The Quaker Parrot or Monk Parakeet

This BIG BIRD in a LITTLE PACKAGE, OFFERS EVERYTHING A COMPANION BIRD LOVER EVER WANTED AND MORE.  Because I speak with a very prejudicial pen, I am not going to fill this column with my “praise prolific” for these little guys. Instead, I am going to refer your directly to where you will find everything you want to know, from nutrition and housing to the roles that they play in your family flock.  If you already own a Quaker and haven’t been to the Quaker Parakeet Society website, go and look and read and join the free discussion list and the Quaker Parakeet Society too.  You will not regret it. Thanks to careful scientific genetic breeding, by such folks as the most prestigious Bob Nelson, of Oregon, these wonderful family members come in many colors from shades of blue, yellow, cinnamon and pied.  They have become feral in many states and many states have made them ILLEGAL TO OWN OR TRANSPORT THROUGH THEIR STATE, so make sure that you live in a legal state before running out to purchase one and be very selective about the breeder from whom you purchase.  If you want a bird that can make you laugh, cry and be amazed all at the same time, the Quaker is for you.  Every day with a Quaker is an adventure!!!! (Jan Santor).