Cage and Toy Safety Tips

Inspect Your Cage(s) Regularly For Hazards – It is absolutely necessary for the safety and health of any bird, that the cage be checked regularly for safety and health hazards.  Most birds are potential escape artists; they love the challenge of opening their door just like they see their caretakers do.  They work long and hard at this, especially when you are not looking (like kids in a cookie jar).  Make sure that they have not created permanent gaps in closures that might trap their beaks or feet.  Once a bird is trapped, they flop and twist and flap their wings to free themselves, often causing serious injury or death.  We have had reports of one particular brand of cage that has a double loop type closure that appears secure and safe, but; two birds, known to us, thus far; have gotten their foot caught in the double looped end inside the cage.  One has perished and the other has required extensive vet care and surgery.  So please inspect your cages to insure that there are no possible entrapment hazards, if there are; check out our bird cages for a truly safe home for your birds.

Heavy Metal Poisoning:  Make sure that all metal toy parts are stainless steel or iron.  Cheap toys without metal content listings on the label are not worth the risk.  Toys containing lead are lethal to your birds.  It will not kill them instantly, but; overtime they will die from heavy metal poisoning.

Inspect All Toys For Hazardous Wear And Tear – All toys get beak and talon worn, some sooner than others.  Make it part of your daily routine to check each toy to insure there are no frayed ends on Boing Perches, sharp gnawed down pieces of wood or cracked plastic.  It is better to replace the toy than to risk injury to your bird.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Bird Cages

A stainless steel cage with last a life time.

Stainless is stain and rust resistant. No paint to peel. Parrot chew proof. Easy to clean. Disinfects easily. Very strong and durable. Can stand up to the strongest parrot beak. Non Toxic.

Keeping your Stainless Cage Beautiful for life is easy.

Just clean with a mild soap and water. Wipe it dry. Wipe with the grain. Avoid exposure to saltwater and marine air. Keep the cage clean – free of dropping and it will stay beautiful for life.