Rosellas Parakeet

Of the two different species of Rosellas pictured here (Eastern on the left and Crimson on the right) the Crimson is said to make the best family member. There are several species of Rosella in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand and many color mutations have been developed by Avian Husbandry folks; but we will concentrate […]

The Quaker Parrot or Monk Parakeet

This BIG BIRD in a LITTLE PACKAGE, OFFERS EVERYTHING A COMPANION BIRD LOVER EVER WANTED AND MORE.  Because I speak with a very prejudicial pen, I am not going to fill this column with my “praise prolific” for these little guys. Instead, I am going to refer your directly to where you will find […]

Mustached Parakeet

This beautiful, pastel feathered bird with its obvious moustache, hails from the Himalayas, Indonesia and China.  It is one of the few parrots whose sex can be visually determined.  The female has a black beak while the male has a bright orange-red beak. They are a hardy medium sized bird of about 16″ and 100 […]

The Alexandrine Parakeet

The Alexandrine is known as the gentle bird with a huge beak.The homeland of the Alexandrine is Indonesia with 5 subspecies. All range from 22″ to 25″ beak to tail with a 10″ to 12″ wingspan. Their average lifespan is 40 years. They are not dimorphic (visual difference between male and female) until the reach […]

The Horned Parakeet

The Horned Parakeet, also known as the crested parakeet, is pretty distinctive. A small, mostly green bird with two thin long black feathers coming off of the head. The “horns” of the male are a bit longer and thicker than the female. The tips of the “horns” are red to match the front portion of […]

The Derbyan Parakeet

The Derbyan Parakeet (Parrot) is an absolutely gorgeous bird with its many shades of violet and blue standing out from the striking black collar and multi-green colors of its main body. Derbyans make excellent companions when only one is chosen, because they are naturally shy and prefer the company of other birds, if given a […]