How to Guide to Start Bird Watching

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Do you love bird watching? Are you curious about how to become a bird watcher but you don’t know how and where to start? Do you have a child that is interested in birds and wants to know more about birds? Then you have come to the right place as this article will give you tips to get started.

Bird watching is one of many hobbies that will actually draw you closer to nature. Studying and watching birds is enlightening and educational. It really makes you see what’s going on in your local ecosystem. However, some people find bird watching a bit intimidating.

They feel they actually need an intense knowledge of ornithology or that they have to become an extreme naturalist to be good at the hobby. Fortunately, you don’t need to be all of that to call yourself a birder, birders come from all walks of life, in all sizes and shapes.

Some birders take bird watching very seriously and spend so much time on it. While others just enjoy bird watching from the comfort of their windows, porches, or decks. The only thing that is required in bird watching is your interest.

In this article, you will find all you need to know about bird watching. Also how to start bird watching, the bird watching equipment you need, bird watcher supply, and much more.

Finding Birds for Bird Watching

As a novice when it comes to bird watching, you might be wondering how you are supposed to track down different kinds of birds and how to become a bird watcher. These pretty feathered friends hover all over the place, and finding one species in the prodigious wide world of marshes, fields, woodlands, streams, and lakes seems a bit impossible. So how do you find where to watch birds, where to start, and how to start?

Bring Birds to you

Since bird watching is a hobby and not a do or die affair, you will definitely want to start it off in a positive. There is a very easy way of achieving this and getting things started. Rather than going out to look for birds, make the little feathered friends come to you. You can achieve this by putting up a bird feeder at your backyard or garden.

Backyard Tips

With this, you will be able to watch backyard birds. Backyard birding is awesome, and as a beginner, it is a great option for you to start with. An affordable bird feeder filled with a good mix of smaller seeds, sunflower seeds, fruit bits, and nuts will attract a lot of birds to your backyard or garden.

A lot of birds feed on seeds, even the ones that spend most of their time looking for insects and other sources of food. Once these little, pretty friends in the neighborhood notice that your backyard is a place to have a nice meal, you will get to see more of them coming around, then the worry of “where to watch birds” will be over.

Guide to Bird Watching, Bird Watching Equipment, and Other Things to Attract Birds to Your Backyard

Optics for Birding

After finding or successfully attracting birds to your backyard, you actually need equipment to watch them closely. With this equipment, you will be able to get almost every detail about a bird from a far safe distance.

Our Guides and Reviews on best Optics for Birding

  • Binoculars: This is one tool that is very important when it comes to bird watching. It is an equipment bird lovers don’t joke with, and as a beginner, we recommend you find yourself the best binoculars for bird watching. With this equipment, watching your feathered friends from a distance wouldn’t be a problem. You can even have a closer view of the birds in your backyard right from your windows.
  • How to Choose Binoculars: Binoculars come in different shapes and sizes. They also have different functionality and uses. To help you find the best binoculars for bird watching, we have come up with this guide.
  • Best Spotting Scope for Bird Watching Reviews: Here are some of the best spotting scope for bird watching. We have done our researched and collated a list of the most suitable bird spotting scopes. We’ve listed them ranging from their features to their prices.

Heated Bird Baths

This is another great way of attracting birds to your backyard. Some birds might not be attracted to your bird feeders, but they cannot resist a bird bath. During winter, birds usually look for liquid water to bath and to drink.

By placing a heated bird bath in your backyard, you will be providing a clean and fresh source of water constantly. This will attract more birds to your backyard, increasing your chances of watching backyard birds and having an awesome nature watch.

Birds cannot go without water. During winter, all their normal sources of water are frozen or covered up with snow. With a heated bird bath, the birds will always have liquid water at a suitable temperature. The water will never freeze or get cold irrespective of how cold the weather is.

Our Reviews on Heated Bird Baths

  • Best Heated Bird Bath: To help you find the best heated bird bath for your backyard birds, we have put together some of the best products we have reviewed which will best suited to your backyard.
  • Best Solar Bird Bath Fountain: There are also some heated bird baths that are powered by solar. This means they generate their own power which they use to keep the water warm. There are lots of them out there, and we have reviewed the best to suit all budgets and backyard space.

Bird Feeding and Bird Feeders

While watching birds in your backyard and enjoying the entertaining view, you need to provide them with constant food source in order to keep them coming back. You need to know what to feed birds, the kind of feeder they need and what to put in their feeder. Squirrels are also a common issue when watching birds in your backyard. They tend to scare birds away from their feeders and consume the bird food in the feeder.

Our Guides and Reviews on Bird Feeding and Bird Feeders

  • What to Feed a Baby Bird: Knowing what to feed a baby bird when you find one at your backyard is very important. This is why we have put together an article on “what to feed a baby bird.”
  • What to put in a Humming Bird Feeder: Having humming birds all over your backyard is indeed a great sight to behold, and you can achieve this by knowing what to put in their feeders. We have also put together some tips for attracting these birds.
  • Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder: To maintain the presence of your little feathered friends in your backyard and to save their feed from being consumed by squirrels, you need the best squirrel proof bird feeders. We have listed the best squirrel proof bird feeders for you, ranging from their features to what they are made of to their pocket-friendliness.
  • Best Squirrel Stopper Bird Feeder Pole: We have also put together a list of the best squirrel stopper bird feeder poles. These poles are designed to hold your bird feeders up away from the ground and out of the reach of squirrels. With this, squirrels cannot reach your bird feeders.
  • How to Keep Squirrels out of Bird Feeders: There are also a couple of very useful tips to help you keep squirrels away from your bird feeder. We have put those tips together for you. These tips will help you position your bird feeder in a location where it cannot be reached by squirrels.

Bird Cages

This is another great way of bird watching – having your little friend in a cage. If you buy a little bird or you find a bird abandoned by its parents, a bird cage is a great option when looking for where to keep the bird. This way, you will be able to have a close watch of the bird, as you will have it right in your home.

Our Reviews on Best Bird Cages

  • Best Bird Cage: There are lots of bird cages out there, and we have put together the best bird cages. With a bird cage, you will be able to move your bird wherever you want or even take it out for a walk.

Final Thoughts

Bird watching is a fun and exciting hobby, and as a beginner, knowing how to start bird watching can sometimes be tricky. But with the tips and information provided in this article you will not only be able to watch your favorite birds, but you will be able to attract them to your backyard also.

Best Bird Feeder Pole System – Squirrel Proof

Best Bird Feeder Pole System – Squirrel Proof

Squirrels can be annoying in a garden when your bird seeds get targeted, and yet they are meant for the birds. Squirrels come from the rodent family, making them witty, clever creatures that will try to figure out how to get to the seeds. Simply investing in a squirrel-proof bird feeder might not be enough if the squirrels are smart and tough.

This is where a squirrel stopper bird feeder pole might come in handy. Not only is it humane and safe for squirrels (it won’t hurt them physically). It is also usually easy to install, can be a supplementary security measure for your bird feeder defence mechanisms, and will most likely work due to their physical designs.

Squirrel Stopper Poles Review

Here are our reviews of the best squirrel stopper poles:

1. Woodlink NABAF18 Audubon Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle

While this is not a pole – just an add-item for a pole that needs squirrel proof. The Woodlink NABAF18 Audubon is a great choice for those who already have an existing pole for their bird feeder, but don’t have the necessary means to keep it squirrel-proof. The construction is made with textured powder coated steel. It will not only keep the squirrels away, but also keep it safe from corrosion and rain.

Installing this add-on item is very easy. You don’t have to detach your existing bird feeder in order to set it up. You basically add it below the bird feeder cage. Because of its snapping apart mechanism, squirrels will most likely fall down or think twice on getting those seeds from the bird cage. It only needs to be mounted from 4 to 5 feet above the ground, and secure the included black coupler to the pole.

This squirrel baffle is ideal for pole widths from 1/2 inch up to 1 3/8 inch. Aside from squirrels, you may even keep the raccoons away as well as other unwanted animals and predators. This wrapping baffle measures 18 inches all in all. It is a humane way of keeping away squirrels, most animal concern groups will not see it as a threat to conservation.

2. Home-X Extended Reach Deck Hook Expandable 28 inch to 44 inch. with Clamp On Bracket

Perfect for a hanger bird feeder, the Home-X Extended Reach Deck Hook has a diagonal, slanted design, that can be ideal for most bird feeder designs out there. It already comes with a hook mechanism, ready for your bird feeder. It’s rather easy to install due to the simplicity of the hardware included. It measures a total of 60 inches in length and is made to support up to 25 lbs of bird seed feeder weight.

The cool thing about the diagonal, slanted design, is that you don’t have to get bird seed all over your deck, if you put it there – it will just fall off the edge to your garden or lawn. Even if you do have any deck or patio setup that’s pretty medium to large sized, it will fit due to the mounting surface of 36 inches. Installation is through any side wall, vinyl siding, deck support, existing pole, and the like.

Because of its position that keeps it far from reach, squirrels will have a hard time to grab a hold of those seeds. And because it can support up to 25 lbs of weight, it will not easily deteriorate over the course of time. It will also sustain strong winds and weather, and can accommodate most weights of bird feeders. To top it off, the pole is backed by a lifetime warranty.

3. Rhino Bird Feeder Stand

If you want a fancy black design that’s good for your patio or garden, the Rhino Bird Feeder Stand can be a great choice. It has a 3-prong design that will not easily fall down due to the balance of the base. It can be a great bird watching tool to go alongside your bird feeder. Without the problem of toppling over due to high speed winds in the cold months.

With a total height of 7 feet, it is so high that most to all squirrels won’t easily get up on it. You can also add some other feeding accessories for birds in the other hooks, or add your own hook if you wish. Basically, it is a customizable bird feeder stand, so that it will match your exact bird feeding and bird watching needs. It is able to withstand most winds, rain and thunderstorms.

Because of its durability, it can hold fully loaded large bird feeders. It is good for those who are maintaining larger models for holding more birds in their backyard for bird watching. The span of the hooks amount to 21 inches, while the whole setup sits 82 inches above the ground. Because of its design, you can set it up on your deck’s ledge, and can be ideal for multi-feeding stations.

Best Bird Feeder

FAQ About Bird Feeder Pole

Have a question about bird feeder poles? Here are the most commonly asked ones.

How can a bird feeder station pole be squirrel proof?

There can be many additions to your pole to make it squirrel proof, such as the following inventions, which you can easily add to your pole or existing bird feeder system:

Baffles and trick poles

These mechanisms are uniquely designed to be attached to poles, so that you can keep the squirrels away. When they jump, they basically slide off the baffles so that they won’t be able to reach the bird feeder at all. A recommended height of at least 10 feet from where the squirrels might jump off should be done when you install baffles onto your bird feeder pole.

