What to Feed a Baby Bird

At the slenderest touch of the nest of baby birds, they helplessly open up their mouth expecting something to eat, and this is often a disturbing sight for most birders. A kind-hearted individual will always have the desire to feed and take care of a baby bird when they are lost or abandoned by their […]

Egg Binding and Cronic Egg Laying

Egg Binding and Cronic Egg Laying – Part 1 Over the past several months people have been emailing us about their hen suddenly appearing with eggs out of the blue with no mate around or their hen has binding and excessively laying issues. We have decided to do an in depth look into these problems […]

Parrot Color Mutations

Go to Color Mutations and take a look at the array of color mutations for various parrot species.  The variety of colors and species is overwhelming. Why “fool with mother nature”?  Because they can, I guess.  There are some important things to ask a breeder before buying any color mutation unless it is a long-existing one like […]

Here is a list of things that can be toxic to your bird.

Cigarette smoke The fumes from Teflon coated pans Hairspray or any aerosol spray Air fresheners Household cleaning products Electric wires Caffeine Avocado Alcohol Things around the house that could be fatal include Asbestos Bleach Carbon monoxide Chlorine Cigarette Smoke Diazanon (DDT) Flea bombs Flea collars Floor polish Formaldehyde Hair dye Hair Spray House paint Indelible […]


1. The right size cage with the right bar spacing and non toxic paint or a stainless steel cage. 2. Cage placement. This is very important. The cage should be placed where your parrot feels the most comfort. The room must have the proper lighting. Preferably natural sun light. A room that has activity. Birds […]

Cage and Toy Safety Tips

Inspect Your Cage(s) Regularly For Hazards – It is absolutely necessary for the safety and health of any bird, that the cage be checked regularly for safety and health hazards.  Most birds are potential escape artists; they love the challenge of opening their door just like they see their caretakers do.  They work long and […]

Poopology – Bird Care

Check your bird’s poop daily for the proper consistency. Droppings should be well formed with both green and white streaks in it. (Lorys and Lorikeets are the exception.  They have looser poops due to their high sugar/nectar diet). If you begin to see loose or discolored stools, please call your vet.  Because birds hide illness […]

Proper Diet for Your Bird

Fresh clean water is a must. How you provide your parrots water is a personal preference. You can provide water in a bowl or a water bottle. It is very important to sterilize any container that you use daily. If you use a bowl make sure that it isn’t in a place that can come […]

A Parrots Average Life Span

So you’ve made the decision to enrich your life with a feathered friend. Parrots are unique among pet birds in that they have the potential to be with you for your entire life. A parrot’s life span in captivity is considerably shorter than his potential life span. This is due to environmental factures. Nothing happier […]

Beaks, Nails and Feathers

Take Care of Beak & Nail Healthy happy active birds rarely suffer from over grown beaks. The best way to keep your bird’s beak and nails in tip top shape is to provide them with lots of toys and different perches. The best toys for keeping your birds beak up to snuff is any toy […]