Green Cheeked Conure

Green Cheeked Conures are small, intelligent little birds that hail from South America. They tend not to be as noisy as other Conure species and are quite affectionate. The love to play with foot toys and use their feet as their hands in most anything they do.

Five-Oh even knows how to use tools for grooming. He takes a piece of pasta in his foot and scratches his head and back with it, very efficiently. Their human language abilities are only moderate and chances are they will only have a limited vocabulary, although Five-Oh seems to be the exception. What they lack in human talk, they make up for in their cavorting antics.

Their life span is about 30-35 years, with proper diet, housing, love and care. These little fellows have a huge personality and love to have attention and interactive play time. You will often see them hanging upside down and swinging from a swing or rope perch or hiding beneath a cloth or piece of paper, then scurrying out to attract attention. If you are looking for a wonderful companion, but; do not have the space for a huge cage and larger bird, give these little fellows some serious consideration.

Many breeders are now producing color mutations of the Green Cheeked Conure and there are a couple of sub-species too. One of the most beautiful color mutations, in this author’s opinion, is the Pineapple Green Cheek and the most brilliantly colored sub-species is the Maroon Bellied Conure. No matter the color, their personalities are much the same and there will never be a dull moment or lack of companionship with one of these intelligent little fellows in your home.