and move as well.

Moreover, this parrot cage is highly accessible. The two large doors make it easy to feed and interact with your feathered pet. Also, there are four great side doors, especially when you want to prevent your parrot from the trunk while feeding them.

In terms of materials, this parrot cage is made from iron and features a classic look. Lastly, this fully painted cage with a smooth surface, wooden perches, and eco-friendly feeders offer your parrots a safe as well as a healthy environment.

Key features:

  • Affordable price
  • Elegant design
  • Solid and mobile

Homey Pet House Shape Bird Cockatoo Macaw Cage

Homey Pet is one of the best parrot cage manufacturers in the pet industry. The brand has cemented a top position for small birds’ cages. This home shape birdcage is made up of an anti-rust material which makes it more durable and long-lasting. It is ideal for small birds, including house parrots.

The best part is that it comes with a 360 ​​° wheel rotation which makes this cage easy to move around your space.  Further, the mechanisms of its wheels promote safe and secure movement while providing stability to the cage. Also, it is the best parrot cage for car travel.

By opting for the best parrot cages from Homey Pet, you will no longer need to install perches or buy a bird feeder. In addition to its functionality, this best parrot cage presents an attractive look. In its grey color, it guarantees comfort to our feathered pets.

Key features:

  • House shape design
  • 360-degree wheel movement
  • Open Large space

Prevue Hendryx Bird Cage

Are you looking for the best parrot cages that make your feathered friend fall in love with space?

If yes, then look no further than Prevue birdcage.  This cage for African grey parrots and other beautiful birds is made from quality iron. Multiple large breeds of birds including parrots can rest on it with ease. This extra-large bird cage stands on rolling casters which make it easy to move from one place to another in your home.

It is a 2-in-1 large parrot cage with two large front doors for easy access. Plus, there are six small side doors from where you can place food for your birds while preventing them from escaping. In addition, this large parrot cage comes with three wood perches, four cups, and a removable grill.  The best part is that you can easily move and clean this quality birdcage.

Key features:

  • Spacious birdcage
  • Easy to transport
  • Includes complete accessories

You & Me Parakeet Ranch House Cage

Owning small birds or parrots require the best parrot cages to play and to rest.  If you are in search of the beautifully designed birdcage for the small parrot, then You & Me Parakeet Ranch House is for you. This spacious cage allows your feathered friends to play comfortably inside the enclosure.

The roof design of this cage looks like a typical house roof. From the roof and sides, a fresh come in the cage. Two perches are present to add enjoyment for the birds. You can either hang this cage in your garden or can place it inside your house.

There are two wood perches and two covered dishes inside the parrot cage. The cups have a cover that keeps the seed in and the parrots out of the water. Overall, this cage provides a secure, comfortable and happy home for small birds. To easy access, there are three doors. Further, the litter tray is easy to remove and clean. It is also the best parrot cages for car travel.

Key features:

  • Easy to clean
  • Simple design
  • Easy access

Vision Bird Cage

This Vision model bird cage is suitable for budgies, canaries, parrots, lovebirds and finches. It is one of the best parrot cages as it provides your bird with a lot of room to move around. Further, this cage has a unique design that can uphold seed wastes and help keep your floor clean.

In addition, the wire design of this best parrot cage saves birds from escaping while allows fresh air to come in. There are green perches on which your feathered pet can sit or relax. The white color of the cage makes it perfect fir for any home design.

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It has a dual door for easy access and cleaning. Also, you can detach the base for easy cleaning. This Vision Bird Cage is a great home for your loving birds. Buy now!

Key features:

  • Suitable for small parrots
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rotating doors
  • Well-designed food trays

Yaheetech  Iron Rolling Play Top Large Parrot Bird Cage

Parrots and small birds can bring fun and enjoyment to any home, and you don’t want them to live unhappily due to a lack of space. If you are looking for spacious and the best parrot cages, then Yaheetech birdcage for the small part is for you.

This parrot cage comes with a colorful bungee rope that is made of metal wire and polyester and can withstand the bites. Further, its iron in green paint body ensures solidity and neat aesthetic. The upper part of this parrot cage has all the necessary equipment for pets’ entertainment.

The bars of the cage are vertical horizontal, which gives strengths to the walls while preventing escape. In addition, this cage has only one door for placing food. The assembly is very easy. There are wheels also which allow you to move this cage with ease.

Key features:

  • The platform is above the cage
  • Two drawers for droppings and waste
  • Double lock facility

Colorday Lightweight Parrot Cage for Car Travel

Are you planning two-three days trip and worried about the care of your house parrots?

If yes, then the good news is you can carry your birds with you with the best parrot cage or car travel. This cage is portable and weighs around 0.85 kg, which means you can easily carry this cage with you.  Also, the belt allows you to sling this parrot cage on your shoulder without getting tired.

Further, it is the most used cage for taking your loving bird to the vet. The sunroof design of this birdcage offers a wider field of vision while reducing the bird’s stress level. In addition, you can also check your bird time to time through the transparent cover.

