Poopology – Bird Care

Check your bird’s poop daily for the proper consistency.

Droppings should be well formed with both green and white streaks in it.

(Lorys and Lorikeets are the exception.  They have looser poops due to their high sugar/nectar diet).

If you begin to see loose or discolored stools, please call your vet.  Because birds hide illness so well, their poop is the best indicator we have of trouble/illness brewing.  Before panicking, go over what your bird has had to eat in recent days.  The color of food will tint their poop.


Yeast infections, also known as Sour Crop or Crop Stasis will be fatal to your bird if left untreated.

If your fid begins to present runny stools and has drool coming out of the beak, he most likely has a yeast infection in his crop and needs to be treated with a broad spectrum anti-biotic like Baytril.

Call the vet right away, should you see these symptoms.

Foods that cause yeast, when given too often or in too large portions, are pasta, rice, bread, potato (anything starchy) and sweets.  White bread should NEVER be offered.  Whole grain bread can be offered occasionally.  Birds love pasta, rice and potato and can have these things in small amounts, offered no more than once a week.  A daily offering is begging for a yeast infection.  Sweets are completely OUT.  No bites of cake, cookie or other human deserts.  Yes, they will relish them, but; it is “killing them with kindness” to allow them to have it.