5 Best Heated Bird Baths Reviews

Water is crucial for birds to bathe, preen, and drink. But irrespective of the abundant ice and deep snowfall, fresh water can be very difficult to find in the winter. Bird watchers that provide the best heated bird bath for their birds at their backyard give them abundant liquid water sources so the pretty little birds don’t have to search for fresh liquid water or even spend so much energy melting the snow.

In weather like this, one of the best things you can do for birds is to provide them with the best heated bird bath. A heated bird bath will make things much easier for birds, as they will not lack fresh and warm liquid water. It might also attract other winter birds, bringing more birding interest to your backyard.

Heated bird baths use very little power to provide a service that is very important to your birds. Helping them to stay hydrated and clean while it is very cold outside. They also add a unique touch to your backyard, as some of them have very beautiful designs.

Finding the best heated bird bath for your feathered friends can sometimes be challenging. This is why we have done our research and come up with some of the outstanding heated bird baths in the market. Here are some of the best options for heated bird baths that you can choose from.

Best Heated Bird Baths Reviews

1. Allied Precision Industries 20-inches Diameter Heated Bird Bath with Metal Stand

Allied Precision Industries 20-inches Diameter Heated Bird Bath with Metal Stand is one of the best heated bird baths out there. This heated bird bath allows you enjoy seeing your little feathered friends in your backyard always. The bowl of this heated bath is controlled thermostatically, and it only needs 150 watts of power.

The 150 watts of power and the built-in thermostat of the bowl prevents the watering fountain of the birds from becoming a skating pond, irrespective of how cold the weather is. The bowl has a diameter of 20 inches and a depth of 2 inches. Giving your birds enough space to play around. The heating component keeps the temperature of the water between forty and fifty degrees Fahrenheit automatically. It is completely hidden as it cannot be seen on the surface.

The rim’s shape is designed to be easily clenched buy the talons of a bird. This makes it look like a natural perch for birds. This encourages and attracts birds to land. The gradual slope of the bowl also encourages bathing. This heated bird bath features a strong metal stand that has a height of 30 inches. The power cord with a length of 15 inches. You can as well mount this heated bath on a wooden deck railing.

2. API 600 20 Inches Diameter Heated Bird Bath Bowl

API 600 20-inches Diameter Heated Bird Bath Bowl is also a great heated bird bath, but it does not have a stand or pedestal base. This heated bath is controlled thermostatically and it needs a power voltage of 150 watts. The thermostat works automatically, and it keeps the temperature of the water within a certain range. This feature ensures the water is always warm for your birds, even on days when it is very cold.

The rim is designed to have a shape that will make it much easier for birds to clutch on. The talons of a bird can easily grip the rim due to its design. The design also encourages landings as it looks and feels like a natural perch. It also comes with an adapter clamp which you can use to mount the bowl on several surfaces, bases, or stands. But as mentioned earlier, this heated bird bath doesn’t come with a pedestal stand or base.

The bowl has a diameter of 20 inches and a depth of 2 inches, which is enough to contain multiple birds. The basin of this heated bird bath comes fully assembled. This means you don’t have much work to do when you buy it. It is also a pocket-friendly option, as it is not very expensive.

3. Smart Solar Acadia Solar Birdbath

This Smart Solar Acadia Solar Birdbath adds a touch of excellence to the garden or backyard of your home due to its design. It is very easy to setup and it doesn’t require any maintenance. All you have to do is to add water to the bath and put it under direct sunlight. As it gets its power from sunlight just like the name implies.

This heated bath has a charming olive green painted finish. The basin is durable and may last for a very long time, irrespective of how harsh the weather may be. This heated bird bath has a compelling visual charisma, its structural design is attractive and elegant, and it is pleasing to look at.

Also, it is made from lightweight glass fiber reinforced concrete, which tends to be durable and long-lasting. This heated bird bath has an underwater central solar system. It also has a pump that requires a very low voltage. This system doesn’t require wiring, as it generates its own power from the sun.

It is also very easy to assemble, and you don’t need experience or a technician to couple the system for you. This heated bath is a great option as may create a relaxing and conducive atmosphere for your little friends. It also has an amazing feature that recycles water from the hidden reservoir. It has a height of 25 inches, a width of 17.5 inches, and the depth of the bowl is 1.3 inch.

4. Allied Precision Industries Mounted Heated Bird Baths

This Mounted Heated Bird Bath is created by Allied Precision Industry to enable comfortable bathing for your little-feathered friends all year-round. The elegant design of this heated bath may attract a lot of winter birds to your garden or backyard.

