The Princess of Wales Parakeet (Princess Parrot)

The Princess of Wales Parakeet was named after Princess Alexandra of Denmark, who later married the Prince of Wales Edward the VII and she eventually became the Queen of England. Not only are these gorgeous birds regal in stature, they are absolutely gorgeous in color (there are several color mutations that have been developed by breeders, but; the one pictured here is the real deal); but, they are non-aggressive and affectionate.

Like other flock birds, they do “call the flock” at night, but; they aren’t as loud as a Quaker and make wonderful apartment dwellers.

They grow to about 16” in length, from tail to beak, at maturity and live to about 25-30 years on the average. They are extremely good whistlers and can be very good talkers too. It is suggested that these birds have a playmate (sex unimportant unless you plan to breed) because they love human and avian companionship and playmates.

A Large cage with no more than ½” bar spacing is recommended, because of their need to exercise and play with toys when in their house. The Large cage is also needed to prevent the “Tattered Tail” problems that banging tail feathers on cage bars can bring.