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Prevue Large stainless steel Play top bird cage

1# Prevue Play Top

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The largest parrot that ever lived was a whopping 7 kilograms! While your pet parrot may be less than half of that, you still need a large parrot cage to make them comfortable.

African grays, Amazons, and cockatoos are large too, and with their wide wingspans, they need a large parrot cage. If you’re in the market, you might wonder how to find the best large parrot cage.

Do you need a stainless steel birdcage or something else? How big should it be? How much should you expect to pay?


Our parrot cage buying guide has the answers. Take a bird perch and let’s get started.

What to Look for in a Large Parrot Cage

Larger species of parrots tend to be classed as anything larger than an African gray up to a large MacawDouble the parrots, double the space.

Cage Dimensions

The Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV) says a parrot cage should be at least 1.5 to 2.5 larger than the wingspan of the parrot. Living rooms tend to be the most popular choice for most household pet owners. Your parrot will feel like part of the family while it nibbles nutritious seeds. Check you have the space for your new household pet.

Bar Spacing

AAV recommends bar spacing of 3/4 to 1 inch wide for medium-large parrots. For the largest parrots, 1 to 1 1/4″ wide bars should be okay.

Parrots tend to push their beaks through the bars of a cage. If the bars are too wide, the parrot may get its

head stuck and panic. Stay on the safe side.

Cage Material

A stainless steel birdcage is ideal for your large parrot. It is non-toxic, quick to clean, and strong. As an

investment, a stainless steel birdcage will last years, and parrots can live to be over 50 years old.

The Best Large Parrot Cage for Polly


Prevue Pet Products Play Top Stainless Steel Parrot Cage

Prevue Large stainless steel Play top bird cage

Prevue Pet Products brings you this high-end all stainless steel parrot cage. It is ideal for larger macaws, African grays, and cockatoos.


The cage dimensions are 61.25″H x 23.63″W x 31.5″L. The cage’s bar spacing is 0.87 inches, making it

suitable for medium-large parrots too.


The cage has a stainless steel bird perch, ladder, food, and water holders. There is a toy hook on the perch for you to attach your own toys.


Cleaning is a breeze with pull-out grilles and trays. There are bird-proof locks on the front door, and the rolling casters let you easily reposition the cage.


As you’d expect, this large parrot cage has near-5-star reviews for value, cleaning, and ease of assembly.


Note: you can only order this on Amazon US via the see all buying options tab. This brings up the vendor’s menu, and ordering is easy.



BOINN Large Bird Flight Cage

Large Flight Bird Cage

BOINN’s large parrot cage is an excellent balance of quality and budget. It is made from wrought iron and stainless steel. This cage would suit most medium-large parrot species except for the largest macaws.


 This large parrot cage is 61″H x 26″W x 26″L, and its bar spacing is 0.59”, making it suitable for smaller species of parrots too. The cage itself is welded steel painted with non-toxic rust-resistant paint.



It features lockable feeding doors with dispensers you can top up without opening the big door. The 360-degree rolling casters mean you move the cage with ease and turn it in any direction.



The pull-out plastic waste tray makes cleaning easy, and the company claims you can assemble the cage in 30 minutes.


YINTATECH 52-INCH Large Parrot Cage

Yintatech Large bird cage

YINTATECH’s large parrot cage would look beautiful in any living room, and its styling is one of its key attractions. It is ideal for Amazons, African Grays, cockatoos, and smaller macaws, but it is too small for larger species.


The 52-inch version measures 52″L x 31″W x 21″L. Its bar gaps are 0.59″, and the cage is wrought iron

coated with powder paint to boost durability.


The cage sits on a 4-caster rolling stand lifting it from the ground. It has 1 large front door and 4 lift-up openings for food and water. The 2 stylish perches are polished wood.


Reviews state this large parrot cage is easy to assemble, sturdy, and easy to clean due to its slide-out tray.


Prevue Empire X-Large Bird Cage

Prevue Empire Bird Cage

Another premium offering from Prevue, the Empire Bird Cage will make the largest parrot feel comfortable.


It is a stainless steel birdcage designed to last a lifetime. It would suit a large macaw or large Amazon, an African gray, or a hefty cockatoo.


The Empire birdcage measures 78.7″H x 30″W x 46″ long, and its bar spacing is 1.6 inches. While medium sized parrots would feel happy with the space, the wide bar gaps could be dangerous for their smaller heads. Inside, your parrot will find three stainless steel non-tip bowls and hardwood perch. There is plenty of space for extra toys and parrot furniture.


Assembly is easy and uses bird-proof flathead hex bolts for security. A pull-out bottom grille lets you keep things fresh with ease. Rounded corner seed guards save your carpet from mishaps.


The Empire Bird Cage has high review scores for value for money, assembly, and cleaning. The total rating is a feather away from a full 5 stars.


Note: You can only order this on Amazon US via the see all buying options tab. Ordering is simple, and the vendor has a 5-star reputation.


Jhsomdr 52-Inch Large Parrot Cage

Jhsomdr Large Parrot Cage

Jhsomdr’s large parrot cage has a hammerstone metallic black finish and is wrought iron. This is a wellequipped cage for the price.


This large parrot cage has 4 removable food bowls and 3 wooden parrot perches. The pull-out trays are PPC, making them light and easy to clean. 360-degree swivel caster wheels let you move the cage to the ideal spot in your home.


This cage has high reviews for cleaning, value, and sturdiness. The vendor claims to respond to queries within 24 hours.

Your Perfect Large Parrot Cage

A large parrot cage is essential to keep your parrot happy. They should be able to fly and spread their wings at will. To make sure your cage lasts, a stainless steel birdcage is your best bet.
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