Squirrel Spooker

This is a device that makes use of a squirrel’s own weight in order to spook them. Simply put, when the squirrel in your backyard decides to climb up the feeder, it levels using the counterweight system and drops them to the ground. Again, this is a humane way of keeping the squirrels away. It does not make use of toxic chemicals or other materials that can be harmful to them.

Squirrel-proof Feeders

Aside from your pole setup, you may also want to keep your squirrels off by purchasing or leveling up your bird feeder with the latest in security. Most feeders nowadays have just the right size of holes in order to keep squirrels out and birds in. Most of these feeders were also constructed with a durable material, such as stainless steel. This means it will not easily break or get chewed by your garden critters.


You can also divert the squirrels by giving them a separate food bowl or container so that instead of going for the bird seeds. You can give them peanuts so they will happily chew on them without disturbing the avian wildlife that sits around your backyard. It’s a good way of putting Mother Nature’s gifts into harmony. This is if the squirrels just can’t be managed by simple techniques and specialized bird feeder or pole gear.

What is the right height for you to set up your bird feeder pole?

Frankly, there is no correct height, and there are actually many factors that can contribute to what height you should hang up your bird feeder and set up your pole:

Convenience of Refilling

Many people find it a chore to refill a bird feeder because they have to use a stool or stepping ladder to do so. This can be dangerous for old folks (e.g. your grandma). It can be hard to do during the rainy days due to being an accident-prone activity outdoors. Refilling feeders that are too high can be troublesome, so don’t set it too high that you won’t be able to properly manage it regularly.

Bird Safety

Remember that predators and squirrels can be lurking around the yard. It is a good idea to keep the birds away from such predators that might take over their sanctuary, so you shouldn’t hang them too low. For instance, you should consider at least 7 to 10 feet off the ground. If you have pets around, consider putting it near shrubs or trees to make predators confused as to where the birds are.

Bird Species

Remember that all birds are not alike when it comes down to perching particulars. Some have different habits from each other. Some birds like to perch low while some like to ride high. It depends on the kind of birds that usually end up in your backyard or neighborhood. It is a good idea to do a research first and know their perching habits to get the right height to set up the bird feeder pole.

What are the benefits of such hanging bird feeders with poles?

Such bird feeder designs have the following advantages for you and the birds, such as:

Ease of positioningAccessibility for humans is very much okay with hanging feeders. You can position it in many ways possible, so that you can be able to maintain it when needed, and refill the seeds whenever possible.
Comes ready to installInstallation methods of most hanging feeders and pole systems are usually simple, straightforward and very easy for many people. This is because they already come with the hardware and attachments that are needed in order to put them into your yard area or garden.
Adjustable heightYou can dictate the height that the bird feeder and the pole combination can be situated. Many models today have better heights while maintaining accessibility. This means only you and the birds get access to it, and not the squirrels or other animals (and maybe even your dog or cat).

Why do I need squirrel baffles and how large should they be?

Squirrel baffles are cone shaped mechanisms that can be attached to an existing bird feeder pole. Their goal is to basically make your squirrel slip away from getting into the bird feeder up above.

The right size for squirrel baffles can be from 15 to 18 inches, depending on how many squirrels you think you have in your backyard or patio. There are even specially designed baffles that are imbalanced so that the squirrels will have a slim chance of even staying on the bird feeder pole itself.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we believe that all of these squirrel stopper bird feeder poles are useful in their own ways. For instance, baffles can be installed separately on an existing pole. While other pole systems have unique designs that are meant for specific patio or garden motifs. It is just the matter of picking which bird feeder pole is the best for you. We hope this article helps you decide on which squirrel stopping setup you should buy!

Best Spotting Scope for Bird Watching Reviews

Best Spotting Scope for Bird Watching Reviews

Bird watching is a great hobby, but the problem is that birds can be too far away when you try to watch them. You can’t really get near birds because they will be scared of people due to their elusive nature. Spotting the bird can be troublesome with binoculars sometimes, because it can cause fatigue onto your hands. It is also hard to hold your phone onto them to take pictures.

A spotting scope can help solve your problems. Scopes can help you to free your hands and just set it up to view the bird spot properly. And for that, we have prepared a list to help you choose the best spotting scope for bird watching.

Our Chosen Spotting Scopes Review

To find a good product for bird watching, you need to consult a good spotting scope review, which we have prepared down below for your convenience.

1. Gosky 20-60 X Porro Prism Spotting Scope – Waterproof Scope for Bird Watching

We chose the Gosky 20-60x Porro for an affordable pick as a spotting scope birding gear because of its good features. It has green film objective lens that are multi-coated at 80mm. You get a clearer view of the birds even from afar. In addition to that, it views well for 100 yards and even targets from 20 to 500 yards due to the optical clarity.

With a 20x to 60x magnification, it is fair to say that even for a low priced unit, it does work well. It is encased with magnalium framework for added durability to the whole scope. The construction also keeps the eyepiece intact due to the eyepiece shield that can be stretched out. Moreover, for added protection, you can lock the eyepiece into position.

The scope includes a tripod and digiscoping adapter to attach your smartphone, so that you can use your cellphone to be able to take pictures of the birds (pretty cool, huh?). As for the included nonskid parts, the rubber armor is shock-absorbing so that your scope does not get easily damaged.

2. Celestron Ultima 100 Angled Spotting Scope Multi-Coated Optics for Bird Watching

If you want something slightly pricier but still affordable nonetheless, the Celestron Ultima 100 may be your pick. It gives you easy targeting due to the included sight tube. This helps increase the optical clarity, alongside its powerful 22x-66x magnification. This quality is also further increased due to the 94 to 52 feet of linear field of view at 1,000 yards, which is already significantly good for a scope for birding.

For user comfort, it even has soft, rubber eyecups that can be used with eyeglasses. Those who wear them will no longer have to feel left out. It is an angled spotting scope (not a straight one), in terms of design, and is coupled with multi-coated optics. You can get more magnification out of the bird subjects you are observing.

Made with bak4 prism material for better optical clarity, it is also backed by a rugged exterior so that you can use it in the great wilderness without worrying on durability. It even has multiple accessories included for fast adaptability to various cameras and gear. It also has a protective but soft carrying case to keep it away from dust. This product is a waterproof unit and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

3. Nikon ED50 Angled Fieldscope Charcoal Grey

The Nikon ED50 Angled FieldScope can be a great choice if you want an intermediate gear for birding that is a little bit more on the middle to expensive side, but with sufficient features. If you want an easy to use and portable 50mm unit, this is a great choice for you. Like most of our picks here, it also has multi-coated lenses so it does not compromise on image quality, as expected of Nikon, after all.

It is also fog proof and waterproof structure due to the nitrogen gas, which is important for any sighting gear, so that you can be able to use it even in the pouring rain or blistering cold. As a light and easy to carry sighting gear, it is even waterproof up to 1 meter or 3.3 feet for 5 minutes (and you can test it to find out!).

With this gear, you can attach the objective lens to a 55mm filter for added functionality, and you also a choice of charcoal grey or pearlescent green for the colors. It has good eyepiece compatibility with MC and wide DS. However, do take note that while it may not do well with digiscoping, it is great for normal viewing.

4. Celestron Regal M2 80ED Spotting Scope ED Objective Lens for Bird Watching

Slightly higher on the price scale would be the Celestron Regal M2 80ED. It has a stronger body and more professional lens coatings. It is coupled with XLT coatings for this bird watching scope. This basically translates to fully multi-coated optics, so you still get quality sighting overall for your bird or whatever far subject you point it to.

With a good 20x to 60x zoom eyepiece, this means that it is almost like our previous Celestron product review above. The catch is that this one has 110 to 52 feet on its linear field of view at 1,000 yards, which makes a difference. It also uses ED objective lens, which makes it unique. You get what you pay for with these spotting scopes, as with most observation gear.

This scope has a 20mm eye relief and a standard 1.25″ eyepiece on its construction, encapsulated in a durable magnesium alloy body. It even has a t-mount adapter for DSLR cameras for the bird photographer in you. Moreover, it has a close focus of up to 21.3 feet or 6.5 meters and a twist eyecup design for added comfort when viewing.

The unit comes with a rotating tripod mount so you can easily position your scope to wherever. It is made with a BaK4 prism material and is also a waterproof unit to boot.

5. Vortex Optics Razor HD Spotting Scopes

Not going out of the thousand dollar budget, but still pretty pricey, would be the Vortex Optics Razor.  It is able to produce high definition images due to the triplet apochromatic lens that comes along with it. These special lenses are not like the ones we reviewed earlier – they are special lenses that are mostly only found in higher end units like these. Additionally, this gear is also easily adjustable so you will feel comfortable for birding or even photography.

It even has additional XR plus fully multi-coated lenses for added visual clarity, and is made with 16x to 48x lenses, with a 65mm objective lens and an excellent eye relief. Moreover, you can definitely use it for photography as it fits to  any SLR camera body with its design. The unit only weighs about 3.5 pounds, so it is light enough for hiking.

Giving a great clarity, even when zoomed, this spotting scope has anti-reflective coatings so that your bird image can be enhanced in color and sharpness. It even has thick rubber inlays for gripping so that you get a steady image when taking a shot. It also includes a good quality tripod so that you don’t have to worry about shaky shots, even for beginners in the hobby.

6. Kowa TSN-880 Series Angled Body High Performance Spotting Scope

If you truly want a high end spotting scope birding gear in which you don’t really have to worry about budget, the Kowa TSN-880 Series may be a good choice for you. With an objective lens of 88mm, this one is pretty powerful with an angled eyepiece design and is made with a unique set of pure fluorite lens, which is only found on expensive brands like these.

We think that this is pretty much worth the money due to the good 16.4 feet of minimum focus distance and a 96mm filter diameter. If you really want to get a lot of zoom without distorting the quality of the picture up ahead, this is definitely the best out there, but of course, with a big price, too. Like most scopes, it has anti-fog capabilities due to being filled with dry nitrogen gas.

Additionally, you can take it with you in the wilderness due to being waterproof to JIS class 7. It also easily fits 1/4 and 3/8 inch mount tripods so you can mount it onto such tripods. Bearing only 53.6 ounces of weight, this is an exceptional spotting scope birding gear that is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

bird watching

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions about spotting scopes, for you to use as a reference when deciding for what you want to buy.

What are the uses of a spotting scope?