There are four ventilations which keep the air fresh inside the cage. It comes with a zipper design and one solid wood perch. It is also easy to assemble or disassemble.

Key feature

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble

How To Choose The Best Parrot Cage?

There are many factors that you should consider when buying the best parrot cages. Here are the few things which you should keep in mind before buying the small or large parrot cage.

Choosing the right size

First, of course, is the size of the cage. If you buy a small size cage for large birds, it may cause health issues to your loving pet which can end their life as well. Also, if you have more than three small birds, then also you need a large parrot cage.

A good cage is one that offers enough space to your bird to walk around comfortably and to fully flap their wings. So, always keep in mind the size of your birds before buying the cage.

Perfect bar spacing

Another thing to look after before buying the best parrot cages is the bar spacing. The space between the bars should be narrower than your parrot’s head. If the space between bars is more, your bird can squeeze out of it.

Also, try o buy a cage with horizontal bars as this will allow your parrot to climb and exercise.

Material and paint

You should buy the parrot cage that is made from quality iron or steel as these materials are durable. Also, these materials do not get cracked after biting from birds. Make sure you are buying the safe and secure cage for you loving birds.

Do not buy a cage with toxin paints always choose the one with bio-friendly paint so that it won’t affect your parrot’s health.

Quality and craftsmanship

Check the overall quality of the birdcage before you buy one for your feathered friend. If the cage has sharp ends and spacing is not fine, do not buy such a cage for your bird. It is because it may harm the feathers and my cause potential health issues to your parrot.

Try to buy the best parrot cages that are made of quality material and free from sharp edges.

Best Parrot Cage

What Are The Advantages Of Spacious Iron Bird Cage?

  • The best parrot cages improve the mental health of your bird as it allows them to move around.
  • Spacious and iron parrot cages provide protection, sanitation and prevent escape.
  • A quality large parrot cage allows you to hang toys in it, which encourages parrots’ natural behavior.
  • Iron cages are especially useful for pet owners with other pets like cats, where a bird could potentially be in danger if the cage is weak.

Where To Place The Best Parrot Cages?

Your bird’s environment is very important, and it is important to find the right place in your house for the cage. This location plays an important role in your bird’s well being and mood.

Keep it at perfect height: Wherever you put the birdcage, make sure it’s not too high or not too low.

Human Interaction: Choose a place where your parrots can see you frequently and can interact with other family members. Birds love attention and get bored in an unused room.

Walls and Windows: Do not put a parrot cage in the middle of the room it is because your bird can feel anxious. Birds need walls and windows together, as this will make them feel secure and happy both.

Final Thoughts

If you want to be a proud parrot parent, you should invest in the best parrot cages. The cage will not only provide a safe place to your bird but also make them feel secure in your house.  Always buy the best quality cage for your loving bird in which your feather friend and move around and play.

You can buy the parrot cage from the above mention as all are the best parrot cages.

7 Best Finch Feeders for Bird Lovers to Buy in 2021

7 Best Finch Feeders for Bird Lovers to Buy in 2021

Attract more finches in your yard by creating the finch-friendly feeding spot!

Do you love to watch birds and want to attract more finches in your garden? If so, then you need to feed the finches in the best possible way. Feeding finches is more than just putting seeds it requires the best finch feeder which helps attract birds.

Finch feeder has small and thin ports that can hold bird seeds and keep your backyard finches full as well as happy. Further, the feeder helps live up your area with the melodious chirping of beautiful strawberry finches.

There are myriad options of finch feeder to choose from and sometimes it becomes a bit confusing to select the best finch feeder. To help you, we have curated a list of seven best-rated finch feeders that are easy to clean, easy to fill, and safe for birds. Our finch feeder reviews will help you to buy the best finch feeder for your yard. Have a look!

Best Finch Feeders Reviews

Brome Squirrel Buster Finch Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder

Are you getting tired of losing bird seeds to squirrels?

If yes, then Brome Finch Feeder is for you. It is the best finch feeder that comes with the wire-mesh frame, which covers the seeds and helps keep the squirrels out. This tube-style feeder can hold up to 1.4 quarts of seed at a time. Further, the Brome finch Feeder features eight feeding perches and provides an 18-inch/47-cm clearance when hanging.

The best part is that it provides a great value to your money and represents a sound investment. Being made up of chew-proof material it is completely safe for colorful zebra finches. At the top of that, the unique design and comfort level of this feeder welcome birds every day.  All in all, it is one of the best options for you because it offers a little more than any other basic feeder.

Key features:

  • Wire-mesh frame
  • Chew proof material
  • 4 quarts seed capacity
  • Eight feeding perches
  • Easy to fill and easy to clean

Perky-Pet Yellow Straight Sided Finch Feeder

[img_products img_code=”41aTgLotnyL” alt=”Perky-Pet Yellow Straight Sided Finch Feeder” code=”B002M332N0″ reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

For the beautiful and loving finches, we recommend you to buy this finch feeder because it contains no plastic and wood. It has steel wire mesh, which makes the feeder more functional and useful that helps to attract the finches. It can hold about 1.5 lbs of nyjer seeds.