It has a built-in, automatic thermostat that regulates the temperature of the water to prevent it from freezing irrespective of how cold the weather is. This way, your birds will always have clean, fresh, and warm water to bath with. The bath requires a power of 150 watts only to operate fully and automatically.

The bath has a heating component of 120 volts, and it is located under the surface of the plastic basin. Maintenance is not an issue, as it features a tilt-to-clean deck rail mount, which is very easy to clean. The shape of the rim is designed in such a way that a bird can grasp it naturally like a perch. Its design also encourages landing.

This heated bird bath has a diameter of 20 inches, and the depth of the basin is 2 inches. The basin is well and securely attached to the mount. This means you may not have to worry about it pulling off when you are cleaning it.

5. Songbird Essentials Songbird Spa

Songbird Essentials Songbird Spa is one of the best heated bird baths out there. This heated bird bath has a simple but unique design, and it is designed to provide your birds with the comfort they need during cold days. This smart and versatile heated bird bath has three different way which you can mount it. You can use it on the ground, mount it on a desk, and the last option is clamp mount.

It has a built-in heating element of 75 watts that keeps the water warm and prevent it from freezing, even when the weather extremely cold. It also features a thermostat that is controlled automatically, and it does not require much power to function. During hot weather, you can fold the power cord away.

It is made from a pet safe, non-toxic material that may stand the test of any weather. This heated bird bath has a length of 14.8 inches, a width of 14.8 inches, and depth of 2.3 inches. This size contains enough water for your little friends to play with. This heated bath does not require assembling, as it already comes assembled. All you have to do is to decide the mounting position. There are three different mounting positions as mentioned earlier.

Heated bird bath

The Best Ways to Use Heated Bird Baths

There are lots of easy tricks and tips that can help you make the heated bath and bird feeders in your backyard  more attractive to winter birds. Purchasing the best heated bird baths is great, but chances are some people might still be confused on how to utilize this product to its full potential. Here are tips to help you when using or choosing a heated bird bath for your feathered friends.

  • Go for Dark Colored Baths: You should choose a heated bird bath with a dark color so it will be able to absorb heat and use less electric power. Also, birds are more likely to see a dark basin when the ground is covered with snow (white).
  • Read Instructions: Make sure you read and carefully adhere to every single instruction in the manual of your heated bird bath.
  • Fill the Basin Appropriately: Make sure the basin is filled as instructed. Also, check for splashing and evaporation that can reduce the quantity of water. You need to do this on a daily basis.
  • Regular Cleaning: Try to make sure you clean the basin regularly in order to keep the water fresh at all time. Cleaning it regularly will also prevent it from harboring mineral deposits and dirt that may stop the heater from functioning normally. You can soak the heater or basin in vinegar to get rid of mineral deposits. Make sure you rinse properly when you are done.
  • The Electricity Outlet: Protect the outdoor power supply with a suitable cover so moisture won’t find a way in and cause a short circuit.

Advantages of Heated Bird Baths

Having a birdbath in your garden or backyard is simply amazing, as it is a great attraction for birds. But if you live in a location that experiences cold weathers, your normal bird bath will not work during the cold periods of the year. If you want to see some wild and wintering birds in your backyard or garden all year-round, then you need a heated bird bath. There are lots of benefits of a heated bird bath, listed below are just a few of them.

  • Birds All Year-Round: During winter and very cold seasons, your backyard will be one of the most conducive, relaxing, and comfortable places for birds – with a heated bird bath. During this season, birds need to stay hydrated. They will look for a source of water that is not frozen. This means with a heated bird bath, you will be providing them with not just a source of liquid water, but a fresh and clean one as well.
  • Protect the Bird Bath: Water expands when it freezes. This means if you don’t have a heated bird bath and your bath is left outside during winter, chances are it will crack when ice forms in it. This danger is completely eliminated with a heated bird bath since it keeps the water above freezing level all through the year. This means your birdbath will last for several years, as it doesn’t stand the chance of cracking during winter.

Final Thoughts

Heated bird baths come in very handy during winter. Choosing the best heated bird bath is also very important. The review in this article will also make it easier for you to choose the best heated bird bath.. So you need to compare them and know which suits your budget as well as your needs.

The Smart Solar Acadia Solar Birdbath is our pick when it comes to the best heated bird bath. This is because it doesn’t need an external power supply, as it’s equipped with a solar panel that converts heat energy into electrical energy. It also has an amazing design that may enhance the look of your garden or backyard. It’s easy to maintain, and it comes with a built-in pump that requires low-voltage to function. This may be a great option considering its features.