A spotting scope is basically similar to a telescope, but with the following uses:

  1. For producing an upright image from a far distance. What exactly sets it apart from a telescope is that it produces an upright image instead of an upside down image, as compared to a telescope’s point of view. This is why it is mostly used for land viewing instead of astronomical viewing, due to how it is constructed. It is also not very good for astronomical objects due to the limits in its distance viewing.
  1. For hunting and bird watching. We all know that for bird watching, one may stick to easy to use binoculars, but for most serious enthusiasts, it can be tough to hold your phone or DSLR camera to take photos or videos of the birds from afar, let alone monitor them for hunting. This is why spotting scopes can also be used for wildlife activities such as bird watching or hunting.
  1. Ideal for target shooting, golf and similar sports. Because spotting scopes can have the capability to see objects from afar, it is great for spotting certain events and objects, such as golf courses, shooting targets, sporting events and the like. It can be better than binoculars if you prefer to have a hands-free way of doing things, and still get the optical quality that you want.

What are the criteria that make a good spotting scope for birding?

To properly choose a good spotting scope, you need to take into consideration the following criteria:

  1. Magnification – this refers to how much the object is magnified by the lenses that are available in the spotting scope. Magnification can be from 60x to 80x on the average scale, but this largely depends on the weather conditions that you have, and the type of lenses that you currently have in your gear.
  1. Objective lens – if you have a larger diameter for the objective lens, you can be able to see objects clearer and better with quality. This was why the last one in our review (the really expensive one) had a very large objective lens as compared to others, because it will definitely bring out the best image quality for your birds. Think of it as MP or megapixels for digital cameras and DSLRs.
  1. Eye relief – this refers to the distance needed for your eyes to be able to see what’s in the spotting scope, even with glasses on. This is important for glasses wearers, who need at least 14mm of eye relief in order to see the birds clearly in the spotting scope.
  1. Close focus – not exactly a requirement, but it is also great to have a less than 20 feet spotting scope focus so that you can be able to use it with any DSLR or camera much better.
  1. Lens coating – most lenses nowadays can be multi-coated, while some are even fully multi-coated. Coatings have the power to improve the image quality that is presented to you by the lenses, so that you can see ever single detail of the bird at hand.
  1. Price – many people believe that when choosing spotting scopes, you basically get what you pay for. Do you an image quality beyond compare? Stick to the higher priced ones. If you’re not that meticulous with image quality, however, and just want a good shot of the birds, then you may just settle with those from $100 to $500 at least.

How are angled and straight spotting scopes different from each other?

Many birders have argued which scope type is better, but here’s the lowdown on both of them.

Angled spotting scopes have an angled design, and tend to be more popular with digi scoping setups. Here are their pros and cons:

1. You can easily glass on or focus on the bird or target in question1. They are not ideal uphill glassing.
2. It works very well even in bad weather2. They should only be best placed in a higher tripod
3. Downhill positioning is very good3. Crouching problems can cause neck pain, as compared to angled ones
4. You can easily make the switch between binoculars and the scope list
5. They tend to be more portable as compared to angled ones

Straight spotting scopes have a straight eyepiece instead of an angled one. They tend to be more ideal for violent weather. Here are their pros and cons:

1. You can use it for steep terrain settings1. They can be bulky in terms of design and travelling
2. It does not strain your neck a lot2. Downhill glassing can be quite troublesome for them
3. You can use it for most digi scoping setups3. Collar adjustment are important for vehicle glassing
4. Shorter tripods are more welcome4. Snow and water collection can also be a problem

Final Thoughts

As a whole, we believe that the best spotting scope for bird watching would be the Celestron 52305 Regal due to the professional XLT coatings, the ED objective lens, the 20mm eye relief for glasses people, the 20x to 60x zoom eyepiece and 110 to 52 feet on its linear field of view at 1,000 yards for quality images, and the t-mount adapter and a rotating tripod mount for DSLR cameras. Also, it is waterproof for bad weather.

The Celestron Regal is definitely a must-have, even with a slightly higher price. As we mentioned above, “you get what you pay for” with these kinds of gear. Therefore, it is important to match the price with the features that you want. This average-priced spotting scope is, what we think, would be the best for most beginners, intermediate and advanced birders out there.

10 Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Reviews 2021

10 Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Reviews 2021

Nothing’s more frustrating for a bird watcher than squirrels getting in the way of birds when they feed. Squirrels can be smart like mice, and will do anything to get their favorite nuts and seeds. This is why many bird feeders out there tend to fail because squirrels get them first before birds even do, which can be frustrating for the owner, and will cost you a lot of money in the long run, since seeds don’t really come cheap.

A squirrel proof bird feeder can address this problem. Choosing the best squirrel proof bird feeder can be difficult at times, but if you really have a ton of frustration towards squirrels, then you may need to either buy a new bird feeder or upgrade your old one, so that squirrels can be deterred from doing such nasty activities.

10 Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Reviews

Here are our top 10 picks for the best squirrel proof bird feeders:

1. Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder

The Squirrel Buster Standard is a good choice if you want a rather slim design that can be easily perched onto by any kind of bird species. It is among the best wild bird feeders that have a negative grip tube or a hanging design that keeps the squirrels away. The closing mechanism will be hard to hold back for the squirrels, making the bird seeds definitely go to the birds.

There is also a good ventilation system in the feeder that makes the seeds fresh as much as possible. Having a good moisture level for your bird seeds is important so that birds will definitely feed on them without thinking twice. It has a seed capacity of 1.3 lbs, has a total of 4 metal perches and a pretty good size overall.

You don’t have to worry about maintenance because it is a dishwasher-safe product, that can be easy to clean, with UV stabilized components. The durability is also pretty good because the hanger and perches are made from quality stainless steel. The only clearance needed is at least 16 inches or 40 cm.

2. Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder

[img_products img_code=”61il1Ky97vL” alt=”Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder” code=”B0079GHJXY” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

The Perky-Pet Copper Panorama is a wider design that has more capacity – up to 2 lbs of seed in it. The feeder has a circular perch design so it can be okay if you want large bird feeders at home. Any wild bird or local bird can feed from all angles because of this circular design.

In addition to that, the durability is also good because of the rust resistant copper finish, that also has an antique and classic design, which can complement your home.

Squirrels can be deterred due to the sure lock cap design. Any squirrel won’t be able to easily get the nuts and seeds out due to this feature. It allows for mixed seeds or even just plain old sunflower seeds. It also keeps the seeds fresh due to the good amount of ventilation.

Overall, if you want an attractive design for your home and for the birds, this kind of squirrel proof bird feeder might be your choice.

3. Nibble Weather Proof Anti-Bacterial Bird Feeder with UV Sun-proof

[img_products img_code=”71htDKrg9eL” alt=”Nibble Weather Proof Anti-Bacterial Bird Feeder with UV Sun-proof” code=”B01M8N65HM” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

The Nibble Weather Proof also has a slim design, but has a clear plastic housing for the seed holder. It has a perch set with a traditional design, but the whole thing is set in a modern black and white look for most modern homes. The polycarbonate construction also makes it durable despite bad weather and squirrel rattling in your garden.

There is also an antibacterial coating for this product, which means that your local birds won’t easily get sick if they feed on this feeder. Also, this feature makes it great as one of the best bird feeders for winter, due to the reduction of bacteria and mold formation.

It has a total capacity of 350 grams of seed and has an easy to clean construction, which can be disassembled further. The fittings are made of polypropylene so you don’t have to worry about humidity and corrosion problems. Additionally, the metal alloy parts on the entire feeder won’t rust, either. It will be a great feeder if you have a lot of finches around your backyard.

4. North States Village Collection Blue Cottage Birdfeeder

If you want unique bird feeders, then you should definitely check out the North States Village. It has a unique house design that can be attractive not just to visitors to your home, but also to the birds themselves. The design is not just beautiful – it is also durable to withstand some weather conditions outdoors.

This feeder can fit up to 5 lbs of any seed, such as sunflower, thistle or mixed. You can easily refill seeds by lifting the chimney part of the house. You can hang it up with the included hanger cable onto any part of your yard or house. There are also many vintage designs and colors to choose from.

5. Gray Bunny GB-6847 Classic Tube Feeder

For those who still want a slim designed choice, the GrayBunny GB-6847 Classic can be a good design for you. If you are looking for wild bird feeders, it can be great for those with finches in their backyard. It can hold up to 4 cups of seeds and keep them as dry as possible. This means that despite the narrow size, it can really pack up a lot of seeds in one go.

The base is also specifically contoured shape so that the seed distribution is just right. Also, there is mold prevention in the whole feeder due to the enclosed seed housing, so that your seeds stay fresh. It can also be used in other small birds like nuthatches and chickadees. It has a total length of 12 inches and has two skewer style perches.

In addition to those, the plastic material is hard enough to withstand weather exposure so even if the sun is pretty bad in your area, it will not deteriorate the quality of the housing, and will also not be disturbed easily by squirrels.

6. Woodlink Absolute Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

The Woodlink Absolute 7533 is another one of those unique bird feeders that have a house shape. But instead of a simple chimney house, this one has bird seeds on the sides only, so it looks like a mini warehouse that gives rations to the birds in your backyard. The seed capacity is also pretty big at 15 lbs, and this means that it can also be accommodating to some larger birds.

For squirrel deterring, it has a locking mechanism that closes the seed hatch once squirrels sit on it. There is also a baffle mechanism that saves the seed and keeps them from falling over. There is also little hassle with the setup because all of the mounting hardware had been included with the product package, including the pole that measures 5 feet.

Cleaning and refilling this feeder is also a breeze due to the design. Also, the powder coated steel housing will make it last long against bad weather and corrosion threats, and can stay in your beloved backyard for many seasons without easily deteriorating. Anyone can also modify this bird feeder with additional security features in case the squirrels can be too stubborn or persistent in your area.

7. Wild Bill’s 12 Station Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

The Wild Bill’s 12-Station is a feeder that has a unique layered design from top to bottom, in which the top part is large and the bottom is smaller. It can allow for a circular perching method for different kinds of bird species around your garden or yard. As for the squirrel deterring mechanism, a small shock can be felt by the squirrel if they ever want to get the nuts and seeds out.

You can either use a bird feeder pole mount for this or use a hanging mechanism for it. The circular design allows more room for more birds, and also has tons of room for more seeds. Because of the shock mechanism, it does require a 9-volt battery to run. Also, it is important to know that the shock does not hurt the squirrel – it only keeps them away. It is still a safe and humane for all animals as a bird feeder.

If pesky squirrels have always been your problem then this is definitely a good choice, because it will definitely keep them away from the bird seed without hesitation.

8. Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups and Seed Tray, Outdoor Birdfeeders for Wild Birds

For the best hummingbird feeder, the Nature’s Hangout Window can be a great pick for you. It has a clear design, which allows you to see what the birds are doing, and it also has a wide space for the birds to perch on and feed on their seeds. Also, it is stylish enough to fit in modern homes and is also quite easy to clean due to the clear acrylic material and the removable tray mechanism.

It can withstand most weather outdoors because of the strength of the acrylic material. It has suction cups that let you attach it onto any wall or vertical flat surface. In order to keep the seeds fresh, there is also a set of drain holes whenever there is snow or rain, to avoid mold forming on the seeds themselves.

The mechanism and design will definitely deter squirrels from getting it, because of how sturdy it is and how high you can set it onto any flat wall. While most suction cups are very flimsy, the ones in this product are so strong that even winds won’t knock them off!

9. Perky-Pet The Preserve Wild Bird Feeder

For a rustic and decorative design, the Perky-Pet The Preserve is an elegant choice for those with such home styles. It has a wired cage design that can be resistant to shattering and breaking, each with diamond barrier shapes. These design choices allow birds to feed while keeping the squirrels off because of the size and shape that has been well-throughout out.

The capacity for this feeder is up to 3 lbs of seed. The top is also stylish and decorative, so it might complement with your outdoor furniture. You can also clearly see how much seeds you have left due to the clear seed reservoir. You can definitely use it in an area with a lot of doves, starlings, pigeons and finches around.

10. Stokes Select Metal Hopper Bird Feeder

If you want a rustic design in copper finish, the Stokes Select Bird Feeder is a good choice since it is made that way, not just for looks, but also to keep squirrels out. The opening on the feeding part is quite wide so that more birds can feed comfortably. In addition to that, the top is also quite easy to close but does not compromise safety against squirrels due to the locking mechanism and latches.

Its design is covered in clover patterns on each side so that you will easily monitor the seed level without making it easy to access for squirrels. The copper and metal finish will not easily corrode and for protection, it can also be added to a super tote container setup to reduce spillage effectively. It has a total seed capacity of 3.6 lbs and has a total of 4 perches with feeding ports each.

Q&A About How to Find a Bird Feeder

Q: What are some criteria to choose wild bird feeders?

A: To choose a wild bird feeder, you should look for the following:

  1. Pick the type of feeder (mentioned above), depending on the bird species around you.
  2. Look for safety features that will keep squirrels out and birds in.
  3. Test if the feeder is durable enough to withstand harsh weather.
  4. Know if the feeder is easy to clean and to assemble.

Q: What are the benefits of using a bird feeder?

A: Bird feeding is more than just a hobby – it has many benefits, such as:

  1. You attract birds to your yard by feeding them.
  2. Kids will learn more about wildlife conservation.
  3. Insect control can be done with birds, naturally.
  4. Many photographers use birds as a subject.
  5. Birds can pollinate flowers around your garden.
  6. Birds will also keep weeds from growing.
  7. Wild birds can make great outdoor pets.
  8. You are helping the birds find a better sanctuary.

Q: What types of designs of unique bird feeders are out there?

A: There are many designs of bird feeders, such as:

  • Platform feeders – ideal for sparrows and for ground feeding birds.
  • Perching feeders – these ones are usually in the form of tube feeders.
  • Clinging feeders – birds that cling, such as woodpeckers, can use this feeder.

Q: What are some tips to hanging a bird feeder successfully?

A: Bird feeders can be frustrating at first, but here are some tips you can do:

  1. Place the feeder in natural areas like trees or near flowers.
  2. Make sure the area does not have a lot of noise or distraction.
  3. Keep window collisions at bay by strategic placement.
  4. Make sure that the feeder is highly visible to them.
  5. It’s a good idea to put it near a tree to act as a safe haven in case of predators.
  6. Put it in a place where squirrels can’t reach it.
  7. Keep It away from harsh chemicals.
  8. Know the territorial behaviors of the species around you.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we believe that the winner of our top 10 picks would be the Nature’s Hangout Window, because it has been clearly tested by many yard owners that it has stood up against squirrels jumping and yet the suction cups are super strong, unlike other suction cups that are flimsy in nature.

It’s very simple and easy to set up, and will also keep your bird seed fresh due to the top cover that can protect it against mold. Also, there’s a lot of space for birds to perch onto. Clearly, these factors are what you should be looking for if you want the best squirrel proof bird feeders.

How to Keep Squirrels Out of Bird Feeders

How to Keep Squirrels Out of Bird Feeders

As a bird enthusiast, feeding birds in your garden or backyard can be amazing and a great sight to behold. But it can also be frustrating when you have to deal with squirrels hanging around your bird feeders. Squirrels like bird food a lot, and they can go the extra mile just to lay their hands on it. Squirrels are persistent, smart, and they learn from experience.

They can jump, climb, squeeze themselves through very tiny holes, and do whatever it takes to get what they want. Including the fresh bird food you just put in your bird feeder.

Have you been looking for how to keep squirrels away from your bird feeder? Are squirrels been eating a greater portion of your bird food? Then what you need is an adequate solution that will help you keep squirrels out of bird feeders.

Keeping squirrels away from bird feeder has been one common challenge most bird lovers face. In this article, you will be provided with some useful solutions. We have done our research and put together some tips to help you keep squirrels out of your bird feeders.

How to Keep Squirrels Away from Bird Feeders

The best kinds of bird foods, including suet, nuts, and black oil sunflower seeds, are also attractive and appealing to squirrels just the way they are to birds. Unlike birds that often share their feeder with other birds, squirrels are known for chasing and scaring birds away.

They can also stay at the feeder until the food is finished, consuming all the bird food without a bird getting a bite. They can also claw or chew their way through both plastic and wooden feeders, even go as far as damaging some of them. As a result of this, we have put the following tips together to help you keep away squirrels from your bird feeders. Here are some of the possible solutions.

Get a Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

Based on the size of the squirrels in your backyard and the size of birds you wish to attract, you can purchase a bird feeder that’s in a very strong wire mesh cage that a squirrel cannot pass through, but a bird can.

There are also bird feeders that close down when there is a heavier weight on the perches, shutting down access to the food. This may be a great option if your target birds are less heavy than your squirrels. When purchasing a squirrel proof bird feeder, make sure you go for a model that is made of high-quality polycarbonate or metal so the squirrels won’t be able to chew through the feeder.

Choose a Strategic Location to Position Your Bird Feeder

So far, one of the most effective ways of keeping squirrels away from bird feeders is to position the feeder away from walls, trees, or any other things squirrels can jump from in order to gain access to the feeder. Make sure all the support and means through which the squirrels can get to the feeder are inaccessible as possible.

This requires a degree of ingenuity and cleverness, as an average squirrel can jump more than four feet from the ground, and eight to ten feet sideways, they can even jump more than that from above.

Based on these statistics, you will have to position the bird feeder at least four feet away from the ground. The feeder also has to be ten feet away from walls, fences, and trees in all directions. This will make it more difficult for squirrels to get access to the feeder.

Preferably, you should hand or mount the bird feeder on a metal pole that is very smooth and at least 6 feet high. You should also cut down branches within a radius of twelve feet.

Place Baffles around the Feeder

Add smooth metal or plastic baffles around your feeder. Baffles are slippery plastic or metal shields that are shaped like bowls. If the feeder is on a post, you can install the baffle below the feeder, but if it’s hanging from a chain or wire, you can install the baffle above the feeder, make sure the baffle has a length or width of at least fifteen to eighteen inches.

The baffle, due to the way it is designed, will prevent squirrels from reaching the bird feeder. A lot of squirrel baffles are designed in such a way that if a squirrel jumps or climbs on them, they will tilt or twirl, making the squirrel to be unbalanced and unable to get to the feeder.

Use Bird Foods that Squirrels Do Not Like

While squirrels eat almost every kind of bird food, there are a couple of bird seeds that they don’t like. You should try using safflower seed or Nyjer, as squirrels are less attracted to them. These two bird foods have a bitter taste and squirrels don’t like them while almost all birds (especially desirable birds) love them.

By exclusively using these bird seeds, you are shutting down a source of food for squirrels without affecting the feeding of the birds. There are also other bird seeds that birds like and squirrels don’t. This is another option of keeping squirrels away from bird feeders.

Add Some Spice to the Bird Food

Adding some spice or pepper (powdered) into your bird feed can help scare squirrels away. This is because birds don’t have capsaicin receptors, so they cannot smell or taste it. On the other hand, squirrels can smell and taste pepper, and they hate it.

Also, hot pepper contains a lot of vitamins, and it may kill internal parasites in birds. For ten pounds of bird food, use about a quarter cup of pepper. But you have to be very careful when doing this, we recommend you put on gloves and try not to breath in the dust.

Final Thoughts

Adhering to these tips provided should help you keep squirrels away from your bird feeder. This means your pretty, lovely birds will be eating the bird food you are providing them with, without any disturbance from squirrels.

5 Best Heated Bird Baths Reviews

5 Best Heated Bird Baths Reviews

Water is crucial for birds to bathe, preen, and drink. But irrespective of the abundant ice and deep snowfall, fresh water can be very difficult to find in the winter. Bird watchers that provide the best heated bird bath for their birds at their backyard give them abundant liquid water sources so the pretty little birds don’t have to search for fresh liquid water or even spend so much energy melting the snow.

In weather like this, one of the best things you can do for birds is to provide them with the best heated bird bath. A heated bird bath will make things much easier for birds, as they will not lack fresh and warm liquid water. It might also attract other winter birds, bringing more birding interest to your backyard.

Heated bird baths use very little power to provide a service that is very important to your birds. Helping them to stay hydrated and clean while it is very cold outside. They also add a unique touch to your backyard, as some of them have very beautiful designs.

Finding the best heated bird bath for your feathered friends can sometimes be challenging. This is why we have done our research and come up with some of the outstanding heated bird baths in the market. Here are some of the best options for heated bird baths that you can choose from.

Best Heated Bird Baths Reviews

1. Allied Precision Industries 20-inches Diameter Heated Bird Bath with Metal Stand

Allied Precision Industries 20-inches Diameter Heated Bird Bath with Metal Stand is one of the best heated bird baths out there. This heated bird bath allows you enjoy seeing your little feathered friends in your backyard always. The bowl of this heated bath is controlled thermostatically, and it only needs 150 watts of power.

