Canary Varieties

Many people that decide they want a canary are unaware that there are many different types of canary. When you think of a canary, you think of the typical little yellow singing bird. Right? That is what I think of. Chances are, your neighborhood pet store has more than just the standard yellow canary. There […]

The Kea Parrot

If you are day sleeper or night “owl”, this bird may be the perfect companion for you as they are semi-nocturnal. In captivity they are known to be most active during dark or stormy weather in addition to nighttime hours. The entertaining Kea is a parrot that is loved by most and disliked by some. […]


Turacos are an odd bird in their general appearance. They are not a parrot, so their bill is not hooked. They have a small head and a long body that ends in a long luxurious tail. There are 18 different species of Turaco, all with different variations in coloring and head-crest. They are all found […]

Toco Toucan

The most common type of toucan is the Toco Toucan. This is the one most likely to be found in a pet shop to be sold as a pet. Toucans are by no means common here in the United States, but if you see one, it will likely be this one. If one is to […]

Senegal Parrot

Senegal Parrots give you the best of all worlds in a companion bird. They are independent, a tad persnickety at times, but; not big biters, they talk and whistle well, with training, even though they have a raspier voice than most parrots. They love, love, love to chew, so make sure they have plenty of […]

Scarlett Chested Parrot

The scientific name for this bird is Neophema Splendida. I am unable to pronounce or understand Latin words, but the last part of the name is easy to read. Splendida is obviously a description of how splendidly beautiful this bird is. Truly a bird of the rainbow. With pretty much every bright eye catching color […]

Rose-faced Parrot

The Rose-faced parrot is native to a small portion of South America. Their range covers portions of Colombia and Ecuador. They live in areas heavily forested. A tall thick tropical forest is where you will likely find this bird. They are hard to spot as their green coloring help them blend very well into their […]

Ringneck Doves

You may have seen this common dove in pet stores. It’s a very smooth looking bird with soft features and a very graceful demeanor. It is well known as a good natured bird, friendly to humans and easily tamable. The Ringneck dove originated in Africa and has been domesticated for many hundreds of years. Actually, […]


The Red-Bellied Parrot is considered to be the best talkers and most outgoing of the Poicephalus Species. Their vocabulary can become immense and they are never shy about telling strangers all the words that they know. (A prime example of why we should only use “good” words around our fids. Like others in this Order […]


The Princess of Wales Parakeet was named after Princess Alexandra of Denmark, who later married the Prince of Wales Edward the VII and she eventually became the Queen of England. Not only are these gorgeous birds regal in stature, they are absolutely gorgeous in color (there are several color mutations that have been developed by […]