Further, this item from the house of Perky Pets made from durable, high-quality material that is eco-friendly as well. In addition, this finch finder comes with an anti-rust powder coating.

When talking about functionality, the dish at the bottom of the mesh tube offers finches an additional place to perch and eat. Also, this tray fills up with both seeds as well as the husks which means less waste and leaves the ground underneath the feeder clean. Moreover, the tray has tiny holes that help in de-moisturizing the seeds, and the feed stays fresh for a longer time.

Having this finch feeder with Even seed Technology allows seeds to distribute evenly and offer comfortable space to birds.

Key features

  • Anti-rust coating
  • Even distribution of seeds
  • Durable and high-quality material

Stokes Select Thistle Tube Bird Feeder

If a classic tube-style feeder is your choice, the Stokes tube bird feeder is a great option for you. This feeder can hold up to 1.6 lb seed and offers four feeding ports for birds. Not only is the design of perches unique but also comfortable and functional. There is an internal baffle that disperses seed evenly among the feeding ports.

This best-rated finch feeder is made up of high-quality polycarbonate materials that increase its durability. Further, the simple twisting base of this feeder makes it easy to clean and easy to fill finch feeder. Do you know that the six yellow perches help birds to sit comfortably when eating upside down.

Moreover, the seed ports are very tiny that save the feed from squirrels while allowing easy access to finches. In our opinion, this is the best finch feeder for you to keep the seed in the right place rather than on the ground.

Key features

  • Disperse seeds evenly
  • Easy to clean and easy to fill
  • Comfortable six perches
  • Durable and finch-friendly

Perky-Pet Solar Lighthouse Finch Bird Feeder

Are you sick and tired of squirrels taking out the bird feed from your finch feeder?

If yes, then you need the lighthouse style finch feeder from Perky-Pet. Being covered with steel-mesh, it protects the birds’ feed from squirrels. Similar to the lighthouse for boats, this finch feeder also glows in the night. Do you know, that there is a solar cell at the top of this feeder that powers LED to create a glowing beacon at night.

When you hang this lighthouse shaped finch feeder with a unique and whimsical look in your yard, it will attract more birds and neighbors’ attention as well.  Further, this beautiful finch feeder can hold up to 1.5 lb seed capacity and can feed around 15 birds at a time.

This finch feeder contains no plastic or wood there is an all-over metal mesh that makes it perfect for every bird lover. Lastly, the mesh wire design and attached perches attract both clinging and perching birds.

Key features:

  • The LED light glows at night
  • Contains no plastic and wood
  • Quality steel mesh
  • Feed 15 birds at a time

Gray Bunny Classic Metal Tube Feeder

GrayBunny offers premium quality finch feeder for your lawn and garden.  This is the best finch feeder because its parts including feeding ports, perches, and base, are made from chew-proof material. When you hang this feeder in your yard, it will keep seeds safe and secure while attracting more Gouldian finches.

Further, with this feeder, you can give six well-spaced feeding ports to the finches. Also, the multiple perches allow multiple finches to at a time.  Its enclosed circular tube can hold up to 4 cups of seeds and keep them fresh as well as dry for birds. In addition, the transparent housing allows you to see the level of seeds left in the tube so that you can refill when needed.

Lastly, GrayBunny tube feeder is great at attracting birds like finches, sparrows, goldfinches and more. Hang it in your yard, mounted near the patio or outside the room window to enjoy watching birds!

Key Features:

  • Durable and safe
  • Chew-proof material
  • Six perches for easy access
  • Prevent mold buildup

Woodlink NAWLNT Audubon Finch Feeder

[img_products img_code=”21A0-82QgsL” alt=”Woodlink NAWLNT Audubon Finch Feeder” code=”B0083WIN7O” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

Are you looking for the best finch feeder that can hold a great amount of seeds?

If yes, then look no further than Woodlink’s aluminum finch feeder. This finch feeder is made up of a soft and durable mesh material that can hold one pound of food for finches. This is what we like about the Woodlink Feeder.

The holes of this yellow mesh feeder allow birds to eat with ease. Also, it attracts finches in large numbers as well as in varieties. The striking yellow coat of this feeder makes it look both durable and pleasing to the eye. In addition to finches, this feeder can attract pine siskins and more small birds.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for hanging
  • Soft and durable mesh
  • Can hold a pound of mix seeds

Window Finch Feeder

Increase the beauty of your home by having a window finch feeder. Putting up a window feeder outside the kitchen will give you immense happiness while watching birds playing and eating. You and your kids will love to watch the colorful finches from the window.

If you are in search of the quality window finch feeder, then the bird feeder from Nature’s Hangout is a great choice for you. It is made up of high-quality acrylic material which is transparent and durable.  Due to the high transparency, you can see through the beautiful markings of the bird.

In last, this beautiful finch feeder has enough space where 4 or 5 birds can fit easily at a time. The best part is that this finch feeder also works as a wall décor piece for your home’s porch. You can easily fix it on the outside wall in front of your kitchen window.

