Ruby Macaw

Ruby Macaws are a hybrid cross between a Scarlet Macaw and a Green-winged Macaw and are simply gorgeous. Hybrids are usually bred for color rather than personality, so their characteristics can be uncertain.

The Ruby Macaw first reminds us of a Green-winged Macaw, but is distinguished by the bright yellow and orange feathers scattered across the center of its back and wings! The personality of a Scarlet is such that it requires good socialization and a firm consistent hand in training, especially as it matures. The Green-wing is a very gentle, affectionate and sensitive macaw.

The Ruby can have the characteristics of the Scarlet, but it can also incorporate the gentle nature of the Green-winged. Ruby Macaws can be a very affectionate and playful, good talkers, and fun pets that are very beautiful.

Hybrid macaws are created from taking the original species from their natural habitat and keeping them with other species in a limited community setting. Hybridization does occur naturally in the wild, however, it is more difficult to document. Hybrid macaws are primarily the product of civilization & globalization. At this time there is not enough recorded data for comparison to make general conclusions regarding the hybrid offspring, health, lifespan, temperament, coloring & genetic viability for future breeding.Hybrids are generally not bred; however the breeding of hybrids is becoming more common.

Hybrids are known to be sterile but not always. Some breeders believe that breeding a hybrid will dilute the gene pool. And while the blood lines aren’t pure, the hybrid macaw is no less desirable as a pet.

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