Proper Diet for Your Bird

Fresh clean water is a must.

How you provide your parrots water is a personal preference.

You can provide water in a bowl or a water bottle.

It is very important to sterilize any container that you use daily.

If you use a bowl make sure that it isn’t in a place that can come in contact with feces.

Fresh clean water must be provided at all times.

A parrots diet is an important key ingredient to a happy healthy bird.

First off it is helpful to know when parrots eat in the wild.

They forage twice a day for food. In the morning and evening.

So plan on two meals for your companion a day.

Offering a variety of tastes and textures is a way to avoid boredom and discourage a picky eater.

A good pellet diet is a good base to start with. Offer fruits and veggies daily.

A few treats from the table are also good for your birds mental health. Parrots need that special attention from their human flock. Just make sure that the treats from the table are low in salt and sugar. And make sure that what you give as a treat is not toxic for birds.

Most important:

Find out all you can about your parrots native foods. Each species has their own dietary needs.