The 150 watts of power and the built-in thermostat of the bowl prevents the watering fountain of the birds from becoming a skating pond, irrespective of how cold the weather is. The bowl has a diameter of 20 inches and a depth of 2 inches. Giving your birds enough space to play around. The heating component keeps the temperature of the water between forty and fifty degrees Fahrenheit automatically. It is completely hidden as it cannot be seen on the surface.

The rim’s shape is designed to be easily clenched buy the talons of a bird. This makes it look like a natural perch for birds. This encourages and attracts birds to land. The gradual slope of the bowl also encourages bathing. This heated bird bath features a strong metal stand that has a height of 30 inches. The power cord with a length of 15 inches. You can as well mount this heated bath on a wooden deck railing.

2. API 600 20 Inches Diameter Heated Bird Bath Bowl

API 600 20-inches Diameter Heated Bird Bath Bowl is also a great heated bird bath, but it does not have a stand or pedestal base. This heated bath is controlled thermostatically and it needs a power voltage of 150 watts. The thermostat works automatically, and it keeps the temperature of the water within a certain range. This feature ensures the water is always warm for your birds, even on days when it is very cold.

The rim is designed to have a shape that will make it much easier for birds to clutch on. The talons of a bird can easily grip the rim due to its design. The design also encourages landings as it looks and feels like a natural perch. It also comes with an adapter clamp which you can use to mount the bowl on several surfaces, bases, or stands. But as mentioned earlier, this heated bird bath doesn’t come with a pedestal stand or base.

The bowl has a diameter of 20 inches and a depth of 2 inches, which is enough to contain multiple birds. The basin of this heated bird bath comes fully assembled. This means you don’t have much work to do when you buy it. It is also a pocket-friendly option, as it is not very expensive.

3. Smart Solar Acadia Solar Birdbath

This Smart Solar Acadia Solar Birdbath adds a touch of excellence to the garden or backyard of your home due to its design. It is very easy to setup and it doesn’t require any maintenance. All you have to do is to add water to the bath and put it under direct sunlight. As it gets its power from sunlight just like the name implies.

This heated bath has a charming olive green painted finish. The basin is durable and may last for a very long time, irrespective of how harsh the weather may be. This heated bird bath has a compelling visual charisma, its structural design is attractive and elegant, and it is pleasing to look at.

Also, it is made from lightweight glass fiber reinforced concrete, which tends to be durable and long-lasting. This heated bird bath has an underwater central solar system. It also has a pump that requires a very low voltage. This system doesn’t require wiring, as it generates its own power from the sun.

It is also very easy to assemble, and you don’t need experience or a technician to couple the system for you. This heated bath is a great option as may create a relaxing and conducive atmosphere for your little friends. It also has an amazing feature that recycles water from the hidden reservoir. It has a height of 25 inches, a width of 17.5 inches, and the depth of the bowl is 1.3 inch.

4. Allied Precision Industries Mounted Heated Bird Baths

This Mounted Heated Bird Bath is created by Allied Precision Industry to enable comfortable bathing for your little-feathered friends all year-round. The elegant design of this heated bath may attract a lot of winter birds to your garden or backyard.

It has a built-in, automatic thermostat that regulates the temperature of the water to prevent it from freezing irrespective of how cold the weather is. This way, your birds will always have clean, fresh, and warm water to bath with. The bath requires a power of 150 watts only to operate fully and automatically.

The bath has a heating component of 120 volts, and it is located under the surface of the plastic basin. Maintenance is not an issue, as it features a tilt-to-clean deck rail mount, which is very easy to clean. The shape of the rim is designed in such a way that a bird can grasp it naturally like a perch. Its design also encourages landing.

This heated bird bath has a diameter of 20 inches, and the depth of the basin is 2 inches. The basin is well and securely attached to the mount. This means you may not have to worry about it pulling off when you are cleaning it.

5. Songbird Essentials Songbird Spa

Songbird Essentials Songbird Spa is one of the best heated bird baths out there. This heated bird bath has a simple but unique design, and it is designed to provide your birds with the comfort they need during cold days. This smart and versatile heated bird bath has three different way which you can mount it. You can use it on the ground, mount it on a desk, and the last option is clamp mount.

It has a built-in heating element of 75 watts that keeps the water warm and prevent it from freezing, even when the weather extremely cold. It also features a thermostat that is controlled automatically, and it does not require much power to function. During hot weather, you can fold the power cord away.

It is made from a pet safe, non-toxic material that may stand the test of any weather. This heated bird bath has a length of 14.8 inches, a width of 14.8 inches, and depth of 2.3 inches. This size contains enough water for your little friends to play with. This heated bath does not require assembling, as it already comes assembled. All you have to do is to decide the mounting position. There are three different mounting positions as mentioned earlier.

Heated bird bath

The Best Ways to Use Heated Bird Baths

There are lots of easy tricks and tips that can help you make the heated bath and bird feeders in your backyard  more attractive to winter birds. Purchasing the best heated bird baths is great, but chances are some people might still be confused on how to utilize this product to its full potential. Here are tips to help you when using or choosing a heated bird bath for your feathered friends.

  • Go for Dark Colored Baths: You should choose a heated bird bath with a dark color so it will be able to absorb heat and use less electric power. Also, birds are more likely to see a dark basin when the ground is covered with snow (white).
  • Read Instructions: Make sure you read and carefully adhere to every single instruction in the manual of your heated bird bath.
  • Fill the Basin Appropriately: Make sure the basin is filled as instructed. Also, check for splashing and evaporation that can reduce the quantity of water. You need to do this on a daily basis.
  • Regular Cleaning: Try to make sure you clean the basin regularly in order to keep the water fresh at all time. Cleaning it regularly will also prevent it from harboring mineral deposits and dirt that may stop the heater from functioning normally. You can soak the heater or basin in vinegar to get rid of mineral deposits. Make sure you rinse properly when you are done.
  • The Electricity Outlet: Protect the outdoor power supply with a suitable cover so moisture won’t find a way in and cause a short circuit.

Advantages of Heated Bird Baths

Having a birdbath in your garden or backyard is simply amazing, as it is a great attraction for birds. But if you live in a location that experiences cold weathers, your normal bird bath will not work during the cold periods of the year. If you want to see some wild and wintering birds in your backyard or garden all year-round, then you need a heated bird bath. There are lots of benefits of a heated bird bath, listed below are just a few of them.

  • Birds All Year-Round: During winter and very cold seasons, your backyard will be one of the most conducive, relaxing, and comfortable places for birds – with a heated bird bath. During this season, birds need to stay hydrated. They will look for a source of water that is not frozen. This means with a heated bird bath, you will be providing them with not just a source of liquid water, but a fresh and clean one as well.
  • Protect the Bird Bath: Water expands when it freezes. This means if you don’t have a heated bird bath and your bath is left outside during winter, chances are it will crack when ice forms in it. This danger is completely eliminated with a heated bird bath since it keeps the water above freezing level all through the year. This means your birdbath will last for several years, as it doesn’t stand the chance of cracking during winter.

Final Thoughts

Heated bird baths come in very handy during winter. Choosing the best heated bird bath is also very important. The review in this article will also make it easier for you to choose the best heated bird bath.. So you need to compare them and know which suits your budget as well as your needs.

The Smart Solar Acadia Solar Birdbath is our pick when it comes to the best heated bird bath. This is because it doesn’t need an external power supply, as it’s equipped with a solar panel that converts heat energy into electrical energy. It also has an amazing design that may enhance the look of your garden or backyard. It’s easy to maintain, and it comes with a built-in pump that requires low-voltage to function. This may be a great option considering its features.

7 Best Finch Feeders for Bird Lovers to Buy in 2021

Best Finch Feeder

Attract more finches in your yard by creating the finch-friendly feeding spot!

Do you love to watch birds and want to attract more finches in your garden? If so, then you need to feed the finches in the best possible way. Feeding finches is more than just putting seeds it requires the best finch feeder which helps attract birds.

Finch feeder has small and thin ports that can hold bird seeds and keep your backyard finches full as well as happy. Further, the feeder helps live up your area with the melodious chirping of beautiful strawberry finches.

There are myriad options of finch feeder to choose from and sometimes it becomes a bit confusing to select the best finch feeder. To help you, we have curated a list of seven best-rated finch feeders that are easy to clean, easy to fill, and safe for birds. Our finch feeder reviews will help you to buy the best finch feeder for your yard. Have a look!

Best Finch Feeders Reviews

Brome Squirrel Buster Finch Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder

Are you getting tired of losing bird seeds to squirrels?

If yes, then Brome Finch Feeder is for you. It is the best finch feeder that comes with the wire-mesh frame, which covers the seeds and helps keep the squirrels out. This tube-style feeder can hold up to 1.4 quarts of seed at a time. Further, the Brome finch Feeder features eight feeding perches and provides an 18-inch/47-cm clearance when hanging.

The best part is that it provides a great value to your money and represents a sound investment. Being made up of chew-proof material it is completely safe for colorful zebra finches. At the top of that, the unique design and comfort level of this feeder welcome birds every day.  All in all, it is one of the best options for you because it offers a little more than any other basic feeder.

Key features:

  • Wire-mesh frame
  • Chew proof material
  • 4 quarts seed capacity
  • Eight feeding perches
  • Easy to fill and easy to clean

Perky-Pet Yellow Straight Sided Finch Feeder

[img_products img_code=”41aTgLotnyL” alt=”Perky-Pet Yellow Straight Sided Finch Feeder” code=”B002M332N0″ reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

For the beautiful and loving finches, we recommend you to buy this finch feeder because it contains no plastic and wood. It has steel wire mesh, which makes the feeder more functional and useful that helps to attract the finches. It can hold about 1.5 lbs of nyjer seeds.

Further, this item from the house of Perky Pets made from durable, high-quality material that is eco-friendly as well. In addition, this finch finder comes with an anti-rust powder coating.

When talking about functionality, the dish at the bottom of the mesh tube offers finches an additional place to perch and eat. Also, this tray fills up with both seeds as well as the husks which means less waste and leaves the ground underneath the feeder clean. Moreover, the tray has tiny holes that help in de-moisturizing the seeds, and the feed stays fresh for a longer time.

Having this finch feeder with Even seed Technology allows seeds to distribute evenly and offer comfortable space to birds.

Key features

  • Anti-rust coating
  • Even distribution of seeds
  • Durable and high-quality material

Stokes Select Thistle Tube Bird Feeder

If a classic tube-style feeder is your choice, the Stokes tube bird feeder is a great option for you. This feeder can hold up to 1.6 lb seed and offers four feeding ports for birds. Not only is the design of perches unique but also comfortable and functional. There is an internal baffle that disperses seed evenly among the feeding ports.

