Beaks, Nails and Feathers

Take Care of Beak & Nail

Healthy happy active birds rarely suffer from over grown beaks.
The best way to keep your bird’s beak and nails in tip top shape is to provide them with lots of toys and different perches. The best toys for keeping your birds beak up to snuff is any toy that he will play and entertain himself with. Wood chew toys are the best but if he won’t chew them it’s not going to help. That’s why any safe toy that captures your bird’s interest is good. As for his nails, climbing toys also help this and of course natural perches like Manzanita in different sizes. Some birds will let you file their nails with a finger nail file to remove the sharp points. Never cut your birds nails with clippers unless you have experience doing so.
Your bird can bleed to death if you cut the quick and are unable to stop the bleeding. It is best to have a professional clip your birds nails.
If you provide toys and different perches and your birds beak and nails still tend to over grow it is best to take your bird to the vet for evaluation and trimming.


Take Care of Feathers

Your birds feathers should be bright and look groomed and healthy. If your birds diet is off or he is not bathed enough or doesn’t get the proper sun light the feathers will show it.