Parrots and Talking

Birds have ways of communicating. They tweet or chirp or squawk to communicate with other birds or to communicate with other animals. Some birds have the capability to mimic other birds or other animals. The mockingbird is a good example of … [Continue reading]

Aspergillosis in Parrots

Aspergillosis is caused by the fungus aspergillus. It can effect other species, not just birds. We are all exposed to aspergillus regularly. We come in contact with it often and most of us do not develop a disease from exposure. Healthy birds, as … [Continue reading]

The Zebra Finch

Are you interested in a small bird? A bird with lovely colors? A bird that has a beautiful song and a lovely chirp? Are you not overly interested in having a hand-tame bird? Then the Zebra Finch could be the perfect bird for you. They are small, so … [Continue reading]

The Kea Parrot

If you are day sleeper or night “owl”, this bird may be the perfect companion for you as they are semi-nocturnal. In captivity they are known to be most active during dark or stormy weather in addition to nighttime hours. The entertaining Kea is a … [Continue reading]


Turacos are an odd bird in their general appearance. They are not a parrot, so their bill is not hooked. They have a small head and a long body that ends in a long luxurious tail. There are 18 different species of Turaco, all with different … [Continue reading]

Toco Toucan

The most common type of toucan is the Toco Toucan. This is the one most likely to be found in a pet shop to be sold as a pet. Toucans are by no means common here in the United States, but if you see one, it will likely be this one. If one is to … [Continue reading]

Patagonian Conure

This wonderful parrot comes in three convenient sizes. While the Greater Patagonian measures 18 inches in length the next most commonly found, Lesser Patagonian is the most popular, only growing to about 12-14 inches. Their average lifespan is 12 … [Continue reading]

Strawberry Finch

The Strawberry Finch is called many things, including Red Avadavat, Tiger Finch, and Strawberry waxbill. The Scientific name is Amandava Amandava. The name that fits best with the birds appearance is certainly Strawberry Finch. It really does look … [Continue reading]

The lovable and cuddly Umbrella Cockatoo

General Info: The Umbrella Cockatoo, native to Indonesia, is a large, gorgeous, white parrot. On this bird, the underside of the wings and the tail have feathers of a delicate yellow color. The tail feathers are short and squared at the end. The … [Continue reading]

Senegal Parrot

Senegal Parrots give you the best of all worlds in a companion bird. They are independent, a tad persnickety at times, but; not big biters, they talk and whistle well, with training, even though they have a raspier voice than most parrots. They love, … [Continue reading]