This best-rated finch feeder is made up of high-quality polycarbonate materials that increase its durability. Further, the simple twisting base of this feeder makes it easy to clean and easy to fill finch feeder. Do you know that the six yellow perches help birds to sit comfortably when eating upside down.

Moreover, the seed ports are very tiny that save the feed from squirrels while allowing easy access to finches. In our opinion, this is the best finch feeder for you to keep the seed in the right place rather than on the ground.

Key features

  • Disperse seeds evenly
  • Easy to clean and easy to fill
  • Comfortable six perches
  • Durable and finch-friendly

Perky-Pet Solar Lighthouse Finch Bird Feeder

Are you sick and tired of squirrels taking out the bird feed from your finch feeder?

If yes, then you need the lighthouse style finch feeder from Perky-Pet. Being covered with steel-mesh, it protects the birds’ feed from squirrels. Similar to the lighthouse for boats, this finch feeder also glows in the night. Do you know, that there is a solar cell at the top of this feeder that powers LED to create a glowing beacon at night.

When you hang this lighthouse shaped finch feeder with a unique and whimsical look in your yard, it will attract more birds and neighbors’ attention as well.  Further, this beautiful finch feeder can hold up to 1.5 lb seed capacity and can feed around 15 birds at a time.

This finch feeder contains no plastic or wood there is an all-over metal mesh that makes it perfect for every bird lover. Lastly, the mesh wire design and attached perches attract both clinging and perching birds.

Key features:

  • The LED light glows at night
  • Contains no plastic and wood
  • Quality steel mesh
  • Feed 15 birds at a time

Gray Bunny Classic Metal Tube Feeder

GrayBunny offers premium quality finch feeder for your lawn and garden.  This is the best finch feeder because its parts including feeding ports, perches, and base, are made from chew-proof material. When you hang this feeder in your yard, it will keep seeds safe and secure while attracting more Gouldian finches.

Further, with this feeder, you can give six well-spaced feeding ports to the finches. Also, the multiple perches allow multiple finches to at a time.  Its enclosed circular tube can hold up to 4 cups of seeds and keep them fresh as well as dry for birds. In addition, the transparent housing allows you to see the level of seeds left in the tube so that you can refill when needed.

Lastly, GrayBunny tube feeder is great at attracting birds like finches, sparrows, goldfinches and more. Hang it in your yard, mounted near the patio or outside the room window to enjoy watching birds!

Key Features:

  • Durable and safe
  • Chew-proof material
  • Six perches for easy access
  • Prevent mold buildup

Woodlink NAWLNT Audubon Finch Feeder

[img_products img_code=”21A0-82QgsL” alt=”Woodlink NAWLNT Audubon Finch Feeder” code=”B0083WIN7O” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

Are you looking for the best finch feeder that can hold a great amount of seeds?

If yes, then look no further than Woodlink’s aluminum finch feeder. This finch feeder is made up of a soft and durable mesh material that can hold one pound of food for finches. This is what we like about the Woodlink Feeder.

The holes of this yellow mesh feeder allow birds to eat with ease. Also, it attracts finches in large numbers as well as in varieties. The striking yellow coat of this feeder makes it look both durable and pleasing to the eye. In addition to finches, this feeder can attract pine siskins and more small birds.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for hanging
  • Soft and durable mesh
  • Can hold a pound of mix seeds

Window Finch Feeder

Increase the beauty of your home by having a window finch feeder. Putting up a window feeder outside the kitchen will give you immense happiness while watching birds playing and eating. You and your kids will love to watch the colorful finches from the window.

If you are in search of the quality window finch feeder, then the bird feeder from Nature’s Hangout is a great choice for you. It is made up of high-quality acrylic material which is transparent and durable.  Due to the high transparency, you can see through the beautiful markings of the bird.

In last, this beautiful finch feeder has enough space where 4 or 5 birds can fit easily at a time. The best part is that this finch feeder also works as a wall décor piece for your home’s porch. You can easily fix it on the outside wall in front of your kitchen window.

Key features

  • Durable and transparent
  • Easy to hang and easy to lean
  • Squirrel-proof and water-resistant

Types of Finch Feeders

Tube Finch Feeder

Tube finch feeder has a long tube in which you can place seeds for birds. It is one of the most common types of bird feeders in terms of functionality. Different tube feeders come with different port sizes, port numbers, and designs. Tube feeders are the best finch feeders because they can accommodate more birds at once.

Rotating Port feeder

Rotating port feeders give you the freedom to adjust the perch below the ports or above the ports to feed the finches, which can eat upside down. This system of feeding provides you a better bird watching experience.

Mesh Finch Feeder

Another best finch feeder is the mesh feeder. It works perfectly for clinging finches. Also, Instead of having ports, the whole surface area of this feeder is made up of mesh which acts as a port. This type of feeder is best for small to large birds. The mesh usually made of rust-resistant quality metal.

Sock Finch Feeders

This is the oldest way of feeding birds, which is equally popular these days. The thistle socks are made from a malleable and soft material that is friendly to the birds. They offer a large surface for the finch to cling or perch. You can hang it in your garden for loving finches.

Where To Place The Best Finch Feeder?

Placement of the feeder is as important as the feeder itself. Placing a feeder in the middle of the yard can risk finches from predators. However, birds feel safe if you hang the finch feeder near a shrub or tree. You can also hang the feeder near the patio, porch, or window.

Keep in mind that the location you choose to hang or to place finch feeder should have a clear view that is friendly to the finches. Try to keep a distance of about 5 to 8 ft between the ground and the feeder to protect finches from predators.

Finch Feeder Review

Things to Consider When Buying Finch Feeder

So, you are planning to buy a finch feeder for loving and colorful birds. There are many bird feeders available in the market with different features, designs, and sizes. Consider the following things when shopping for the best finch feeder.

Easy to clean

You should buy a finch feeder that is easy to clean and easy to fill as well. This is because finches won’t come back to your feeder if it contains outdated and moldy seeds.


The finch feeder should have a versatile hook so that you can hang it anywhere you want in your yard. If your bird feeder is limited to hanging on a specific location, then you may lose opportunities to attract more finches.


Always buy a feeder that can hold at least one or two-pound of seeds because this will help to feed more birds in a day. Check the seed holding capacity of the finch feeder before buying so that you don’t want to refill its feeder.

Final Thoughts

To attract beautiful and colorful finches, you need the best finch feeder that you can hang in your yard. Bird feeders not only fill finches, but also spared happiness in your garden. You will love to watch the beautiful birds playing, eating and moving around the feeder in your yard.

Give your finches a safe place to eat and play by choosing the best rated finch feeder from the list mention above.

Best Binoculars for Bird Watching in Different Price Ranges

bird watching

At a Glance

We all know that birds can be fun to watch. Birds, like every animal that exists in this world, can have unique behavior that will be entertaining and peaceful to people. However, like most animals, it will be hard to watch over them if you are around them or if they notice that you are around. Therefore, bird watching should be done in an extremely careful way, so as not to scare the birds.

This is why you need to have certain gear to watch the birds without making a sound or distraction. You have to really be quiet enough to get the perfect view. You have to be patient as much as possible to get the best results from the birds in the area. Therefore, if you want to get into the hobby, you need the best binoculars for bird watching in order to get up close and personal with these feathered friends.

10 Best Binoculars for Bird Watching Review

Here are our top 10 picks for the best binoculars for bird watching:

For Professional Use

These ones are best used by those who consider bird watching as a serious hobby. Most of these are a little expensive but are complete with lots of features.

1. Swarovski EL 8×32 Binoculars

The Swarovski EL 8×32 Binoculars is a good choice if you want something simple, straightforward but great for professional use, as it has a decent magnification of 8x. As for the specifics on the exit pupil, which can help you to get a better “bird’s eye view” of your bird, it has a diameter of 4 mm and an eye relief or distance of 20 mm.

Along with the specs, there are also many extras that come along with the binoculars, such as a carrying strap for traveling purposes, and an objective lens cover to keep the lenses away from dust and dirt. There is also an eyepiece cover for added protection in the violent rain or weather, plus a bonus field bag so that you can travel with it anywhere and not potentially lose it.

You will definitely have a good time looking at trees with the birds with the clarity and good distance of this professional set of binoculars. It can be a little expensive for some, but for professional usage, it is a must-try. There is also a lifetime limited warranty for this product, which covers the optics of the binoculars, while 10 years for the rest of the parts.

2. Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars

The Vortex Optics Viper has a unique multi-position eyecup set so that it can be more comfortable than other cheap ones out there. You can use it if you have glasses and it will work just fine – not in an awkward way. It is great not just for bird watching, but also for hunting and the like, due to the durability of the chassis and coating made of impact resistant rubber.

The lens coating is also reflective enough to make the image quality superb, even in farther distances. It is available in both 8x and 10x lens sizes, both of which have good magnification overall. There is also a locking diopter ring for added protection and stability. Also, it is not too heavy to carry with you due to the decent weight.

Additionally, it has been o-ring sealed so that it will be waterproof when you go out in the rain, along with its argon purging to avoid fogging. The prism coatings also have good effects on the contrast, resolution and accuracy of the color that’s produced by the lenses. Overall, they can make an enjoyable bird watching session for anyone due to the good features.

3. ZEISS TERRA ED 8×42 Black Binoculars

The Zeiss Terra ED is yet another professional series bird watching binoculars, which is definitely something you might want to take in the wilderness due to the waterproofing of up to 100 mbar and the heat resistance of up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a magnification of 8x and a wide field of view per 1,000 yards, with an angle of 56 degrees. This makes it easier for you to see birds in your backyard or countryside without losing image quality.

Because it has sufficient distance, you can go bird watching without disturbing them and without getting user fatigue due to the compact and lightweight design. It can also be used in camping and traveling trips outdoors for observing nature and other animals. As for the lens specifics, it has a diameter of 42 mm and an exit pupil diameter of 5.3 mm.

In addition to that, the hydrophobic multi-coating not only makes it durable, but also provides focal clarity and visual sharpness to any detail that you want to see in the bird’s habitat. Moreover, the easy-to-grip focus wheel adds ease of use so that you can focus without the problem of shaking the view too much when you focus on a bird or two.

4. Nikon 7579 MONARCH 7 8×30 Binocular

As part of a well-known brand in DSLRs and image quality, the Nikon 7579 MONARCH is a definite must-try for professionals who are getting into bird watching or even bird photography. It produces accurate color reproduction due to the prism coatings with superb reflectivity and many layers put together in a dielectric process. This lets the lenses and coatings of prism be in harmony to produce good images with better contrast.