Key features

  • Durable and transparent
  • Easy to hang and easy to lean
  • Squirrel-proof and water-resistant

Types of Finch Feeders

Tube Finch Feeder

Tube finch feeder has a long tube in which you can place seeds for birds. It is one of the most common types of bird feeders in terms of functionality. Different tube feeders come with different port sizes, port numbers, and designs. Tube feeders are the best finch feeders because they can accommodate more birds at once.

Rotating Port feeder

Rotating port feeders give you the freedom to adjust the perch below the ports or above the ports to feed the finches, which can eat upside down. This system of feeding provides you a better bird watching experience.

Mesh Finch Feeder

Another best finch feeder is the mesh feeder. It works perfectly for clinging finches. Also, Instead of having ports, the whole surface area of this feeder is made up of mesh which acts as a port. This type of feeder is best for small to large birds. The mesh usually made of rust-resistant quality metal.

Sock Finch Feeders

This is the oldest way of feeding birds, which is equally popular these days. The thistle socks are made from a malleable and soft material that is friendly to the birds. They offer a large surface for the finch to cling or perch. You can hang it in your garden for loving finches.

Where To Place The Best Finch Feeder?

Placement of the feeder is as important as the feeder itself. Placing a feeder in the middle of the yard can risk finches from predators. However, birds feel safe if you hang the finch feeder near a shrub or tree. You can also hang the feeder near the patio, porch, or window.

Keep in mind that the location you choose to hang or to place finch feeder should have a clear view that is friendly to the finches. Try to keep a distance of about 5 to 8 ft between the ground and the feeder to protect finches from predators.

Finch Feeder Review

Things to Consider When Buying Finch Feeder

So, you are planning to buy a finch feeder for loving and colorful birds. There are many bird feeders available in the market with different features, designs, and sizes. Consider the following things when shopping for the best finch feeder.

Easy to clean

You should buy a finch feeder that is easy to clean and easy to fill as well. This is because finches won’t come back to your feeder if it contains outdated and moldy seeds.


The finch feeder should have a versatile hook so that you can hang it anywhere you want in your yard. If your bird feeder is limited to hanging on a specific location, then you may lose opportunities to attract more finches.


Always buy a feeder that can hold at least one or two-pound of seeds because this will help to feed more birds in a day. Check the seed holding capacity of the finch feeder before buying so that you don’t want to refill its feeder.

Final Thoughts

To attract beautiful and colorful finches, you need the best finch feeder that you can hang in your yard. Bird feeders not only fill finches, but also spared happiness in your garden. You will love to watch the beautiful birds playing, eating and moving around the feeder in your yard.

Give your finches a safe place to eat and play by choosing the best rated finch feeder from the list mention above.

Best Binoculars for Bird Watching in Different Price Ranges

Best Binoculars for Bird Watching in Different Price Ranges

At a Glance

We all know that birds can be fun to watch. Birds, like every animal that exists in this world, can have unique behavior that will be entertaining and peaceful to people. However, like most animals, it will be hard to watch over them if you are around them or if they notice that you are around. Therefore, bird watching should be done in an extremely careful way, so as not to scare the birds.

This is why you need to have certain gear to watch the birds without making a sound or distraction. You have to really be quiet enough to get the perfect view. You have to be patient as much as possible to get the best results from the birds in the area. Therefore, if you want to get into the hobby, you need the best binoculars for bird watching in order to get up close and personal with these feathered friends.

10 Best Binoculars for Bird Watching Review

Here are our top 10 picks for the best binoculars for bird watching:

For Professional Use

These ones are best used by those who consider bird watching as a serious hobby. Most of these are a little expensive but are complete with lots of features.

1. Swarovski EL 8×32 Binoculars

The Swarovski EL 8×32 Binoculars is a good choice if you want something simple, straightforward but great for professional use, as it has a decent magnification of 8x. As for the specifics on the exit pupil, which can help you to get a better “bird’s eye view” of your bird, it has a diameter of 4 mm and an eye relief or distance of 20 mm.

Along with the specs, there are also many extras that come along with the binoculars, such as a carrying strap for traveling purposes, and an objective lens cover to keep the lenses away from dust and dirt. There is also an eyepiece cover for added protection in the violent rain or weather, plus a bonus field bag so that you can travel with it anywhere and not potentially lose it.

You will definitely have a good time looking at trees with the birds with the clarity and good distance of this professional set of binoculars. It can be a little expensive for some, but for professional usage, it is a must-try. There is also a lifetime limited warranty for this product, which covers the optics of the binoculars, while 10 years for the rest of the parts.

2. Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars

The Vortex Optics Viper has a unique multi-position eyecup set so that it can be more comfortable than other cheap ones out there. You can use it if you have glasses and it will work just fine – not in an awkward way. It is great not just for bird watching, but also for hunting and the like, due to the durability of the chassis and coating made of impact resistant rubber.

