Best Food for Eclectus Parrot You Need to Know!

Eclectus is a kind of parrots whose full name is Eclectus Roratus. They usually live in some islands in northeastern Australia. It is the special parrot species because of its colorful feather. The colorful feather makes them special.

Besides, the feather color of the male is different from the one of the females. It is green in male and red in the female. The digestive tracts of Eclectus are longer than the tracks of other types of birds. Therefore, they need more vegetables and fruits to maintain good health. Besides, they are more likely to get anemia than order birds, so you should pay great attention to their diet.

Besides the natural vegetables in our environment, the bird breeders need to buy packaged food to implement nutrition for the pets. Nowadays, there are more and more brands as well as types of Eclectus are consumed. However, you should understand the needs of your friend in order to buy the best food for the Eclectus parrot for your birds to have a healthy life.

Best Food for Eclectus Parrot Reviews

1. Pretty Bird International Bpb78318 Species-Specific Special Eclectus Food

Pretty Bird International Bpb78318 Species-Specific Special Eclectus Food is considered as one of the most famous brands in the Eclectus food field.

This packaged food is rated highly on many commercial websites. The product contains the natural elements in fruits, the Fructose ingredients. The company makes it the nuggets but in a smaller size.

Protein accounts for 16 percent in each seed and Fat occupies 6 percent.

Especially, the rate of vitamin A is also sufficient that is good for the eyes. Many reviewers say that it is the nutritious and healthy daily food for this special type of parrots.

About the function, Pretty Bird International food is made particularly for Eclectus. It improves the feather of animals by making it brighter and fuller.

It is difficult for Eclectus parrots to have perfect health, but this product can bring this to them according to many breeders.

The seeds are also colorful enough to attract the animals. You can see many colors in the package, including red, yellow, green, brown, and so on. However, the company may use artificial color for this item.


  • There are many natural ingredients from fruits and vegetables in this food.
  • The color of the seeds is really eye-catching.
  • The protein is enough for the daily activities of Eclectus Roratus.
  • The product has a reasonable price.


  • There may be an artificial color.

2. Avian Science Super Eclectus Bird Seed

Avian Science Super Eclectus Bird Seed is a product of Volkman brand.

This brand is popular and gets victory in the field of making parrot food.

Volkman started mixing food for birds in general and parrots in particular in 1863.

Through many decades, it standstills in the market.

Avian Science Super Eclectus Bird Seed is the special mixture for Eclectus with the high rated of fiber.

As you know, this type of parrots needs a large amount of fiber, so that this can be the ideal choice for your pet. Consider trying them out.

The brand is associated with the reputation of making the cleanest seed mixture in the world, and this product has no exception.

This product contains all-natural ingredients which are blended in the proportional balance. With high nutritious value, your friend has enough power for its activities and to maintain a healthy life.

Especially, the product has no chemical preservatives flavor and artificial colors.

All the elements, even the colors, are natural. Here is the list of natural ingredients which are from natural fruits, vegetables, and seeds: Grey Sunflower, Papaya, Golden Raisins, Hemp Seed, Carrot Dices, Buckwheat, and so on.

Depending on the diet and metabolic needs of Eclectus, this package does not include many types of vitamins. In addition to this, there is an indispensable function of this product.

It brings a colorful and beautiful feather appearance for the parrot. They also look powerful.

The colorful pallets can be attractive for the birds. That makes it easier to eat. About preservation, you should keep the food in the dry condition and remember to close the package after use.

Furthermore, it has good taste, too. Many birds breeders say that their small friends love eating this food for a long time in their lives.


  • There is no artificial flavor in this product.
  • The types of natural seeds are plentiful.
  • The scent and savor are really impressive.
  • This is one of the cleanest seed mixtures for parrots.


  • The price is a bit high.

3. Volkman Avian Science Eclectus Bird Food

It is another Volkman product so that there is no doubt of the quality.

The ingredients are really natural and clean, with no dust. This is the unique mixture that is made specifically for the Eclectus parrot’s taste.

The materials contain papayas, diced carrots, and apples. Besides, the nuts and grains also play an important role in improving the health and the power of parrot.

With the abundance of vitamin and fiber, your small friends always feel strong and powerful. Besides, the feather is markedly improved in the color and smoothness.

The orange on in this food takes the role of preserving. In addition to this, the mineral also exists in the table of ingredients.

The product needs to be kept in the dry and cool condition, and it is better to preserve in the fridge in order to prolong the expiry date. In addition, the taste is really impressive so that your pets can eat for the first time.

