The Zebra Finch

Are you interested in a small bird? A bird with lovely colors? A bird that has a beautiful song and a lovely chirp? Are you not overly interested in having a hand-tame bird? Then the Zebra Finch could be the perfect bird for you. They are small, so their cage doesn’t need to be extremely […]

Strawberry Finch

The Strawberry Finch is called many things, including Red Avadavat, Tiger Finch, and Strawberry waxbill. The Scientific name is Amandava Amandava. The name that fits best with the birds appearance is certainly Strawberry Finch. It really does look like a little strawberry. Well, the adult male does anyway. Originating from Asia, this cute little bird […]

Gouldian Finch

General Info: The Gouldian Finch, also known as the rainbow finch, is the most colorful of all the different types of finches. There are three natural color mutations of the Gouldian Finch: red-headed, yellow-headed, and black-headed. The black headed Gouldian finch is the dominant of all strains and the most abundant in the wild. The […]