The lens coating is also reflective enough to make the image quality superb, even in farther distances. It is available in both 8x and 10x lens sizes, both of which have good magnification overall. There is also a locking diopter ring for added protection and stability. Also, it is not too heavy to carry with you due to the decent weight.

Additionally, it has been o-ring sealed so that it will be waterproof when you go out in the rain, along with its argon purging to avoid fogging. The prism coatings also have good effects on the contrast, resolution and accuracy of the color that’s produced by the lenses. Overall, they can make an enjoyable bird watching session for anyone due to the good features.

3. ZEISS TERRA ED 8×42 Black Binoculars

The Zeiss Terra ED is yet another professional series bird watching binoculars, which is definitely something you might want to take in the wilderness due to the waterproofing of up to 100 mbar and the heat resistance of up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a magnification of 8x and a wide field of view per 1,000 yards, with an angle of 56 degrees. This makes it easier for you to see birds in your backyard or countryside without losing image quality.

Because it has sufficient distance, you can go bird watching without disturbing them and without getting user fatigue due to the compact and lightweight design. It can also be used in camping and traveling trips outdoors for observing nature and other animals. As for the lens specifics, it has a diameter of 42 mm and an exit pupil diameter of 5.3 mm.

In addition to that, the hydrophobic multi-coating not only makes it durable, but also provides focal clarity and visual sharpness to any detail that you want to see in the bird’s habitat. Moreover, the easy-to-grip focus wheel adds ease of use so that you can focus without the problem of shaking the view too much when you focus on a bird or two.

4. Nikon 7579 MONARCH 7 8×30 Binocular

As part of a well-known brand in DSLRs and image quality, the Nikon 7579 MONARCH is a definite must-try for professionals who are getting into bird watching or even bird photography. It produces accurate color reproduction due to the prism coatings with superb reflectivity and many layers put together in a dielectric process. This lets the lenses and coatings of prism be in harmony to produce good images with better contrast.

It is also quite easy to find your subject due to the field of view being pretty wide at 60 degrees or more. Because it is portable at only 4 inches in size, it can be easily carried with you anywhere. It may not be as light reflective as the 8×42 version, but as the 8×30 version, this is a good choice even for beginners who just want to start in bird watching.

With that said, it works very good in daylight and does not distort the image quality. Also, the durability of the body is due to the poly-carbon resin that reinforces a fiberglass material for the whole casing. It only weighs 15 ounces so it is definitely a travel-friendly companion to take with you in the wilderness, or even in your own backyard.

Affordable Ones

These ones are the best for those who want something affordable, yet still has a lot of features to consider, usually with a good field of view.

5. Nikon 7577 MONARCH 5 10×42 Binocular

For a 10x binocular but on a more decent price, the Nikon 7577 MONARCH 5 might be a good choice for you. It uses extra low dispersion glass for the lenses so that it can produce super sharp images without distorting the field of view. Also, there is comfort when you use it due to the rubber eyecups that are present to keep your eyes from getting fatigue the whole time.

There is also a central focus knob that glides smoothly without getting in the way of your vision and will not cause violent shaking. It also bears a good light transmittance due to the eco-glass lenses that are fully multicoated for added clarity in most times of the day.

A soft case also comes with this set of binoculars so that you can take it with you in your travels. It has field of view of up to 228 feet per 1,000 yards. It is also easy to secure and attach so you can take it anywhere without the fear of dropping or losing, also due to having a rubber, non-slip feeling on the coating.

6. Wingspan Optics WideViews HD 8X42 Professional Binoculars for Bird Watching

The Wingspan Optics WideViews is both affordable and professional one that can be ideal for every bird watcher there is, due to the good price and design. It has a wide field of view of 430 feet per 1,000 yards and has 8x magnification so you can reach a lot of places without really getting there. In addition to that, the 42mm fully multi-coated lenses provide good picture clarity for the birds you can watch.

The protection for the housing is superb with waterproof and fog proof protection due to being sealed and filled with nitrogen to avoid fogging. It also has a 42mm objective lens diameter so that it can help increase the quality of the images of the birds that you can see with it. Because of the durability, it can withstand most weather disturbances like rain, snow, and fog.

As for the construction, the roof-prism design makes it durable, and since it is made with durable aluminum as well, it does not add too much weight when you carry it. Also, it has a rubber-armored exterior to have a better grip onto it during rainy days. It is also backed by a lifetime warranty.

7. Wingspan Optics Skyview Pro Ultra HD 10X42 High Powered Binoculars for Bird Watching

Also from the same manufacturer, the Wingspan Optics SkyView is a great waterproof choice, which also has a close focus feature and phase coating for added durability. It uses ED glasses much like the Nikon brand, and has a 10x magnification so it is definitely a must-try for farther distances. Because it uses low dispersion glasses, it makes the optics very good.

This binocular made with 42mm fully multi-coated lenses so that the image clarity remains superb with good brightness and colors. It is also further enhanced due to the prism coating and phase correction for the lenses. This product can go through tough weather conditions just fine due to the fog proof qualities, and has a field of view of 309 feet per 1,000 yards.

