The Derbyan Parakeet

The Derbyan Parakeet (Parrot) is an absolutely gorgeous bird with its many shades of violet and blue standing out from the striking black collar and multi-green colors of its main body.

Derbyans make excellent companions when only one is chosen, because they are naturally shy and prefer the company of other birds, if given a choice. They are larger than most Parakeets at 20+ inches in length and are extremely intelligent. They can be loud (what parrot isn’t at times), but; their ability to talk (almost like Amazons) and their affectionate ways will outshine that very quickly.

Derbyans hail from the Far East (China, Tibet, etc) and were rapidly becoming extinct in the wild. Thanks to the World Parrot Trust and C.I.T.E.S., they are finally making a comeback. Their diet should consist of no more than 40% Organic Pellets (Harrisons Organic Pellets come to mind) and the rest fresh fruits, vegetables, and birdie bread, with some seed.

Always remember to only leave fresh foods in the food cup for about 2-3 hours to prevent illness from bacteria. Because of its long tail, the Derbyan should have as large a cage as possible (36”x24” minimum) with bar spacing no more than 5/8” to ½”. Your Derbyan should be allowed as much out of cage and with his/her human family as much as possible. This will keep the noise to a minimum and bonding to the maximum. They are not good candidates for full time caging.

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