Black Capped Lory

The Black Capped Lory is a medium sized stocky bird with a short, slightly rounded tail.

It is the second largest of the Lories. These birds typically form very strong bonds with there owners, a characteristic consistent with their wild habits of bonding only to one or two other birds.

The Black Capped Lory is playful and animated and makes an excellent pet for those willing to provide significant and meaningful attention.

The Black Capped Lory can be very noisy and requires ongoing obedience training to prevent this from becoming an issue.

They can be excellent talkers and are very affectionate. Life span average is 20-25 years.

Like most parrots they must be DNA sexed because there are no visual differences between male and female. A good Lory Food, Like Lory Life or Wambaroo, is necessary for their optimum health.

Powdered food and water should be provided side-by-side, to allow them to immediately drink after licking powdered food.

The most common medical problems, for the Lory is Iron Retention Disease and Yeast Infection.

Yeast infection is caused by the sugars that they must ingest in their fruits and juices (this is preventable by adding 4 drops of liquid acidophilus culture to their drinking water).

As with all Lories and Lorikeets (Those with Long pointed Tails) the pet owner should be well aware of their dietary needs and their inability to process seeds, cuttle bone and other hard substances.

These little birds are tireless playing machines; they run faster than a speeding bullet and adore chasing their favorite person around the house on foot.

They will occupy themselves for hours with a few butter tubs and lids and will climb and swing from large gage rope attached at both ends for safety.

They are wildly possessive of their territory (cage), toys and person.

They need to be trained to share. In this respect, they are not unlike the Quaker Parrot (If I see it, it is mine. If I am near it, it is mine. If it is your’s and I like it, it is mine).

Their average life span is 20-25 years. The cage should be roomy with plenty of height, because they are climbers. They will use the outside of the cage as a climbing and play area as well as the inside.

Bar spacing should be no more than ¾ inch. BLACK CAPPED LORIES ARE CONSIDERED RARE/ENDANGERED AND ARE ON THE WORLD PARROT TRUST’S, C.I.T.E.S LIST. If you are lucky enough to be owned by one, know that you are one of the few.