Best Binoculars for Bird Watching

It has a lens diameter of 42 mm and a roof prism design (BaK-4) and it is also compatible with a harness for ease of accessibility. Not only that, you can also attach it to a tripod if you wish.

For Low Budget Needs

If you just need a simple pair of birding binoculars but don’t have a lot of money, these low budget picks might be for you.

8. Aurosports 10×25 Folding High Powered Compact Binoculars for Bird Watching

For those who like something that is for low budget, you can try the Aurosports 10×25 Folding, which can be folded for ease of storage, and has a large field of view per 1,000 yards as well. It can work in both day and night situations and does not take too much to carry due to the lightweight feel. It is also durable with its housing and has a nonslip grip to prevent slipping.

The lenses that make up this cheap binoculars are made with multi coating construction, which also makes them waterproof without distorting the view. The 25 mm objective lens also adds up to the quality that is given by the 10x magnification, so it is not just for bird watching, but also for hiking, hunting, outdoor sports, events and the like.

9. Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Wide Angle Binoculars

If you want a truly wide angle lens, the Bushnell Falcon 10×50 is a binocular that you might make as a choice. It has good weight of only 27 ounces, has a field of view of 300 feet per 1,000 yards and an exit pupil of 5 mm for good clarity. In addition to that, the eye relief is at 9 mm, while the focusing distance is at 25 feet. These specs are all in all great for most bird watchers.

The magnification is at 10x so it is very far reaching as a bird watching tool. Its finish can withstand abrasions due to the rubberized coating. To back it up, the lens is made with unique Porro prism, which enhances sharpness of the bird subjects.

10. Wingspan Optics FieldView 8X32 Compact Binoculars for Bird Watching

For the person who doesn’t want to spend too much for a pair of binoculars, the Wingspan Optics Spectator can be a great choice for bird watching, or just about any outdoor activity with the kids or your friends. It is quite lightweight in its design and can be great for general birding and even camping, hiking or traveling. It has a nonslip grip so it cannot be easily dropped.

This product is an 8×32 pair of binoculars so it has a fair distance for its lens. You can also use it if you are into sports or watching an even from far away. Because of the portable design, you can take it basically anywhere without feeling too bulky. It has a field of view of 362 feet per 1,00 yards with a right eye diopter system.

The whole thing is lightweight at only 15 ounces, with a BaK4 prism type and a minimum focal length of 3 meters. Adding to the picture clarity is the centered focus system, with an exit pupil distance of 14.8 and a diameter of 4. Along with the binoculars, you also get a carrying case made of nylon mesh, plus a neck strap for ease of accessibility. You can also protect the lens due to the included covers and cleaning cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Binoculars

What are some criteria to choose compact binoculars for birding?

Bird watching can be improved if you choose the right binoculars for the job with the following criteria in mind:

  1. Price – do you have enough budget for something above $200 or will you just settle on something for less? Your budget plays an important role when choosing any product, but don’t try to spend too little for less features and quality.
  2. Magnification and weight ratio – while it is important to have a farther distance that you can reach with the binoculars, 8x and 10x might not really have too much of a difference if your hold is not very steady. If you want a 10x, that’s fine, as long as you are able to hold it properly with less shaking.
  3. Ease of focusing – because birds can move from one place to another too quickly, it can be hard to focus on a bird if your focusing gear on the bird watching binoculars is too flimsy or hard, so you need to go for a smooth one.

What are the benefits of using binoculars for wildlife viewing?

Like spotting scope, binoculars are great for wildlife viewing and birding because:

  1. It allows you to be in touch with nature.
  2. Binoculars help you to see different creatures.
  3. You can also spot objects and events from afar.
  4. Binoculars aren’t just for birds and wildlife – you can use it for sports events.

How do you properly use a pair of binoculars for birding?

To properly use your binoculars for bird watching, you should:

  1. Adjust the focus on the top as needed.
  2. Clean the lenses as needed regularly.
  3. Find a good spot to watch the bird(s).
  4. Keep your binoculars protected with a neoprene case.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we believe that the Vortex Optics Viper is our pick for the best binoculars for bird watching because of its impact resistant rubber coating, availability in both 8x and 10x lens magnification sizes, anti-fog properties, eyecups for less eye fatigue and good visual clarity.

List of Best Parakeet Food

List of Best Parakeet Food

Feeding your parakeet with the best parakeet food keeps them healthy and happy. After analyzing some professional reviews, we have some pieces of advice about the parakeet recommended food.

Taking care of your parakeet is similar to taking care of a child. Make sure that it gets proper nutrition, proper environment, proper physical activity, and even lots of love. There is a fact that the health of parakeet depends to a large extent on the kind and quality of food.

It’s not good if you just feed your pet with only seeds. It’s not only unhealthy but also boring. You should offer your friends with best parakeet food to ensure optimum growth and well-being. Remember that different finch species have different nutritional needs, so you need to choose the most appropriate food for your parakeet.

Besides, we must warn you that malnutrition is a leading cause of premature death in birds. Therefore, this article will give you helpful information for best-rated parakeet food.

