Goffins Cockatoo

The Gregarious, intelligent and affectionate Goffins Cockatoo, has not enjoyed the popularity of other larger Cockatoos in the pet world because they demand much love and attention.  If you are among those who are owned by one, you already know that they are largely underestimated as the perfect bird, as long as you have plenty of time, love and affection to give them.  They cement a bond between themselves and their humans like no other bird.  They are not a bird to be left to a bird room or to entertain themselves.

They are fun loving, interactive and said to be natural entertainers.  But; this smallest of Cockatoos (approximately 12.5” long-weighing 300-400 grams) will not be denied attention and without it, they turn inward and sullen.  They are cuddly and snuggly and will fill your days with love and lively laughter, and they demand it from their humans.   Goffins can be excellent and prolific talkers, but; like any other parrot; some just prefer to talk “parrot”.  It does take a good deal of effort to have them speak fluently, but; the rewards are many when they do.

They do have a tendency to scream (as most Cockatoos do) when left to their own devices when they want attention and love.  They hail from the Tenimber Islands of Indonesia and are flock birds in the wild; hence, their need to be a part of their human flock.  This is why they make excellent birds for families, because they will bond to more than one person and are extremely gentle. Children must be taught that all birds bite and so do Goffins.

Adult supervision is always as must. They are not susceptible to many diseases with the exception of Psittacine Beak and Feather Syndrome. This unfortunate disease usually manifests itself in the feathers after several years. In addition to feather malformation, beak disfiguration is common with this disease.  All Cockatoos species have the propensity to develop this syndrome.  Unlike other parrots, the Goffins should NOT be weaned before 12-14 weeks of age.

When they go to a new home, their humans should offer warm formula or other “comfort” foods a couple of times per day until they are completely weaned to a diet of pellets, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits.  If the baby is not weaned by the breeder properly, their cries for comfort food or formula will turn to screaming very shortly and the new family relationship can deteriorate or be lost.  Please be sure to ask lots of questions of your selected breeder, before purchasing.  They do not fair well with being rehomed, because they mourn for their original human flock.

Because of their high energy and activity level, Goffins need the biggest cage you can manage. The very minimum would be 24 inches wide by 36 inches long, but they will utilize every inch of even the largest Macaw-sized cage. Just be certain that you order one with ¾ or one-inch bar spacing so the bird can’t get its head through. Another reason for a large cage is that they cannot be permitted out and about without constant supervision. There is no parrot capable of causing more damage or getting into trouble more quickly than a fun-loving Goffins cockatoo!