African Grey Parrot

There are two official subspecies of African Grey parrots. The first Congo African Grey “Psittacus erithacus erithacus” is the larger of the two species, growing to 12-13 inches bill to tail. They have light grey feathers, a dark red tail, a black beak and their irises change from grey to light yellow by the time […]

Eclectus Parrot

The Solomon Islands Eclectus is the only one of the larger parrots that is dimorphic. Males and females are easily distinguished by their colored plumage with the males being green and the females being variations of red and blue. Some interesting and natural variations do occur. The Eclectus can have a life span of65-85 years, […]

The Crazy Caique

Caique – Strange name for a parrot isn’t it. The correct pronunciation of Caique is: “ky-eek” or “kah-eek.” Yes, this word also means a sailing vessel and darned if we know what that has to do with birds (not to be confused with Kayak). They are intelligent, curious, stubborn, affectionate, fearless and devoted. They are […]


There are many, many colors of lovebirds, nine of which are natural species, native to Africa. The rest are color mutations effected by breeders. There is no difference in personality, just color. They are a happy, cavorting little bird who would rather whistle and chatter than talk human, but; some do learn human language when […]

Black Capped Lory

The Black Capped Lory is a medium sized stocky bird with a short, slightly rounded tail. It is the second largest of the Lories. These birds typically form very strong bonds with there owners, a characteristic consistent with their wild habits of bonding only to one or two other birds. The Black Capped Lory is […]


Cockatiels are in the Cockatoo Family and hail from Australia. Unlike their larger cousins, they are not as prone to screaming behavior. Cockatiels have the propensity for large vocabularies and a talent for learning whistle light hearted tunes. The bird pictured above is a Normal Gray Cockatiel (the original coloring of a wild Cockatiel, but; […]