Lilac Crowned Amazon

General Info and Care:

The Lilac-crowned Amazon, or Finsch’s Amazon is native to Mexico. This parrots beautiful plumage features a primarily green body, maroon forehead, and violet-blue crown. The beak is bone colored and the feet flesh colored.

Lilac-crowned Amazons make good companions for experienced bird lovers. They are intelligent, friendly and very charming. Like all companion birds they require socialization throughout their lives. Parrots that do not get the proper socialization and attention can become depressed and display destructive behavior as well as possible declining health that can result in illness and even death. Everyone in the family should spend time with the bird. Lilac-crowned Amazons will form bonds with all family members if socialized properly.

Lilac-crowned Amazons are fair talkers. Like all parrots they have the ability to talk. Some parrots choose to talk. Some choose not to. The best way to encourage your bird to talk is by talking to them often and including them in activities.

Lilac-crowned Amazons are prolific chewers and wonderful acrobats. They require lots of wood to chew on, swings and toys that they can hang from. Rotated your bird’s toys often to prevent boredom and encourage play. This is important to their mental health as well as keeping a healthily trimmed beak.

A minimum of 4 hours outside of his cage a day is a must for these parrots. Amazons can tend toward obesity and require daily exercise. We suggest taking your parrot with you from room to room. Parrot play stands are an excellent way to do this.

A good UV light or adequate time in the natural sunlight are strongly suggested for feather health as well as the mental health of all parrots.

Bathing at least once a week is suggested for feather health. There are several ways to bathe your parrot. I take my parrots in the shower with me. You can give them a shallow bowl of water or mist them with a water bottle. Make sure to keep them from drafts after bathing until they are completely dry. Bathing should be encouraged from the beginning so your Amazon can be happy and joyful with this necessary ritual.

Lilac-crowned Amazons can be loud and should be allowed to be so. In nature parrots communicate by calling out. They also relieve stress and warn of danger this way. You should expect your bird to be noisy in the morning and evening. This normal calling usually lasts 10 minutes or so. Of course there is normal screaming calls and problem screaming. For advice on how to raise a well rounded parrot. Click Here

Size: The Lilac-Crowned Amazon is about 13 inches from beak to tail.

Lifespan: Average about 60 years with proper care.

Dietary Needs: high quality pelleted diet, with some seed mix and fruits and veggies daily.

Common Diseases and ailments:

Upper respiratory diseases
Vitamin A deficiency
Bacterial, viral and fungal infections
Foot mutilation
Toe constrictions or malformations
Feather picking

All of these ailments can be avoided with proper care.