Best Finch Food Reviews

For a healthy and balanced finch food diet, seeds should only take around 50% of the finches’ food, and the rest of that diet should be veggies, fresh fruits, and other natural ingredients.

Different finch species such as Zebra finch, Strawberry finch, Gouldian finch. They have different nutritional needs, and as a finch pet owner, you must remember this information. However, it could be challenging to choose the right type of food. Your parrot finches, especially when you are a busy pet owner.

To save you from the trouble, we have prepared a list of the best finch food products. This list can serve as a list of finch food reviews, as well.

Please note that besides an essential diet described below, your finches also need other additional food such as fruits, sprouts, insects, green, and other supplementary foods. For some species, several of these products can also be used to trigger the birds’ breeding condition.

 Let’s read through some best finch food reviews!

1. Quiko Eggfoods Finch Food

This superfood comes in four different nutritious and delicious flavours.

It is also recommended worldwide by many bird breeders. Many features make this product stand out.

The first thing is about its ingredients – real eggs and honey, ingredients that no parrot finches can resist.

Like other types of animals, birds can quickly get bored by eating the same kind of food everyday.

By choosing this product, the variety of your pets’ diet is significantly increased. This means the birds’ appetite is stimulated and no more boredom in eating.

The unique blend of vitamins, honey, eggs will serve as a reliable source of nutrients for your lovely birds. Therefore, this product can surely promote a healthy lifestyle for them.

There are three different ways you can use this type of finch pellet food.

You can try to combine it with water or juice for a moist crumble texture or combine it with your birds’ daily seed food. The third way is to mix it with other Quiko products.

If you want a balanced diet for your birds, try making a combination of Quiko Eggfoods Finch food with a series of veggies, fresh fruits such as bananas, kiwi, kale, sprouts, lettuce, papaya, grapes, etc.


  • This product provides two very nourishing ingredients – real eggs and honey. By choosing real food, this option is probably the safest and best finch food for your parrot finches.
  • This choice has a great variety of ingredients, which gives appetite stimulation and prevents food boredom.
  • Highly palatable, can be the perfect consistency by moistening the food with water.
  • This product uses the method of vacuum packaging, which keeps the product’s freshness very long-lasting.


  • Before purchasing and using this product, pet owners should ensure that their bird pals have no problem with eating eggs. It is because eggs are one of the main ingredients in the product’s formula.

2. Dr Harvey’s Fabulous Blend Finch Food

There are two package sizes for this product for you to choose from 2 pounds and 4 pounds.

It contains a unique mix of nuts seeds, vegetables, and fruits for complete and varied nutrition.

Once reading the ingredients list on the package, you will soon realize that this food has the best quality ingredients.

What makes Dr Harvey’s Fabulous Blend Finch Food better is that it is entirely free of dyes, chemicals and additives, including sugar and salt. As a result, this product represents the right choice for the daily diet of finches.

For balanced nutrition, the product has a high content of crude fats (minimum 12%), crude proteins (minimum 14%), and crude fibers (maximum 9%).

This product is the perfect option if you want your finch friends to have shiny plumage, a healthy digestive system, strong bones, and an improved immune system.

Additionally, Dr Harvey’s Fabulous Blend Finch Food is enriched with all necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, and natural antioxidants.

Therefore, by consuming this product daily, parrot finches will have the perfect energy boost to sing and fly all day long.

Some of the main ingredients you can find in the package are apples, canola seeds, folden millets, Macadamia nuts, canary grass seeds, coconuts, and red bell peppers.


  • By containing the top-quality ingredients, this choice is a simple one of the best finch foods you can find in pet stores and supermarkets.
  • The parts are completely free of additives (such as salt and sugar), chemicals, and artificial dyes.
  • The ingredients are formulated to support vibrant plumage, optimal health, and longevity, in finches and other types of small birds. Therefore, they can thrive on a diet that is 100% natural.
  • Your bird will no longer get bored with eating the ingredients inside these products. They are highly diversified and eye-catching.
  • By eating the varied list of ingredients found in this bag, your bird will stay full of energy and stay healthy. All thanks to the natural antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins from those ingredients.
  • No need to spend more money paying for additional diet supplements. This product has already come with all the nutrients your feathered companions will need.


  • Since there are too many ingredients packed in this product, your parrot finches can sometimes ignore some of the seeds. Which means it can lead to a minimal amount of food wasting.

3. Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Finch Food

With the weight of 25 pounds, this package will give bird owners quite an amount of food to keep their birds full for a long time or to refill the bird feeders around their house.

The Omega 3 fatty acids enriched in the product keeps the heart and brain of your birds healthy.

Meanwhile, the prebiotics and probiotics contained will promote the birds’ digestive systems.

By eating the unique combination of ingredients in this superfood, your finches’ skin and feathers will enhance; therefore, helping them benefit from beautiful and bright plumages.

Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Finch Food is also a product that can last for a long time due to its natural preservatives.

This product will also boost the immune system of your birds and lead them to healthy growth.

