Best Bird Feeder Pole System – Squirrel Proof

Squirrels can be annoying in a garden when your bird seeds get targeted, and yet they are meant for the birds. Squirrels come from the rodent family, making them witty, clever creatures that will try to figure out how to get to the seeds. Simply investing in a squirrel-proof bird feeder might not be enough if the squirrels are smart and tough.

This is where a squirrel stopper bird feeder pole might come in handy. Not only is it humane and safe for squirrels (it won’t hurt them physically). It is also usually easy to install, can be a supplementary security measure for your bird feeder defence mechanisms, and will most likely work due to their physical designs.

Squirrel Stopper Poles Review

Here are our reviews of the best squirrel stopper poles:

1. Woodlink NABAF18 Audubon Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle

While this is not a pole – just an add-item for a pole that needs squirrel proof. The Woodlink NABAF18 Audubon is a great choice for those who already have an existing pole for their bird feeder, but don’t have the necessary means to keep it squirrel-proof. The construction is made with textured powder coated steel. It will not only keep the squirrels away, but also keep it safe from corrosion and rain.

Installing this add-on item is very easy. You don’t have to detach your existing bird feeder in order to set it up. You basically add it below the bird feeder cage. Because of its snapping apart mechanism, squirrels will most likely fall down or think twice on getting those seeds from the bird cage. It only needs to be mounted from 4 to 5 feet above the ground, and secure the included black coupler to the pole.

This squirrel baffle is ideal for pole widths from 1/2 inch up to 1 3/8 inch. Aside from squirrels, you may even keep the raccoons away as well as other unwanted animals and predators. This wrapping baffle measures 18 inches all in all. It is a humane way of keeping away squirrels, most animal concern groups will not see it as a threat to conservation.

2. Home-X Extended Reach Deck Hook Expandable 28 inch to 44 inch. with Clamp On Bracket

Perfect for a hanger bird feeder, the Home-X Extended Reach Deck Hook has a diagonal, slanted design, that can be ideal for most bird feeder designs out there. It already comes with a hook mechanism, ready for your bird feeder. It’s rather easy to install due to the simplicity of the hardware included. It measures a total of 60 inches in length and is made to support up to 25 lbs of bird seed feeder weight.

The cool thing about the diagonal, slanted design, is that you don’t have to get bird seed all over your deck, if you put it there – it will just fall off the edge to your garden or lawn. Even if you do have any deck or patio setup that’s pretty medium to large sized, it will fit due to the mounting surface of 36 inches. Installation is through any side wall, vinyl siding, deck support, existing pole, and the like.

Because of its position that keeps it far from reach, squirrels will have a hard time to grab a hold of those seeds. And because it can support up to 25 lbs of weight, it will not easily deteriorate over the course of time. It will also sustain strong winds and weather, and can accommodate most weights of bird feeders. To top it off, the pole is backed by a lifetime warranty.

3. Rhino Bird Feeder Stand

If you want a fancy black design that’s good for your patio or garden, the Rhino Bird Feeder Stand can be a great choice. It has a 3-prong design that will not easily fall down due to the balance of the base. It can be a great bird watching tool to go alongside your bird feeder. Without the problem of toppling over due to high speed winds in the cold months.

With a total height of 7 feet, it is so high that most to all squirrels won’t easily get up on it. You can also add some other feeding accessories for birds in the other hooks, or add your own hook if you wish. Basically, it is a customizable bird feeder stand, so that it will match your exact bird feeding and bird watching needs. It is able to withstand most winds, rain and thunderstorms.

Because of its durability, it can hold fully loaded large bird feeders. It is good for those who are maintaining larger models for holding more birds in their backyard for bird watching. The span of the hooks amount to 21 inches, while the whole setup sits 82 inches above the ground. Because of its design, you can set it up on your deck’s ledge, and can be ideal for multi-feeding stations.

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FAQ About Bird Feeder Pole

Have a question about bird feeder poles? Here are the most commonly asked ones.

How can a bird feeder station pole be squirrel proof?