It is also quite easy to find your subject due to the field of view being pretty wide at 60 degrees or more. Because it is portable at only 4 inches in size, it can be easily carried with you anywhere. It may not be as light reflective as the 8×42 version, but as the 8×30 version, this is a good choice even for beginners who just want to start in bird watching.

With that said, it works very good in daylight and does not distort the image quality. Also, the durability of the body is due to the poly-carbon resin that reinforces a fiberglass material for the whole casing. It only weighs 15 ounces so it is definitely a travel-friendly companion to take with you in the wilderness, or even in your own backyard.

Affordable Ones

These ones are the best for those who want something affordable, yet still has a lot of features to consider, usually with a good field of view.

5. Nikon 7577 MONARCH 5 10×42 Binocular

For a 10x binocular but on a more decent price, the Nikon 7577 MONARCH 5 might be a good choice for you. It uses extra low dispersion glass for the lenses so that it can produce super sharp images without distorting the field of view. Also, there is comfort when you use it due to the rubber eyecups that are present to keep your eyes from getting fatigue the whole time.

There is also a central focus knob that glides smoothly without getting in the way of your vision and will not cause violent shaking. It also bears a good light transmittance due to the eco-glass lenses that are fully multicoated for added clarity in most times of the day.

A soft case also comes with this set of binoculars so that you can take it with you in your travels. It has field of view of up to 228 feet per 1,000 yards. It is also easy to secure and attach so you can take it anywhere without the fear of dropping or losing, also due to having a rubber, non-slip feeling on the coating.

6. Wingspan Optics WideViews HD 8X42 Professional Binoculars for Bird Watching

The Wingspan Optics WideViews is both affordable and professional one that can be ideal for every bird watcher there is, due to the good price and design. It has a wide field of view of 430 feet per 1,000 yards and has 8x magnification so you can reach a lot of places without really getting there. In addition to that, the 42mm fully multi-coated lenses provide good picture clarity for the birds you can watch.

The protection for the housing is superb with waterproof and fog proof protection due to being sealed and filled with nitrogen to avoid fogging. It also has a 42mm objective lens diameter so that it can help increase the quality of the images of the birds that you can see with it. Because of the durability, it can withstand most weather disturbances like rain, snow, and fog.

As for the construction, the roof-prism design makes it durable, and since it is made with durable aluminum as well, it does not add too much weight when you carry it. Also, it has a rubber-armored exterior to have a better grip onto it during rainy days. It is also backed by a lifetime warranty.

7. Wingspan Optics Skyview Pro Ultra HD 10X42 High Powered Binoculars for Bird Watching

Also from the same manufacturer, the Wingspan Optics SkyView is a great waterproof choice, which also has a close focus feature and phase coating for added durability. It uses ED glasses much like the Nikon brand, and has a 10x magnification so it is definitely a must-try for farther distances. Because it uses low dispersion glasses, it makes the optics very good.

This binocular made with 42mm fully multi-coated lenses so that the image clarity remains superb with good brightness and colors. It is also further enhanced due to the prism coating and phase correction for the lenses. This product can go through tough weather conditions just fine due to the fog proof qualities, and has a field of view of 309 feet per 1,000 yards.

Best Binoculars for Bird Watching

It has a lens diameter of 42 mm and a roof prism design (BaK-4) and it is also compatible with a harness for ease of accessibility. Not only that, you can also attach it to a tripod if you wish.

For Low Budget Needs

If you just need a simple pair of birding binoculars but don’t have a lot of money, these low budget picks might be for you.

8. Aurosports 10×25 Folding High Powered Compact Binoculars for Bird Watching

For those who like something that is for low budget, you can try the Aurosports 10×25 Folding, which can be folded for ease of storage, and has a large field of view per 1,000 yards as well. It can work in both day and night situations and does not take too much to carry due to the lightweight feel. It is also durable with its housing and has a nonslip grip to prevent slipping.

The lenses that make up this cheap binoculars are made with multi coating construction, which also makes them waterproof without distorting the view. The 25 mm objective lens also adds up to the quality that is given by the 10x magnification, so it is not just for bird watching, but also for hiking, hunting, outdoor sports, events and the like.

9. Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Wide Angle Binoculars

If you want a truly wide angle lens, the Bushnell Falcon 10×50 is a binocular that you might make as a choice. It has good weight of only 27 ounces, has a field of view of 300 feet per 1,000 yards and an exit pupil of 5 mm for good clarity. In addition to that, the eye relief is at 9 mm, while the focusing distance is at 25 feet. These specs are all in all great for most bird watchers.

The magnification is at 10x so it is very far reaching as a bird watching tool. Its finish can withstand abrasions due to the rubberized coating. To back it up, the lens is made with unique Porro prism, which enhances sharpness of the bird subjects.

10. Wingspan Optics FieldView 8X32 Compact Binoculars for Bird Watching

For the person who doesn’t want to spend too much for a pair of binoculars, the Wingspan Optics Spectator can be a great choice for bird watching, or just about any outdoor activity with the kids or your friends. It is quite lightweight in its design and can be great for general birding and even camping, hiking or traveling. It has a nonslip grip so it cannot be easily dropped.

This product is an 8×32 pair of binoculars so it has a fair distance for its lens. You can also use it if you are into sports or watching an even from far away. Because of the portable design, you can take it basically anywhere without feeling too bulky. It has a field of view of 362 feet per 1,00 yards with a right eye diopter system.

The whole thing is lightweight at only 15 ounces, with a BaK4 prism type and a minimum focal length of 3 meters. Adding to the picture clarity is the centered focus system, with an exit pupil distance of 14.8 and a diameter of 4. Along with the binoculars, you also get a carrying case made of nylon mesh, plus a neck strap for ease of accessibility. You can also protect the lens due to the included covers and cleaning cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Binoculars

What are some criteria to choose compact binoculars for birding?

Bird watching can be improved if you choose the right binoculars for the job with the following criteria in mind:

  1. Price – do you have enough budget for something above $200 or will you just settle on something for less? Your budget plays an important role when choosing any product, but don’t try to spend too little for less features and quality.
  2. Magnification and weight ratio – while it is important to have a farther distance that you can reach with the binoculars, 8x and 10x might not really have too much of a difference if your hold is not very steady. If you want a 10x, that’s fine, as long as you are able to hold it properly with less shaking.
  3. Ease of focusing – because birds can move from one place to another too quickly, it can be hard to focus on a bird if your focusing gear on the bird watching binoculars is too flimsy or hard, so you need to go for a smooth one.

What are the benefits of using binoculars for wildlife viewing?

Like spotting scope, binoculars are great for wildlife viewing and birding because:

  1. It allows you to be in touch with nature.
  2. Binoculars help you to see different creatures.
  3. You can also spot objects and events from afar.
  4. Binoculars aren’t just for birds and wildlife – you can use it for sports events.

How do you properly use a pair of binoculars for birding?

To properly use your binoculars for bird watching, you should:

  1. Adjust the focus on the top as needed.
  2. Clean the lenses as needed regularly.
  3. Find a good spot to watch the bird(s).
  4. Keep your binoculars protected with a neoprene case.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we believe that the Vortex Optics Viper is our pick for the best binoculars for bird watching because of its impact resistant rubber coating, availability in both 8x and 10x lens magnification sizes, anti-fog properties, eyecups for less eye fatigue and good visual clarity.

The Ultimate Guide How to Choose Binoculars

The Ultimate Guide How to Choose Binoculars

For any kind of bird that comes across your path, a nice pair of binoculars will show you almost everything you want to see about the bird including its fine details, popping out its colors, and enhancing your chances of identifying what you have seen.

Most people go out for sightseeing and see some amazing birds, landscape, or other creatures they wish they could see at a closer range. Well, if you are one of such persons, then the solution to your problem is a pair of binoculars. With a good pair of binoculars or a spotting scope, you can see your favorite birds or fascinating sights to behold at a very close range. This way, you won’t have to miss some amazing moments anymore.

A common challenge most people face is finding a great pair of binoculars. There are lots of binoculars out there, and finding one that will best fit your needs and preferences can sometimes be challenging. Fortunately, we are here to reduce the burden on you, as we have done our findings and come up with some tips on how to choose binoculars.

In this article, you will find some vital things you need to consider when choosing a pair of binoculars.

How to Choose Binoculars

Binoculars are the second most used optical instruments, and they have several different uses. The very first step to choosing the right pair of binoculars is knowing what you want to use it for. This will help you to pick a binocular that best fits your needs and preferences. Listed below are some of the major uses of binoculars.

  • Bird Watching: There is a standard binocular for watching birds, and it’s an 8x 42 binocular. To view more details on very small birds at far distances, you can go for a binocular with a magnification range of 10x or 12x with a 42mm or 50mm objective lens. Close focus and longer eye relief are also amazing features your bird watching binoculars should have.
  • Hunting: Binoculars with a magnification range of 7x to 10x is great for hunting. But a magnification of 12x to 16x is best for long range shooting including varmint hunting. If you go for a larger magnification, you’ll need a tripod to stabilize your binocular, else you will have a very shaky view.
  • Theater or Concert: Wide angle compact binoculars are great for theater and concert viewing. For venues such as music concerts, theater, and opera, 4x 30, 5x 25, 8x 25, or 7x 18 binoculars are a great option.
  • Marine and Boating: When on the water, a binocular with a high magnification is not advised. 7x is the most commonly used magnification, but some boating buffs and mariners also choose 8x or 10x. You should use a 42mm or 50mm objective lens. The major features you need in a boating or marine binocular are rubber armoring, larger objective lens, and waterproof.

So based on what you want to use the binocular for, there is a range of specification you need to look out for. These specs will help you get the best of your viewing when using the binocular for the right purpose. Now let’s move over to some of the vital things you need to consider when purchasing a pair of binoculars.

How to Choose Binoculars

The View

  • Power: Binoculars are usually identified by two numbers: which are the power and lens diameter. For instance, 7 x 18 means the binocular has a magnification power of 7. This means it draws an object 7 times closer to you than your normal eyes. The larger the magnification power, the more the binocular will be hard to hold steady. So you need to go for a magnification range that you will be able to hold steady.
  • Exit Pupil: This is a number that indicates the brightness of an object when viewed in a low-light situation. The higher the number, the brighter the image. They are calculated by objective lens divided by the magnification power and it is measured in millimeters.
    For instance, for a 7 x 50 binocular, the exit pupil is 50 divided by 7 which is approximately 7mm. Due to the way the human pupil functions, a binocular with an exit pupil of 5mm and above is great for low-light situations (including night time viewing), and an exit pupil of 2mm (minimum) is good for daylight viewing.
  • Eye Relief: The eye relief is the distance between your eyes and the eyepieces while you are seeing the entire field of view. The longer the distance, the more the comfort it provides, as you will be able to hold your binoculars away from your eyes and still get a full view. If you use glasses, look for a binocular with eye relief of 11mm and above.