Volkman usually does not use the artificial material in their products, so Volkman Avian Science Eclectus Bird Food is all-natural.

Each time feeding your parrot, you should fill about 1/3 of a cup.

Parrot also has the feel. People said that their birds would throw down the food if they do not like it.

However, according to many Eclectus breeders, their pets never toss any food on the ground, and the food in a bowl usually runs out at the end of the day.

In addition to this, it is totally safe if you blend this food with another type of seed.


  • The ingredients are natural with dried vegetables and grains.
  • There is no dust in the product.
  • It has a good taste.
  • A large amount of fiber and vitamin is good for health and feather.


  • The price is a little high.

4. BirD-elicious! Origins Wild Diet Eclectus

This product is special because the company uses the seeds sprouting method. Besides, all the ingredients in the food are natural.

People take minerals, vitamins, and other nutrition from vegetables, nuts, and fruits. Like other natural food, BirD-elicious! Origins Wild Diet Eclectus does not contain artificial color or preservatives.

All the materials are clean and pure.

People dehydrate the fresh vegetables and fruits, and then the digestive enzymes are left with all their nutrition.

Besides, it does not contain corn, gluten, synthetic vitamins, or other harmful elements. The food is packed in a paper bag which are friendly to our environment.

The zip bag also makes it easy to open and close the bag when taking the food out. With natural vitamins and nutrition, the Eclectus has enough power for its activity all day.

We are sure that the fresh flavor will attract your birds and make them want to eat every day.

After using, remember to close it tightly and keep it in the cool and dry environment to remain the nutritious value as well as the good taste.


  • All the ingredients are clean and fresh.
  • The live enzyme remains in the food.
  • The products use paper bags, which are environmentally friendly.


  • The price is a bit high.

5. Harrison’s High Potency Coarse

Harrison’s High Potency Coarse is a popular pelleted food that is suitable for many kinds of parrots, for example, African greys, macaws, and especially for Eclectus.

Like the other types of food, it provides enough essential nutrition and power for the birds.

The nutritious elements in this pelleted food are suitable for animals in the process of underweight or overweight, or even recovering after sickness.

All the ingredients are organic so that it maintains a healthy body and smoothy feather for Eclectus. There are no artificial flavors or preservatives inside the seeds.

The main ingredients are the whole grains which are even used by people. International Certification Services ensures that the product is one of the best food for Eclectus parrot around the world without the chemicals.

The flavor is really fresh. It has the scent of natural grains and cereals.

About preservation, after opening the bag, you should use the food within six weeks and throw it away if it is overtime.

According to the recommendations of specialists, it is better to keep the package of food in the fridge or freezer them in order for them to be always fresh. The brand uses paper bags which are good for our environment and ecosystem.

The ziplock bag can avoid the air coming into the bags to damage the food. This is the plus on design.


  • The brand uses paper bags to protect the environment and use ziplock to preserve the food well.
  • There are no artificial or chemical ingredients in the seeds.
  • This food is suitable for many types of parrots.
  • It also provides nutrition for birds recovering after an illness.


  • Each bag contains a low amount of food.

There are many things you need to pay attention to when taking care of your Eclectus. You need to care about their feelings, habits, health, and even activities. We would like to recommend you many tips when looking after your small friends:

The health problem

As people, Eclectus also has its own health problems; the infection is popular in parrots. There are three main types of infection you should know and avoid:

Psittacosis: this is considered as a bacterial lung infection. It is dangerous, and this disease can be spread to people.

Respiratory Infections: birds which lack vitamin A has a risk to get this disease. Besides, this illness also caused by fungi or environmental poison.

Bacterial Infections: it is easy for birds to get this disease if you do not ensure the hygiene rules or the immune system of birds is weak.

When you see any symptoms in your birds, you should bring them to the veterinarians to have the appropriate advice as well as the treatments.


A clean cage is an ideal living environment for Eclectus. You should prepare a large cage so that your birds can fly and exercise freely. Besides, with the convenient space, your friend is not in danger of getting hurt by hitting the sides.

It is better if you put the cage in a fresh and light place. However, you should cover the coop at night to reduce visual stress for birds.

Remember, do not leave them in the lousy condition weather.

Final Thoughts

The Eclectus has a different digestive system and nutrition requirements so that you need to be careful when purchasing food for them. Remember to read the ingredients and choose the natural ones. Therefore, you can maintain their health as well as the beauty of feather. We hope that this article is helpful for you to choose the best food for Eclectus parrot.