There can be many additions to your pole to make it squirrel proof, such as the following inventions, which you can easily add to your pole or existing bird feeder system:

Baffles and trick poles

These mechanisms are uniquely designed to be attached to poles, so that you can keep the squirrels away. When they jump, they basically slide off the baffles so that they won’t be able to reach the bird feeder at all. A recommended height of at least 10 feet from where the squirrels might jump off should be done when you install baffles onto your bird feeder pole.

Squirrel Spooker

This is a device that makes use of a squirrel’s own weight in order to spook them. Simply put, when the squirrel in your backyard decides to climb up the feeder, it levels using the counterweight system and drops them to the ground. Again, this is a humane way of keeping the squirrels away. It does not make use of toxic chemicals or other materials that can be harmful to them.

Squirrel-proof Feeders

Aside from your pole setup, you may also want to keep your squirrels off by purchasing or leveling up your bird feeder with the latest in security. Most feeders nowadays have just the right size of holes in order to keep squirrels out and birds in. Most of these feeders were also constructed with a durable material, such as stainless steel. This means it will not easily break or get chewed by your garden critters.


You can also divert the squirrels by giving them a separate food bowl or container so that instead of going for the bird seeds. You can give them peanuts so they will happily chew on them without disturbing the avian wildlife that sits around your backyard. It’s a good way of putting Mother Nature’s gifts into harmony. This is if the squirrels just can’t be managed by simple techniques and specialized bird feeder or pole gear.

What is the right height for you to set up your bird feeder pole?

Frankly, there is no correct height, and there are actually many factors that can contribute to what height you should hang up your bird feeder and set up your pole:

Convenience of Refilling

Many people find it a chore to refill a bird feeder because they have to use a stool or stepping ladder to do so. This can be dangerous for old folks (e.g. your grandma). It can be hard to do during the rainy days due to being an accident-prone activity outdoors. Refilling feeders that are too high can be troublesome, so don’t set it too high that you won’t be able to properly manage it regularly.

Bird Safety

Remember that predators and squirrels can be lurking around the yard. It is a good idea to keep the birds away from such predators that might take over their sanctuary, so you shouldn’t hang them too low. For instance, you should consider at least 7 to 10 feet off the ground. If you have pets around, consider putting it near shrubs or trees to make predators confused as to where the birds are.

Bird Species

Remember that all birds are not alike when it comes down to perching particulars. Some have different habits from each other. Some birds like to perch low while some like to ride high. It depends on the kind of birds that usually end up in your backyard or neighborhood. It is a good idea to do a research first and know their perching habits to get the right height to set up the bird feeder pole.

What are the benefits of such hanging bird feeders with poles?

Such bird feeder designs have the following advantages for you and the birds, such as:

Ease of positioningAccessibility for humans is very much okay with hanging feeders. You can position it in many ways possible, so that you can be able to maintain it when needed, and refill the seeds whenever possible.
Comes ready to installInstallation methods of most hanging feeders and pole systems are usually simple, straightforward and very easy for many people. This is because they already come with the hardware and attachments that are needed in order to put them into your yard area or garden.
Adjustable heightYou can dictate the height that the bird feeder and the pole combination can be situated. Many models today have better heights while maintaining accessibility. This means only you and the birds get access to it, and not the squirrels or other animals (and maybe even your dog or cat).

Why do I need squirrel baffles and how large should they be?

Squirrel baffles are cone shaped mechanisms that can be attached to an existing bird feeder pole. Their goal is to basically make your squirrel slip away from getting into the bird feeder up above.

The right size for squirrel baffles can be from 15 to 18 inches, depending on how many squirrels you think you have in your backyard or patio. There are even specially designed baffles that are imbalanced so that the squirrels will have a slim chance of even staying on the bird feeder pole itself.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we believe that all of these squirrel stopper bird feeder poles are useful in their own ways. For instance, baffles can be installed separately on an existing pole. While other pole systems have unique designs that are meant for specific patio or garden motifs. It is just the matter of picking which bird feeder pole is the best for you. We hope this article helps you decide on which squirrel stopping setup you should buy!