Blue Fronted Amazon

General Info: One of the most popular types of Amazon in the U.S. is the Blue-Fronted Amazon. There are many types of Amazon parrots. Yellow-Headed, Orange-winged, and the Lilacine Amazons, and these are but a few of the many many different species of Amazon. All Amazons are predominately green, with different accent colors depending on […]

Yellow Headed Amazon

is native to Mexico and Central America. It is actually endangered due to the destruction of the rain forest in these areas. Another reason these birds are endangered is the captive pet trade. These parrots sell for quite a lot of money, so they are captured and sold as beautiful, exotic pets. Although the capture […]

Lilac Crowned Amazon

General Info and Care: The Lilac-crowned Amazon, or Finsch’s Amazon is native to Mexico. This parrots beautiful plumage features a primarily green body, maroon forehead, and violet-blue crown. The beak is bone colored and the feet flesh colored. Lilac-crowned Amazons make good companions for experienced bird lovers. They are intelligent, friendly and very charming. Like […]

Mexican Red Headed or Red Lored Amazon

The photo is of a Mexican Red Headed or Red Lored Amazon.  While many are companion birds, they are considered endangered in the wild.  Mexican Red-Headed Parrots require a lot of space and love to play, so make sure you have the room ready for them to romp around. When shopping for a cage for […]