The Glass

  • Prism Glass: Prism glass is of two types: BaK-4 and BK-7. Their names indicate the elements they are modified with, B for boron and Ba for barium. BaK-4 is a much better prism, and it is more expensive. We recommend you go for a binocular with BaK-4 prism if you can afford it.
  • Lens Coating: A fraction of the light passing through a binocular’s lenses reflects away. When the amount of light passing through the lenses is reduced, it makes an object appear darker. To correct this, coatings are applied. Coatings are in levels, and each level adds more cost but enhances the image.


  • Armoring: This protects the binocular’s body from physical harm due to corrosive elements, bumps, and bangs.
  • Weatherproofing: This option ranges from waterproof to showerproof to nitrogen purged. Rubber “O” rings are used for waterproof sealing. If you are an active birder, we recommend you go for nitrogen purged waterproofing.

Final Thoughts

With this information, for any bird watcher finding the right pair of binoculars shouldn’t be a problem to you anymore, as we have provided you with tips and guidelines on how to go about it and what you need to know. Now that you know the various uses of binoculars, knowing what you want and choosing the perfect binocular should be easy.

6 Best Solar Bird Bath Fountain Reviews

bird bath fountain

Birdwatching and landscaping can be very interesting, and many homeowners love to enjoy the view. This can be difficult if you don’t plan properly. One way to do this seamlessly is with a birdbath fountain. The device looks simple but can provide an area for birds to come and sip some water or take a bath. It also gives homeowners a stunning view of wildlife while increasing home value as well.

With a constant flow of water, the best solar bird fountain will be less prone to pests, a lot safer and easier to clean off than a regular bird bows. These fountains come in different sizes, designs, colors, and shapes. The best part is that they are solar powered.

We made some research to help you pick the best solar birdbath fountain. In this review, we have compared different options to help you choose the most efficient and budget-friendly option.

How to choose the best solar birdbath fountain

When it comes to making a choice of the best solar birdbath fountain, there are some vital factors you must consider.


 The first is the design of the fountain. It is crucial to get a fountain that blends into the existing décor or gardens and feels natural as well. You can choose bright colors for an airy and light feel. Darker colors provide traditional style and elegance.


You need to consider the type of fountain to choose. Do you want a single or double-tiered fountain? The double tier fountain provides a better silhouette, but it may be a bit too bulky for the space.


The next factor you should consider is the material used in making the birdbath. Ceramic, stone and reinforced concrete are perfect choices. Naturally, ceramic and stone are more expensive, but they offer a high-end feel when installed. Reinforced concrete may be lighter and more durable because of its engineered design. You may also come across birdbaths made of plastic.

This plastic option is not recommended because they can be damaged easily by sunlight. They also become brittle when UV rays touch them. Generally, when it comes to material, choose a heavier material as it may be of better quality.

Size and power

The last factor to consider is the power and size of the solar panel. Usually, larger panels offer more watts/power. It allows you to have better water flow as well as a more reliable birdbath. Bigger panels make the pump run seamlessly when there are low light conditions or clouds cover the sunrays.

The solar panel placement must be considered as well. Some pumps have their panels inbuilt, while others need a standalone unit placed near the birdbath. These options are ideal because the satellite panel will have more versatility and it will be easier to set up. Both options work well for whatever purpose.

How does the solar birdbath work?

Solar birdbaths work like regular birdbaths but are powered by sunlight. A solar panel is placed either inside the panel or the bowl of the birdbath, and it collects energy from the sun. The energy collected during the day powers the pump and keeps the water in the birdbath fresh.

Some birdbaths that are powered by the sun can be damaged during the cold weather so be sure to remove its solar insert. You can also use it with a birdbath heater. This will keep the water warm as well as the unit. Also, on cloudy days, some units do not have an electric option to enable plug-in power.

Product Reviews of the Best Solar Bird Bath Fountain

1. Smart Solar Acadia Solar Bird Bath

The Smart Solar Acadia has an underwater panel that gives it a less industrial and more natural look. When it is put on, it runs silently. It has a good design and may enhance the look of the garden. This solar birdbath is also low maintenance and may be ideal for homeowners who prefer to watch birds and other animals run around rather than cleaning a pump filter. The assembling of this fountain is also easy and straightforward. It can be put together in no time and without needing a technician.

Also, the fountain is built from glass fiber reinforced concrete. This makes it more durable and may last for many years even in tough weather conditions. The voltage pump is also silent as mentioned earlier. This may be a good option if you want a visually appealing fountain.

2. Smart Solar Somerset Verdigris Solar Bird Bath Fountain

The Somerset Verdigris fountain has an 18-inch resin bowl with a clean wrought iron frame. It has a rustic brown, green and black coloring that gives it a natural tone. It also blends smoothly with the surrounding foliage because of its open iron frame design. This solar powered birdbath may be an ideal option if you want a low-cost solution.

Apart from its aesthetic appeal, the Somerset Birdbath is also quite eco-friendly with its low voltage pump. Its integrated solar panel doesn’t look so obvious as it was cleverly hidden under two inches of water. This makes it more natural. The spray nozzle also extends 3 inches in the air. This produces a soothing trickling sound as it shoots the water across the entire bowl.

3. Smart Solar Ceramic Solar Bird Bath

This glazed royal blue solar birdbath comes third in this review because of its aesthetic appeal. It has a sizeable 17-inch water bowl as well as an ornamental flower motif that gives it a unique look. The fountain is built with a top-notch pump assembly and solar panel. The pump assembly sits in the middle of the bowl. It can be removed with ease for cleaning or maintenance. It comes in 3 pieces, the base, the solar pump and the bowl, and must be assembled before use.

This may take a few minutes to fix, and the fountain weighs only 32 pounds. You can move it around the back of the house to ensure that it gets optimal sun exposure. The unit does not have a control switch to turn it off and on. It automatically pumps when the sunrays intensify.

However, the downside to this fountain is its sunlight sensitivity. A large cloud blocking the sun temporarily may reduce the pump power. It may return to normal when the sun returns.

4. Joseph Studio 62852 Tall Angel Sitting By Solar Bird Bath Statue

This solar birdbath from Joseph studio comes with a beautiful solar-powered LED rice light. The design is also aesthetically pleasing with a little girl angel sitting with a bird resting on her arm and the birdbath in the front. This may be a good option for homeowners who want an automatic fountain. The bowl is properly lit with the blue LED rice light, and its solar panel can be found at the rear end of the statue, completely concealing it.

However, this fountain must be stored in an unshaded area for up to ten hours to work properly. It turns off and on in the night and morning and can work for 6 hours when it charges fully.

5. Best Choice Products 2-Tier Solar Bird Bath Fountain With LED Lights And Integrated Solar Panel

The 2-tier birdbath fountain features a blossom and water lily engraving that stylishly curves around the bowl and base. You may also like the natural gray color of the fountain as it blends well with the natural elements. The blend of textures, colors, and style makes this a decent outdoor piece and birds may love it. It also has a rugged construction that may allow it to stand 40 mph gusts of wind with ease.

Also, the setup is quite easy, and it takes a couple of minutes before it can be up and running. It also has an automatic dial that puts it on and off. You can choose when it runs if you prefer a customizable birdbath experience. Its pump and solar panel are located on the tier at the top, and this may make it more efficient. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to six hours when there is no solar power. It may come in handy during nighttime festivities and cloudy days. The LED lights glow as well in the evening to provide a beautiful lighting effect for nighttime bird watchers.

The box comes with four different water sprouts, and this gives you an option of choosing the best water effect for the landscape. If you want a burbling stream, a nice water halo or a vertical solar fountain, this may be a good option.

6. Solatec Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain

This is one of the best solar birdbath fountains because it is budget friendly and efficient. It has an aesthetic appeal and also works well. The assembly is a breeze. All you need is a few minutes to connect the spray head and the base attachments and set it down in the birdbath pool, stand, or any other water body. The pump sprays water into the air in a few seconds. Sunlight may be all it needs to fire up and start running. It works well for a birdbath fountain of its budget.

As long as there is sunlight, the Solatec birdbath pump can spray water at 1.64 ft. high. A fishing line that comes with the solar pump is used in tying a heavy object below the pump so it can stop moving around so much. It has four nozzle heads, and you can easily refine its spray pattern for the visual display you prefer for your solar water fountain or birdbath. Generally, the solar pump may offer great value for its price. It is easy to maintain. All you need to maintain it is wipe its solar panel using a sponge or damp cloth. Also, you may need to check the pump from time to time to clean of the dirt that may accumulate on it. You must clean it regularly because dirt can reduce the ability of the panel to harness solar energy and even clog the water inlet of the pump.

Best Solar Bird Bath Fountain

Benefits of using a Solar Bird Bath

Why do you need a solar birdbath? beside Binocular and spotting scope A solar birdbath is an excellent way to create a personal bird watching sanctuary. They are very attractive and are low maintenance. Their inbuilt solar panel makes them safer because it reduces the risk of tripping on the cords or electric shocks. Most importantly, these fountains are energy efficient, and this means that they can work on cloudy or stormy days. Another good feature is their silent pumps. This feature is essential because a noisy fountain will drive birds away. The larger corded birdbaths may be too loud and can scare birds away. The solar fountains are a lot safer and offer a calm environment for the winged creatures.

One other reason to consider buying and installing a solar birdbath is to diminish microbial buildup. With a traditional still birdbath, it may be easy for mildew and mold to accumulate in the fountain bowl. Also, insect larva and mosquitoes prefer to breed in stagnant bodies of water. Solar pumps produce continuous flowing water, and this is ideal for deterring microbes and insects. Also, this creates a healthier environment for your family as well as your little-winged friends. After all, no one wants to breed mosquitos in their garden.

Final Thoughts

When you have full knowledge of how to choose the best solar birdbath fountain, it will ease the process of getting one. Be sure to compare all the functions and features alongside the price so you can pick one that is ideal for your own situation.

Our pick for the best solar birdbath fountain is the Smart Solar Acadia Solar Birdbath. It has a soothing light brown color with an olive green finish circling the base of the fountain and the bowl. The unit was made from glass-fiber reinforced concrete, and it comes with a whisper silent pump to keep the bird comfortable while resting or drinking. When you consider the features, price or build quality, it may be a good option.