All of this is thanks to the high content of natural antioxidants inside the product.

Most of the customers who purchased this product reported that their parrot finch pet loved eating it and praised its quality.

According to customers’ reviews, this food attracts more attention from their parrot finches than those common bird foods found in supermarkets and pet stores.


  • No artificial colors or flavors and the product can last for a long time due to its natural preservatives.
  • This product has a high-quality and varied ingredient mix that consists of pellets, grains (red millet, ground corn, etc.), Canary Grass Seed, and other natural seeds.
  • The new and enhanced formula is a complete diet that can provide your feathered friends with the proper and needed nutrition to produce better feathering and brighter colors.
  • The added probiotics and prebiotics play an essential role in supporting a healthy digestive system. Therefore, using this product saves you from paying additional money for diet supplements.


  • While this product has a lot of excellent features, the price of it can be too high for many customers. Besides, the cost of this product rarely goes down.

4. Lafeber Premium Daily Diet Finch Bird Food

This pellet finch food is rich in w Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. When consumed, these acids will act as good factors to provide healthy and complete nutrition.

Lafeber Company Granules Finch Food comes in a 5-pound pack. It is convenient to feed, especially when you need to give an entire flock of finches and other small birds proper meals.

As this Lafeber product is naturally flavored with molasses, the users will no longer need to worry about the safety of the food their bird pet eat.

It also contains high-quality non-GMO ingredients, which offer the perfect mix of amino acid, minerals vitamins, and still have a delicious taste.

This combination of various components also has whole eggs as the primary source of proteins. Your birds can easily digest this sour of protein and have enough energy to fly sing all day long.


  • By having the most digestive form of protein, the ingredients inside this product ensure that even the finches with the most sensitive stomach can still enjoy their daily meals.
  • The origins of all the ingredients are USA farms. The veggies, as well as other natural ingredients used inside the package, are sulfite-free, naturally preserved and naturally flavored.
  • There are many ways to use this product. If you don’t have much time or money to buy other supplements, use it as a complete diet. On the other hand, you can combine it with veggies, fresh fruits, millet sprays or seed blends.
  • The granules don’t contain food colorants or artificial dyes – as they are independently tested to ensure that they meet the standards of quality and nutrition.
  • This choice is a 100% edible pellet finch food. Its moisture also provides a non-messy nutrition cause almost no mess in your bird cages. Thus, the living spaces of your parrot finches won’t get dirty as often as before, and if they do, you could wipe off the leftover food with a damp cloth.


  • Not all finches are interested in this formula, as this is a common problem for every finch food product. However, the vast majority of customers had nothing to complain about the Lafeber Company Granules Finch Food.

What else do you need to know about the food of your parrot finches?

It can be tricky finding the best finch food available, especially when there are so many brands and products on the market. Therefore, if you want your finches to be well-fed, read on to know about some crucial aspects that every finch care-takers should take into account.

Supplements for Parrot Finches

Finches, or just any other bird species, do have an eye for the appearance of the food they are eating. Therefore, if you keep using the same food over and over again, there is a high chance that your feathered friends will get bored and lose their appetite.

Unlike common knowledge has stated, a diet solely based on seeds will NOT benefit the finches’ health, or help them live longer, or maintain their strength.

So, what do your finches need in their diet? Many studies have shown that finches food requires a balanced mix of fibres, vitamins, and minerals. By consuming these natural substances daily, your finches will be able to live a long and healthy life.

However, you cannot find all of these substances in seeds only. Therefore, you need to make sure you can provide your lovely bird friends with a reliable source of finch-appropriate food once in a while. These foods should be vegetables, fresh fruit, and a tiny amount of animal proteins.

If it is your first time buying food for finches, and you’re not sure which type of food you should purchase, try checking out some online finch food reviews and see how other customers voice their opinions about each product. Just bear in mind that a good finch food should be both nutritious and delicious.

Other aspects of caring for Finch Birds

Keep in mind that unlike cats or dogs, most pet birds and wild birds are not used to eating their food in one place. In this case, you should set up at least one finch feeder around your living space. This action ensures the birds could get food at once.

To keep your birds out of harm from wild squirrels, it would also be a good idea to install one of the safe squirrel-proof bird feeders. This squirrel-proof will provide extra protection.

Besides consuming daily nutritious food, finches, whether domesticated or untamed, also need a new source of water. Especially during the summer, where the weather can be scorching, and your birds can dehydrate faster.

For cases like this, relaxing baths for birds should be set up around your house. These will help your birds get all the water they need and refresh their plumage.

Final Thoughts

Although we are lucky to have available a vast variety of commercial finch food products, choosing, the best finch food can be a difficult task.  After deciding on whether you should select finch seeds food or finch pellet food, you have to consider the ingredients, as well.

All of these things could be a real headache, especially when you don’t have much time in your hands.  We understand this common problem when it comes to feeding your parrot finches. Therefore, we’ve prepared a list of best finch food reviews to guide you through the process of choosing the right finch food product!