Here are some Best Parakeet Food Reviews

1. Volkman Avian Science Super Parakeet Diet

This brand has been around since 1863 and they have been working dedicatedly with the commitment to high-quality products.

Volkman has being made special food for not only parakeet but also other lines of small animals and birds.

According to the parakeet food review, Volkman Parakeet Diet includes the finest nutritional ingredients such as White Proso Millet, Canary Grass Seed, Oat Groats, Red Proso Millet, Volkman Fruit Mix, Medium Sunflower Chips, Oyster Shell, Flax Seed, vitamin supplements and the list is endless.

The scientists had studied about parakeets and other small birds to carry out this product. Then, they developed this type of food for the birds to stay healthy.

It changes its packaging and even some ingredients to be more secure and food-friendly as well. In addition to this, the taste is really attractive so that the parakeets eat every morsel with joy.

You don’t need to worry whether your birds like this product or not because it is a seed-based mix with the fresher look and a distinct aroma, and almost small animals love seeds.

The experts in Volkman Parakeet Diet brand know what works with birds and how to keep them healthy.


  • Organic parakeet food with rich flavors
  • Nutritional seeds with a reasonable price
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Fresher look and a distinct aroma


  • Artificial colors

2. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Bird Food for Parakeets

Kaytee is one of the most famous brands in the field of best-rated parakeet food.

With the experience of over 150 years, they can understand the requirement of the birds well and then create products that fulfill those needs.

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Bird Food was created and developed by the avian nutritional experts so that this product ensures your pet gets the proper nutrition.

This food is rich in probiotics and prebiotics which support digestive health well.

Besides, it also contains natural antioxidants for immune support plus and skin and feathers healthy.

This product is designed for parakeets and other small birds and it also includes omega 3 with extra minerals and vitamins which are good at improving brain and heart function and even vision.

With this kind of parakeet pellet food, they will have a long and healthy life.

Here are some nutritional ingredients in Kaytee food: White Millet, Oat Groats, Red Millet, Canary Grass Seed, Brewers Dried Yeast, Ground Corn, Soy Oil, Corn Gluten Meal, Ground Wheat, Flax Seed, Dehulled Soybean Meal, Ground Rice, Whole-Cell Algae Meal, Sun-cured Alfalfa Meal, Salt, and vitamins supplements.

Besides, artificial colors in the product make it look eye-catching and tasty. Peanuts and tree nuts are also mixed well on this food.

Kaytee food is made in the US. You can blend this Kaytee food with your old food for your pet to get accustomed to it.

This type of seed is really useful and necessary for you to have a healthy parakeet. Therefore, Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Bird Food fulfills not only the nutritional needs of your bird but also their taste.

Your finch will thrive on the stimulation and even have a good appearance.


  • Include high-quality ingredients.
  • Contain natural antioxidants
  • Have omega 3 with extra minerals and vitamins which are good at improving brain and heart function, and even vision.


  • Contain artificial colors in the list of ingredients

3. Dr. Harvey’s Our Best Parakeet Food, All Natural Daily Blend for Budgies

Dr. Harvey’s Our Best Parakeet Food is said to be the popular parakeet pellet food.

It is the all-natural food for birds. You can find the same kinds of meals that your bird finds in nature in each Dr.Havey packet such as bananas, rice millet, seeds, coconut, apple bits, and many more healthy ingredients.

The brand makes this product specifically for parakeet, so all the ingredients are natural and healthy. No preservatives, dyes, chemicals, or synthetic ingredients of any kind appear in this food.

With four decades of experience in this field and over 30 years of research and experience for each product, it is worthy to say that the quality of food is great.

By adding the essential supplements and necessary vitamins as well as all-natural food ingredients, your pet is kept to be healthy, full, and happy.

Parakeet in particular and small birds in general, often have huge appetites, so that the good taste is one of the most important conditions for food.  Because of the good taste, your parakeet will not get bored.

Besides, they will be attracted by the savor. All the elements are of high quality to increase wellness in parakeets and other birds.

However, because it does not contain artificial elements, the price is a bit high. It is still worth as you look at the seeds and feeling its aroma.

People even said that it smells good and fresh. The ingredients contain Niger Seed, White Millet, Canola Seed, Apple, Canary Grass Seed, Caraway Seed, Coconut, Carrot, Oat Groats, Red Millet, Mango Dices, Brazil Nuts, Anise Seed, Green Bell Peppers, and more.

There is the main reason for this food to become the ideal choice that there are plenty of fresh fruits and nuts and veggies in this mixture.

This best-rated parakeet food is a product manufactured in the US and the high quality is guaranteed by the company. Also, remember to store this food in the refrigerator.


  • All ingredients are natural.
  • Contain lots of protein and nutrition.


  • The price is high.

4. Higgins Vita Seed Parakeet Food

Higgins Vita Seed Parakeet Food organic parakeet food which is all-natural with vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients, all nutritious foods for your parakeet.

A long time ago, Higgins Premium Pet Foods started manufacturing the best-rated parakeet food. Since then, they have released many high-quality food blends for birds and animals constantly.

