Best Pellet Food For Amazon Parrot

Would you like to change to pelleted diets for your lovely Amazon parrots? If your answer is “Yes”, let’s keep on reading this article. In the wildlife, Amazon parrots consume seeds all year round because different plants come into season. However, seeds are normally high in fat but low in nutrients, which can lead to […]

These 10 Best Parrot Food are the way to show your love to your “Birdie”

Do you agree with us that the parrot is an interesting bird pet? They are beautiful and especially smart as they can imitate human words and laughter. The African grey parrot is very well-known for the intelligence of its capability to remember of a vocabulary of 150 human words. What a great companion pet! However, […]

Prestigious List Of The Best Food For Cockatiels 2019

You might be wondering what the best food for cockatiels is, right? When you think you feed your bird pet sufficiently, it turns out that your current diet regime is unbalanced with only one kind of seed. It is really good that the market offers a large variety of choices though sometimes makes you confused […]

Best Finch Food Reviews

For a healthy and balanced finch food diet, seeds should only take around 50% of the finches’ food, and the rest of that diet should be veggies, fresh fruits, and other natural ingredients. Different finch species have different nutritional needs, and as a finch pet owner, you must remember this information. However, it could be […]

6 Best Budgie Food Reviews

Budgies have diverse tastes and can eat numerous different readily-available greens, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. The most important thing every budgie owner should take into account is a balance in their birds’ food. For this reason, many owners usually choose the right blend of sprouting and dry seeds, with fresh foods as add-ons. Whichever budgie […]

5 Best Food For Lovebirds Reviews

Are you looking for the best food for lovebirds that can provide these beautiful creatures with all of the nutrition they need? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place! Below is a compilation of food for lovebirds reviews. After numerous testing and researching, we are sure this article will keep you well-informed […]

The list of best food for eclectus parrot you need to know!

Eclectus is a kind of parrots whose full name is Eclectus Roratus. They usually live in some islands in northeastern Australia. It is the special parrot species because of its colorful feather. The colorful feather makes them special. Besides, the feather color of the male is different from the one of the females. It is […]

Protecting the pets’ digestive system with 6 best food for parrotlets

Even though you feed them with fatty food such as almonds, walnuts, and peanuts, they are not willing to voluntarily eat. Therefore, you will be stress to think about the best foods for parrotlets. In recently, the parrots enjoy pecking the nuts and seeds of grains, fruits, nuts & legumes. It is a mixture of […]

The list of best food African greys you don’t know!

The type of food plays a vital role in bringing a healthy and happy life for African greys. The appropriate food provides the necessary nutrition for the greys. Different bird species have a different diet, including the different amounts of the vitamin, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fat, and even the water. The greys definitely grow well […]

List of Best Parakeet Food

Feeding your parakeet with the best parakeet food keeps them healthy and happy. After analyzing some professional reviews, we have some pieces of advice about the parakeet recommended food. Taking care of your parakeet is similar to taking care of a child. Make sure that it gets proper nutrition, proper environment, proper physical activity, and […]