Eclectus Parrot

The Solomon Islands Eclectus is the only one of the larger parrots that is dimorphic. Males and females are easily distinguished by their colored plumage with the males being green and the females being variations of red and blue. Some interesting and natural variations do occur. The Eclectus can have a life span of65-85 years, so folks who are owned by them, need to wisely choose their future forever home with a person who will commit to and is young enough to love these birds until they cross the Rainbow Bridge. They are very sentient and interactive birds who have clear and interactive speech patterns. There are no major diseases that are common to them, with the exception of an inexplicable syndrome called “Toe Tapping and Wing Flipping” that is attributable to low calcium levels. Not only are they beautiful but; they are loveable companions who need to be constantly enriched by plenty of toys to play with so boredom does not set in.

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