One of the best-impressed things about this product is that all the ingredients are natural. And you know, we have no artificial in this mixture.

Therefore, the foodstuffs can not only offer tasty pet food but also maintain the health of the parakeets. Higgins Vita Seed contains vitamins, minerals and traces nutrients to make your birds healthier.

Besides, digestive probiotics, blanched Omega-3 and DHA on the elements are also helpful for good digestive health.

About the taste, to ensure your bird doesn’t get bored, this parakeet pellet food includes a variety of dried fruits and vegetables.

This mixture mimics the food in the natural habitat and that is the reason why the brand does not add artificial elements to the food mix.

Each ingredient in this blend is of the highest quality and as fresh as possible. Parakeets seem to love this type of food and they hardly ever leave out anything of it except the husks.

There is the fact that vegetables are a big part of their diet, so this food mix is an ideal choice.

The Higgins Vita Seed Parakeet Food has many natural elements in its list of ingredients: oats, papaya, white millet, red millet, hemp seed, canary seeds, soybean meal, ground wheat, brown rice, ground corn, dried egg product, sugar, vegetables, fruits, vitamins supplements like Riboflavin Supplement, Vitamin B12 supplements.

Another outstanding feature of this food is that there are no artificial colors, preservatives, flavor, or ingredients in this mixture.

All the ingredients are from the things which birds eat in their natural habitat so that it has the best quality.


  • Have a good taste so that the parakeet will not waste it.
  • Not include artificial colors, preservatives, flavor, or ingredients.


  • Have a high price.

5. ZuPreem AvianMaintenance FruitBlend Bird Diet for Small Birds

ZuPreem is the parakeet food brand for a long time. Since it established in 1928, it is trying to make blends become the best product in the market.

The organic parakeet food of this company not only provides the proper nutrition to the animal but also has the capability of preventing diseases.

This mixture is the ideal flavor for the small birds because of a natural fruit flavor.

This type of food succeeds in offering pets both healthy and tasty nutrition.

One of the noticeable features is a small size which makes it easier for the birds to eat it.

With good flavors, fruit colors, and different shapes, it attracts the parakeet and makes them feel tasty.

The company usually produces this product in 5 different shapes with the taste and aroma of fresh fruit. More than 21 minerals and vitamins are contained in each seed. T

his is considered to be the best nutritionally balanced food blend for mall birds like Parrotlets, Budgerigars, and Parakeets.

The outstanding feature of ZuPreem AvianMaintenance FruitBlend is that the company has tried to make the flavor both appealing and nutritional.

However, it has added sugar content and even food coloring in the ingredients list. This food dye can lead to an unnatural color stool and it even makes the food spoilt.

There are 21 types of vitamins and minerals in this blend.

The major ingredients include Ground Corn, Soybean Meal, Vegetable Oil, Ground Wheat, Ground Fruit, Citric Acid, Rosemary Extract, Sucrose, Wheat Germ Meal, and different vitamin supplements.

In addition to this, if customers are not satisfied with the quality of the product, the brand will refund because it guarantees quality to its customers.

Remember to keep the food it in a cool and dry place and remove excess air from the bag after use.


  • Contain natural fruit flavor.
  • Include high nutrition ingredients.
  • Have 5 different shapes with the taste and aroma of fresh fruit.


  • Have additional sugar content and even food coloring.

Something you need to know about the food of your parrot finches

There are so many parakeet food brands and many types of food for them. You need to understand your friends and find the most appreciate food for them. Besides, you can read essential information when taking care of your parrot finches.

Parrots favorite food

Parakeet often loves nuts, so that all the brands manufacture the parakeet pellet food.

Parrots will get a risk of Aspergillosis if they eat monkey nuts so that you need to notice to avoid this type of nut. Aspergillosis is known as a lung disease with a poor prognosis that is caught from the mold. Parrots can eat sunflower and they can suffer from zero temperatures.

Nuts contain protein like legumes but they are also high in fat. Please feed your bird all kinds of unsalted nuts. However, it is not good if you feed more than a few a day, depending on activity.

Here are some recommended nuts parrots can eat:

  • Almonds
  • Brazil nuts
  • Cashews
  • Hazelnuts
  • Macadamias
  • Shelled peanuts
  • Pecans
  • Pistachios
  • Walnuts

Pet safety tips

Parakeets are sensitive to the cold and this weather can have bad effects for them. Be sure that you keep them away from the cold. Notice to provide a cover for their birdcage if you live in a colder climate.

The finch likes sunlight so that you need to provide your parakeet with constant access to the sun’s rays. However, do not put them under sun rays directly for many hours.

Tips: respiratory systems are sensitive. Keep them far away from scented candles, air fresheners and perfumes because they can harm them.

Final Thoughts

We provide you a list of the best parakeet food. You can consider them and pick the best one for your pet based on the given pros and cons. Some products are better in ingredients but the others are better in price.

However, all of them supply the necessary nutrition for your bird. Through all the above features and your need, you can select the best appropriate food product!